Top 8 Beaches in Fernandina, Florida

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The coastlines of Amelia Island have always been a source of beauty, and relaxation, especially the ones bordered by natural Appalachian quartz beaches and white sands. And the locals are proud to have such an area to relax and unwind. 

So, are you planning your next trip with your family or loved ones? So grab a towel and ready your sunscreen, and we’ll explore the top-tier beaches in Fernandina Beach City!

8 Best Beaches in Fernandina City

Main Beach Park


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Guests of Main Beach Park can take advantage of the facilities there, including clean public restrooms, outdoor showers, picnic tables, pavilions, an outdoor skate park, volleyball courts, a playground, restaurants with ocean views, and a mini-golf course. In addition, tourists may enjoy amenities here that are accessible to all.

Burney Park


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Burney Park is located in the American Beach Historic District. The parking area is big and usually free of charge. However, parking on the beach is permitted for locals and visitors with the proper permits.

Burney Park on Amelia Island provides many facilities for its visitors to make the most of their time at the beach. There are various picnic shelters, public bathrooms, and outdoor showers for guests to use near the beach. In addition, the lifeguards keep a watchful eye on their towers throughout summer and into the autumn.

Little Talbot Island State Park


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Little Talbot Island State Park is located only 20 minutes south of Amelia Island. An uninhabited barrier island, this park is a haven for nature lovers because of its pristine beaches and natural inhabiting animals.

Big Talbot Island State Park – Boneyard Beach


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Boneyard Beach is a great place for some people to get married on the sand in front of the natural “graveyard.” The world-famous Boneyard Beach may be found at Big Talbot Island State Park, just to the north of its smaller sibling. Driftwood made of cedar and oak, preserved in seawater, creates a haunting landscape. 

Seaside Park


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At Fernandina, Florida, automobiles are only permitted to park on the sand at Seaside Park at the end of Sadler Road. Since the beach is only accessible to 4WD vehicles, other vehicles often get bogged down in the sand in Seaside Park, necessitating a tow. 

Parking is scarce on the beach; however, a small public parking lot is next to Seaside Park with sand walkovers and public facilities. You can find Sliders Seaside Restaurant right on the beach, right next to the beach, and the popular tiki bar among the locals. It is recommended that you check it out!

American Beach Nassau County


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Between Summer Beach and the Omni Amelia Island Plantation, you’ll find Burney Park on American Beach. During the summer season, the beach is protected by staffed lifeguard towers and has a big parking lot, bathrooms, an outdoor shower, a pavilion, several picnic tables, and more. 

Ensure all the details before visiting this beach first. Please note that some modifications to the Nassau County beach driving ordinances will affect American Beach and Burnney Park.

Fort Clinch State Park


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Almost 1,400 acres await you at Fort Clinch State Park, where you can explore a historic fort and enjoy picnic spots, hiking, and bicycling paths, and open campsites. 

Guests may visit Fort Clinch State Park from 8 a.m. to dusk every day of the year. Remember that Fort Clinch State Park charges $4 for a single vehicle, $6 for 2-8 persons in a car, and $2 per person for cyclists. For an extra $2.50 per person, you may tour the fort’s historic grounds. 

Amelia Island State Park


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You may drive up to the sand on the beach at Amelia Island State Park if you have a 4WD vehicle. However, on busy days, the park has to limit the number of visitors and locks the gate. Nassau Sound is the most accessible part of this state park from the parking lot, and anglers often utilize the beach along the sound.

A popular fishing spot at Amelia Island State Park is open every day of the year—positioned towards the island’s southernmost point. Unfortunately, there are no lifeguard towers at the State Park, so swim at your own risk if you decide to go in the water. In addition, the park’s coastline has no bathrooms, and pets are also prohibited.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Every summer, when the season is hot, the locals and tourists swim here to enjoy and relax. There are beaches for everyone in Fernandina Beach.

Fernandina Beach has clear water because it’s on Amelia Island and is popular for its blue seas.

Fernandina Beach was one of the first Florida resort towns designed for leisurely walking, biking, and skating. It continues to appeal to those who like such amenities as beautiful architecture, picturesque port vistas, and charming boutiques and cafes.

It had a horrible smell before. However, based on the reports, the stench comes from a sludge pile owned by Rayonier Advanced Materials, the same firm responsible for the paper factory near Fernandina Beach.

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