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Tampa, Florida offers a diverse culinary scene, including mouth-watering bagels that can rival those from famous bagel havens like New York City or Montreal.

This article lists 13 outstanding bagel shops in Tampa, Florida, catering to discerning travelers seeking delicious bagels. These carefully selected establishments offer a range of flavors, variety, ambiance, and service quality. From traditional family-owned bakeries to contemporary cafes, each place provides a unique bagel experience for every palate.

Additionally, the article includes the location, operating hours, and distinctive features of each shop, facilitating convenient planning for travelers exploring Tampa.

Bagels Plus

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Bagels Plus, a premier bagel shop in Tampa FL, delights customers with its flavorful and fresh bagels. Renowned for its exceptional taste and quality, it is a popular choice for those seeking the best bagel shops in Tampa FL.

At Bagels Plus, a wide selection of flavorful bagels awaits, catering to all taste preferences. From traditional favorites to unique varieties, such as jalapeno cheddar and blueberry crunch, there is something for everyone. Pair these delicious bagels with a range of delectable spreads and toppings for the ultimate bagel experience.

It goes above and beyond by providing options for diverse dietary needs, including vegan and gluten-free alternatives. This inclusive approach sets them apart, making Bagels Plus the go-to destination for the best bagels in Tampa, accommodating all dietary preferences with exceptional care.

Brooklyn Bagels & Deli

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Nestled in the heart of downtown Tampa, Brooklyn Bagels & Deli stands as a testament to authentic New York-style bagels and comfort food.

This esteemed establishment is among the top-rated bagel shops in Tampa FL downtown area, boasting an extensive menu that caters to both early risers seeking a delicious breakfast and those looking for a satisfying lunch option.

Their hand-rolled, kettle-boiled bagels are reminiscent of traditional baking techniques found in popular bagel hubs such as South Tampa, drawing crowds from all corners of the city.

Einstein Bagels, a well-known chain, has expanded its presence in Tampa with multiple convenient locations. Bagel enthusiasts can enjoy their renowned selection of freshly baked bagels and delicious shmear without having to venture far into the city.

While Einstein Bagels may not have originated within the region, they still contribute significantly to the thriving popularity of bagel culture throughout Florida’s west coast metropolis.

Whether you opt for Brooklyn Bagels & Deli or Einstein Bagels, both establishments excel in delivering rich flavors and culinary craftsmanship, ensuring satisfaction with every bite.

808 Bagels

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Start your morning in Tampa, Florida with the warm and comforting tradition of freshly baked bagels—a delightful European import that has become an integral part of American breakfast culture.

In Tampa, Florida, a haven for bagel enthusiasts, 18 Bagels Co. stands out with its hand-rolled, kettle-boiled artisanal creations. From classic flavors to whimsical toppings like almond butter and edible glitter, this bagel shop offers a delightful twist on tradition.

The Hole Donuts offers a unique blend of organic vegan options and specialty creations like raspberry rosemary donut holes. With a wide range of bagel shops catering to diverse preferences, Tampa ensures a never-ending exploration of delightful flavors and satisfying choices.

Bagel Queen

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Bagel Queen, a family-owned business with a rich history dating back several decades, takes pride in offering an exceptional array of fresh-baked bagels made from scratch using traditional recipes and techniques.

Patrons can indulge not only in classic favorites like plain, sesame seed, or everything bagels but also savor unique flavors such as jalapeno cheddar, blueberry cream cheese swirls, and even chocolate chip cookie dough.

This beloved shop ensures quality by sourcing top-notch ingredients for their delectable creations while providing impeccable customer service to make every visit memorable.

Indeed, when seeking out the finest bagels Tampa has to offer – be it for breakfast on the go or leisurely weekend brunches – Bagel Queen stands unrivaled in terms of both taste and experience.

Bagels ‘N Buns

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Bagels ‘n Buns in Tampa, Florida is a must-visit bagel shop known for its freshly baked bagels and flavorful spreads. With high-quality ingredients and traditional baking methods, this establishment offers a delightful culinary experience that appeals to both locals and tourists.

As patrons step into Bagels ‘n Buns, an inviting aroma wafts through the air, hinting at a gratifying experience ahead.

Bagels ‘n Buns in Tampa, Florida offers a wide range of classic bagel flavors and a variety of house-made cream cheese spreads. Customers can also enjoy signature sandwiches made with attention to detail.

A perfect stop for breakfast or lunch while exploring the vibrant cityscape of Tampa Bay; Bagels ‘n Buns stands as a testament to the enduring appeal of these beloved circular breads.

The Bagel Factory

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The Bagel Factory in Tampa is known for its authentic New York-style bagels, baked fresh daily.

Utilizing traditional methods and high-quality ingredients, the store offers an extensive variety of flavors to delight even the most discerning palate.

At The Bagel Factory, customers can expect not only delicious bagels but also an array of spreads and toppings, as well as breakfast sandwiches and lunch options.

This establishment prides itself on excellent customer service, ensuring a pleasant experience for those who visit.

Whether seeking a savory snack or a satisfying meal, patrons will find much to enjoy at this popular Tampa destination.


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Located in the heart of Tampa, Florida, lies a gem for bagel enthusiasts known as Bagelicious.

This charming shop offers a wide variety of fresh and delicious bagels in a cozy atmosphere. Friendly staff and a warm interior make it a welcoming spot for both morning and afternoon treats.

The menu at Bagelicious boasts a wide array of options that cater to various dietary preferences and needs while maintaining high-quality ingredients and flavors.

From classic favorites such as plain, sesame, and everything bagels to more unique offerings like jalapeno cheddar and blueberry crumb, there is something for every palate.

