Top 9 Beaches in Brooksville, Florida

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Brooksville is a beautiful city known for its rich history and architecture dating back to the 19th century. Both residents and tourists may visit the place anytime and get astounded by its beauty. 

However, because of its inland location in Florida, Brooksville has no beach. Instead, you’ll have to drive whenever you want to take in the stunning scenery along the Gulf of Mexico. We have compiled this list just for you if you still need the ocean while you are in the area. These are the finest beaches near Brooksville that you should check out now!

9 Best Beaches in Brooksville

Alfred A McKethan Pine Island Park

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This stretch of coastline is perfect for tourists looking for peace and alone. The beach is lined by palm trees, which create a picturesque sight with the gentle summer air. Getting there takes half an hour, so if you want to escape the tourist crowds, head to this beach on the Gulf of Mexico before sunrise to witness its beauty.

The sandy beach is perfect for building sandcastles and playing games with the kids. The breathtaking sunsets make the beach an ideal setting for a romantic evening. The water is relatively shallow at the coast, making it safe for children to play. A children’s playground is also accessible if your kids want to play elsewhere.

Fort Island Beach

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Fort Island Beach is a popular destination close to Brooksville. This beach is secluded and surrounded by nature, and the unspoiled shoreline is a major draw for visitors. In addition, several tourists take their dogs with them or ride their horses along the shoreline.

At Fort Island Beach, you can access the available facilities, sandy beach, and crystal-clear water suitable for swimming and snorkeling. Unfortunately, although this beach is excellent on quiet days, it’s only for some.

The beach at Fort Island is the way to go if you want to unwind on a beach with few distractions like family partying or individuals doing beach concerts.

Howard Park Beach


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If you want to escape the crowd, head to the more natural Howard Park Beach. Parking spaces are open at a reasonable price. Parking has never been an issue that prevented a customer from coming here, so it’s a plus point for us!

The sand is very fine, and there are standard conveniences like bathrooms and showers for cleaning up. However, those who visit without prior research will likely be disappointed, while residents and those who travel there frequently will know and adore it despite some flaws.

Honeymoon Island Beach

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Honeymoon Island Beach is located close to Brooksville in, Florida. It is important to know that this beach is away from the rural area, and no habitation is available. You’ll find yourself surrounded by nature, a rare sight in a place as metropolitan as this. Similarly to the Bahamas, this place is a natural paradise.

The island is a state park, so be prepared to pay a little charge to enter and travel a short distance to reach the beach. Getting from your automobile to relaxing on the sand takes time and effort. In return, park keepers keep the beach clean, making it an ideal place to escape the noisy city life.

Sunset Beach

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Sunset Beach is a great little spot, with powdery sand, parking, and facilities for the whole family. This is a relatively quiet area, so take advantage of the day. Wonderful seashore for those who want to experience a seaside vacation. This is different from the shore for you if you prefer soft sand. It looks more like a lagoon than a shoreline. 

Dunedin Causeway

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Launch your jet ski, canoe, or paddle from this beach with beautiful Honeymoon Island and Caladesi Island vistas. From Bayshore Boulevard, you can take the Dunedin Causeway to the park entry on Honeymoon Island, a distance of 2.5 miles.

Key Green Beach

Image Credit: Beachcather

There is peace and beauty in this area. Key Green Beach is a treasure trove. Restrooms and a playground are available. However, the playground equipment needs to be updated. In general, it’s a beautiful shoreline and sundown spot. It is pristine, full of gorgeous palm trees, and regularly visited by many tourists.  

Indian Rocks Beach

Image Credit:  Visitflorida

There are nearly three miles of stunning, readily available shores at Indian Rocks. Because it has 27 shoreline entry spots and plenty of free parking, Indian Rocks are one of my best places to unwind: free parking, showers, bike racks, a wooden bridge over mangroves, and many safety signs. You can take books from the free library and swap or borrow beach items from the play receptacle at certain shore entry spots.

The Sand Bar in North Anclote

Image Credit: Unsplash

No wildlife refuge is on the island, so camping and drinking are acceptable. Since Anclote, 3 Rooker, and Caladesi islands do not formally permit booze on the shore, North Key Sand Bar is likely the finest party island in the Tarpon Springs region. Just north of Anclote Key Island is a small sand bar and party island known as North Anclote SandBar or North Key Sand Bar, depending on the time of year. 

Frequently Asked Questions


None. The location of Brooksville is inland, making it a bit away from the shore, approximately 15 miles from the Gulf of Mexico.

You can drive from Brooksville to Alfred A McKethan Pine Island Park for approximately 30 minutes without traffic.

Brooksville has an elevation of 59 meters.

Clearwater Beach is well-known for its pristine white beaches and blue ocean. Clearwater Beach, Florida, is a must-see for its breathtaking sunsets from the pier.

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