Top 11 Beaches in Clear River, Florida

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Crystal River, located on Florida’s “Nature Coast,” is an excellent area for fishing and sunbathing in the summer due to its shallow, gentle waters, and bird watching. It has a significant manatee population to check, good fishing spots, parks, nature preserves, waterfalls, springs, wildlife sanctuaries, and cheap cafes. So, what are you waiting for? Read on and pack your things ASAP!

11 Best Beaches in Clear River

Fort Island Gulf Beach

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It’s impossible to stumble onto this twisted stretch of Crystal River beach by accident. Because there is a designated swimming area with a fence around it protecting everyone from unwanted visitors and people. The beach is clean and the water is nice, shallow, and peaceful for the entire family.

However, ensure that you bring your packed food or buy something from a nearby restaurant and cafe in the summer and enjoy the park’s picnic tables and covered pavilions. The park has a pier where you can go fishing, relax, and take in the scenery, in addition to waterfront and pier access.

Rosemary Beach

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Rosemary Beach is a beautiful destination with clean water and kid-friendly activities. It also has a lavish air, which is something to bear in mind whether you’re trying to stick to a strict budget or are just in the market for a bit of extravagance. This town was built as part of a master plan in Walton County, which is located in Florida’s Gulf Coast region. 

Coya Costa

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The island of Cayo Costa, where the state park of the same name is located, is located in the Gulf of Mexico. That’s why getting there requires a boat ride.

It’s technically in Boca Grande, and many beaches and water activities are nearby. That’s because it’s a massive barrier island—one of Florida’s biggest.

Santa  Rosa

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Despite Destin’s popularity, you may discover peaceful beaches and clear water in this area of Florida. Santa Rosa ensures that the water is as clean as it is in Destin. Those who want to relax on the white beach and do mild surfing will love the turquoise and green waves.

Boca Grande

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Since this is a private island, word of its existence has not likely spread far and wide. You may be unaware of Boca Grande due to its secluded location.

It’s still secure and safe, so families that take “get away” seriously go there. Bring your bikes if you have them, but if you still need to, you may rent golf carts to go about the island.

Longboat Key

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It’s near Anna Maria Beach, but unlike that popular destination, it’s far less crowded and bustling with visitors. It also has a bit of a luxurious feel, which is sometimes just what’s called for.

The beaches are another reason people go to Longboat Key, so if you’re hoping to relax beside a quiet body of water while listening to the waves crash, you won’t be let down. The green, transparent seas align with the piece’s concept and are alluring. 

Emerald Coast

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The pristine white sands and gentle waves of Florida’s Emerald Coast are a significant tourist draw.

Some of the world’s cleanest beaches may be found in this region. So, if you’re searching for a place to have a picnic or take the kids to play, go no farther than the sugary white sands of the Emerald Coast. Beautiful family-friendly beaches may be found here, and fishing is also an option. 

Alfred McKethan Park Beach — Spring Hill 

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A long stretch of white sand, tall palm palms, and a breathtaking panorama of the Gulf of Mexico highlight this stretch of coast. It’s ideal for those finding beautiful beaches where you and your loved one, family, or friends can spend a wonderful day together while enjoying the warm summer breeze.

Citrus County

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There is a list of beaches and parks tourists can visit here. There is Hunter Spring Park, Fort Island Gulf Beach, and Hernando Beach are just a few of the year-round swimming spots in Citrus County. 

In addition, Crystal River’s Bicentennial Park, and Lecanto’s Citrus County, Inverness’s Whispering Pines include swimming pools if you’re not into sandy beaches. This is perfect for everyone and families with children.

Green Key Beach

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Many locals visit this place to cool down in the lake on hot summer days and to watch the sunset. A path through the mangroves to a tiny pavilion overlook on the northwest side of the key is a great place for birdwatchers and those interested in nature sightseeing. 

Green Key is home to a wide diversity of migratory and resident uncommon and endangered bird species, primarily because of the surrounding Robert Crown Wilderness Area. You can hire binoculars if you want to go birdwatching.

Launching a kayak from Green Key Beach is both feasible and permitted. You may park anywhere along the causeway, but Green Key Road offers many easy access points to the launch areas.

Daytona Beach

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One of the world’s most well-known beaches, Daytona Beach is recognized for its hard-packed sand beaches, the racetrack made famous by the Daytona 500, and its busy and colorful nightlife scene, making it a popular tourist destination.

Daytona Beach has many water-related activities, whether with people or by yourself. In addition to world-famous beaches and racing, you can enjoy various arts and cultural experiences, shopping, golfing, and sporting activities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Crystal River, Florida, has several beaches that are great for sunbathing, diving, or simply relaxing, but they differ from the traditional, endless stretches of coastline.

While Crystal River is not exactly located on the shore, the nearby Fort Island Gulf Beach is only 15 minutes away from Crystal River beach.

Yes. Like Fort Island Gulf Beach, the beach is open to everyone except animals. So, it’s not recommended if you plan on bringing a dog.

Alligators and poisonous snakes live in Sisters Springs, located in Crystal River. However, these areas are not accessible for all to avoid accidents, and no alligators are present on public beaches.

The beaches in Crystal River are clear and clean. However, there are springs in this area that you can visit, too. The spring water, which originates deep under the limestone aquifer, maintains a temperature of 72 degrees year-round, making it an ideal source of relief from the cold of colder months.

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