Coupled with their vast assortment of spreads – including homemade cream cheeses, hummus, lox spread, and peanut butter – customers can create endless combinations to satisfy any craving.

For those who prefer a heartier meal beyond just a bagel-noshing experience, Bagelicious presents breakfast sandwiches featuring eggs cooked to order;

Lunchtime fare includes deli sandwiches crafted with premium Boar’s Head meats ensuring diners leave feeling sated after indulging in these delectable creations.


Image Credit: Bagelmasters

BagelMasters in Tampa, Florida is a hidden gem known for authentic New York-style bagels, loved by locals and visitors alike.

A long-standing tradition in this vibrant metropolis, BagelMasters prides itself on utilizing time-tested techniques and high-quality ingredients to produce an array of delectable options for all palates.

BagelMasters caters to diverse dietary preferences with a menu offering mouth-watering bagels and a range of flavorful spreads, including savory garlic herb and sweet cinnamon raisin options.

The warm ambiance combined with top-notch customer service ensures a delightful experience each time patrons step through the door – further solidifying its status as one of the premier bagel shops in Tampa.

Bagel World

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An irresistible aroma of freshly baked goods greets visitors as they enter Bagel World, a haven for bagel aficionados in Tampa, FL.

A warm and inviting atmosphere envelops the shop, with an array of delightful options that tantalize taste buds and evoke memories of cherished breakfast moments shared amongst family and friends.

Bagel World offers a diverse selection of mouthwatering, freshly made bagels using traditional methods. From classic plain to adventurous flavors like Asiago cheese or cinnamon raisin, there’s something for every palate.

Pair these delectable treats with their extensive assortment of cream cheeses or other spreads – perhaps smoked salmon for those seeking something savory – for a truly satisfying experience.

Bagel World has captured the hearts of both locals and travelers, leaving no doubt as to why it is a beloved gastronomic destination in Tampa’s bustling metropolis.

Bagel Bazaar

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A visit to Tampa, Florida, would not be complete without indulging in the delightful and scrumptious bagels that Bagel Bazaar has to offer.

This family-owned establishment boasts an impressive selection of both traditional and innovative flavors for every palate.

Upon entering the shop, customers are immediately enveloped by the warm aroma of freshly baked goods, setting the stage for a memorable culinary experience.

Patrons at Bagel Bazaar will find themselves spoilt for choice with options ranging from classic plain and poppy seed bagels to more adventurous varieties like jalapeno cheddar cheese or chocolate chip.

The store’s commitment to high-quality ingredients and time-honored baking techniques guarantees each bite is flavorful, with a soft interior and crispy exterior.

Paired with any one of their homemade spreads or sandwich fillings, these bagels create a satisfying meal suitable for all tastes and preferences.

So whether it’s breakfast on the go or leisurely weekend brunch, do make sure to include Bagel Bazaar on your list when exploring the vibrant city of Tampa.

Bagelicious Too

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Bagelicious Too in Tampa is a delightful bagel destination cherished by locals and visitors. This family-owned business is known for its delicious bagel selection and warm customer service.

They offer a tempting array of flavors, from classic plain to adventurous options like jalapeño cheddar. Pair these delicious bagels with a variety of cream cheeses or create satisfying sandwiches for a truly endless culinary experience.

This shop also offers various breakfast and lunch fare that caters to diverse palates, ensuring everyone leaves satisfied after indulging in a meal at this inviting eatery.

Einstein Bros. Bagel

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Einstein Bros. Bagel in Tampa, Florida is a must-visit destination for delightful and freshly baked bagels, loved by locals and renowned for satisfying even the most discerning palates.

It offers a wide variety of flavors and spreads, allowing patrons to enjoy classic or new combinations. With indoor and outdoor seating, it provides a cozy atmosphere to savor delicious treats, whether catching up with friends or enjoying some peaceful moments alone.

The friendly staff at Bagel Bros are always ready to assist with personalized recommendations. For those craving a warm toasted bagel with creamy spreads or hearty sandwich fillings, Bagel Bros is the go-to destination, a true gem in Tampa’s vibrant culinary scene.

Bagel Bay

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Bagel Bay in Tampa is a notable destination for bagel enthusiasts, known for its delectable and diverse options that cater to the cravings of all customers.

A family-owned business in Tampa, it offers an extensive menu of fresh and authentic New York-style bagels. With a variety of flavors and spreads, including classic plain, everything, asiago cheese, blueberry, and pumpernickel, visitors can enjoy mouthwatering options baked daily using traditional techniques.

The store also takes pride in its specialty cream cheeses and made-to-order sandwiches, enhancing the gastronomic experience with diverse taste profiles. With a focus on quality and service, Bagel Bay is a must-visit destination for exceptional bagels in Tampa, catering to individual preferences with excellence.

Frequently Asked Questions About Bagel Shops in Tampa Florida

You can find bagel shops in Tampa, FL at the following locations: Bagels Plus, Poppa’s Bagels, Piquant, Brooklyn Water Bagels, Einstein Bros. Bagels, and The Bagel Factory.

The bagel shops in Tampa offer a variety of bagel types, including plain, everything, sesame, cinnamon raisin, onion, garlic, poppy seed, blueberry, and whole wheat.

Yes, some of the bagel shops in Tampa offer gluten-free options to cater to dietary restrictions and preferences.

Yes, several bagel shops in Tampa serve breakfast sandwiches, offering a delicious combination of bagels, eggs, cheese, and various meats or vegetarian options.

Yes, some bagel shops in Tampa provide catering services for events, allowing you to enjoy their tasty bagels, spreads, and other breakfast items at your special occasions.

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