Top 8 Beaches in Destin, Florida

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Destin is situated on the northernmost of Florida, extending into the Gulf of Mexico. Most of Florida’s Gulf Coast beaches are beautiful and warmer than the rest of the state. 

Some of Destin’s finest shores may be seen along a stretch of coastline known as the Emerald Coast. These beaches feature gorgeous emerald-colored seas, as their name implies.

Destin has many exciting attractions, but seeing its top-notch beaches is essential for each visitor. Most hotels in Destin are located within walking distance of the beach, making this a simple task.

All nearby beaches from Destin, which are all stunning, can be the best place to swim, sunbathe, and unwind. But we’ve selected just the top beaches in Destin to help you plan your next trip!

8 Best Beaches in Destin

James Lee Beach 

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James Lee Beach is located just east of Henderson Beach State Park. James Lee Beach, located in James Lee Park, is great for families since the water is calm and shallow. Also, there is a playground available for children.

Several nearby hotels have free parking, and the beach is only a short walk away. In addition, the Crab Trap, one of Destin’s finest eateries, is conveniently placed next to picnic spots, covered cottages, and bathrooms.

It’s common for couples to tie the knot on James Lee Beach. Destin’s nicest beaches are known for their turquoise ocean, which will photograph well along with the golden sunset.

June White Decker Park

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One of the nicest public beaches in Destin is June White Decker Park located along Scenic US Highway 98. June White Decker Park is a little but well-liked beach park that borders Henderson Beach, State Park.

Due to its convenient location, the June White Decker Park beach is often crowded. If you want to avoid the crowds at June White Decker Park, arrive as early as possible. You may also enjoy a stunning sunset if you visit later in the day. The beachfront of June White Decker Park consists of pristine, soft white sand, and the clear and pleasant water is perfect for all.

Blue Mountain Beach

Image Credit: Beautifulbeach

Despite the name, there are no mountains at Blue Mountain Beach. Supposedly, when sailors looked out into the desert, they mistook the distant sand dunes for mountains. Instead, the dunes are home to blue lupine blooms.

There is minimal parking at Blue Mountain Beach. Both public bathrooms and an outdoor shower are available. When you’ve filled the green waters and golden sands, reward yourself with an ice cream treat from Blue Mountain Beach Creamery or some pastries from Blue Mountain Bakery.

Princess Beach

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Escape and enjoy Princess beach if you want private time alone or with friends and family. Princess Beach is located along a gravel road, hidden from view. Remember that Princess Beach is often one of Destin’s most basic beaches. The water may become choppy, and there are no facilities or lifeguards available.

Crab Island

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Crab Island is one of Destin’s most popular beaches. Despite its name, tourists can hardly find crabs lurking around. The Crab Island Company operates a shuttle service that departs from Destin Port. Sadly, a boat is your only option for getting to Crab Island.

Crab Island isn’t a natural island but an artificial island that has gradually deteriorated into a sandbar over the years. As a result, water levels seldom exceed four feet, even during high tide. Nevertheless, Crab Island is a popular destination for visitors and residents looking to enjoy the clear blue waters that are both safe and children-friendly.

Miramar Beach

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Miramar is a 15-minute drive to the east in the Destin area. While famous for being filled with people and crowded due to its popularity, Miramar is well worth the trip.

Wheelchairs for the elders and other beach equipment are available for use on Miramar Beach. In addition, parking lots, restrooms, and lifeguards are on duty during the summer months, and you may rent beach chairs and umbrellas. 

The water at Miramar Beach is not just a beautiful shade of blue but also crystal clear. When you add in the pristine white sand, it’s on par with any of Destin’s top beaches.

Henderson Beach

Image Credit: Travelasset

Even though there won’t be a lifeguard there, you should still monitor the flags to see whether the water is safe to enter. For example, a purple flag indicates the presence of marine creatures that may inflict stings, and two red flags suggest that swimming is prohibited due to dangerously strong currents.

If you are fortunate enough to reserve one of the sixty campsites here, you will be camping in one of the state’s most desirable locations. One of the most excellent things about a day at Destin’s beaches is going to bed to the sound of the surf.

Eglin Beach

Image Credit: Militarybyowner

Eglin Beach Park is a beautiful getaway with a white beach and a clear blue ocean. Towels and showers are provided, and equipment like loungers and umbrellas may be rented if needed.

Eglin Beach Park is one of the most fantastic beaches in Destin, although it’s only accessible to people with a DOD ID. However, anybody with a valid ID may enjoy Eglin Beach Park, including active duty, reserve, retired, civilian, and federal facility contractor and their families and friends.

Frequently Asked Questions

Henderson Beach State Park is the nicest beach in Destin. It’s also a great example of a beach along Florida’s Gulf Coast.  The boundless horizon of the Gulf of Mexico, as well as views up and down the coast, are reasons why the beach is famous among tourists and locals.

South Walton beach, located just east of Destin off Highway 98,  is considered the clearest water beach in Destin. Also, without river runoff, St Andrew Bay filters sediment out.

Destin is bigger and more popular, so your needs in terms of lodging, eating, and swimming are easily met here.

The Destin and Fort Walton areas of Florida’s Emerald Coast are ideal for relaxing and swimming. The Okaloosa Island region, which includes Destin and Fort Walton Beach, is a happy and welcoming place to live. While the area is most known for its fishing, it also has some of the world’s most stunning beaches.

The beaches in the Destin area are suitable for swimming. The water is not very cold especially in summer season.

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