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Due to its location on the Gulf of Mexico, Fort Myers, Florida, has year-round warm temperatures making it popular among beachgoers and surfers. Adding an extensive range of affordable lodging, tasty food, and activities makes the whole package nearly tempting.

There is a distinct attraction to each beach in Fort Myers. Some are peaceful and uncrowded. Some are great for families with young children, while others have much to do for teenagers, dog owners, and young adults. While some are great for those, who seek parties and large crowds.

Here is a list of the top beaches in the Fort Myers area to help you plan your summer getaway!

8 Best Beaches in Fort Myers

Fort Myers Beach


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The island’s seven miles of white sand beaches run along the Gulf of Mexico, where the water gradually slopes away from shore is perfect for families and dog owners. Unlike other beaches, Fort Myers beach allowed dogs to come and joy the beach. However, the facility is strict regarding its rules, like correctly disposing of trash and avoiding dogs chasing birds.

Causeway Islands


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If you’re traveling to Fort Myers with a dog, Causeway Islands should be on your top list because leashed dogs are welcome on this beach, making it a favorite destination for dog lovers. Also, as the water is shallow for a considerable distance, this spot is perfect for wading families with young children.

Due to the shallow water, kiteboarding is an excellent activity on windy days here. Due to the shallow water, kites may be quickly launched and recovered from here. Since the place is so open, you can spend all day mowing the lawn or doing jump turns with an audience on the coast.

At Causeway Islands, you can take your car right up to the sand to unload all your beach essentials—including towels, chairs, umbrellas, and picnic essentials.

Crescent Beach


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Crescent Beach is famous among surfers, beach volleyball players, and kayakers because its facilities cater to water-related activities. Beach volleyball courts are located just inland from the water’s edge, and games are played there most afternoons.

Put out your umbrella and beach chairs because there’s a vast, sandy stretch of beach about 400 feet in front of you! There are picnic tables with umbrellas, restrooms, and accessible parking all available. A football or soccer game may be played here on the sand because it is very open.

Behind the park is the bustling Estero Boulevard, where you may explore the many unusual and intriguing stores that line the street. Crescent Beach Family Park has limited parking. However, there is metered street parking across Estero Boulevard, or you may park far away and ride the beach trolley.

Little Hickory Island Park


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Many Fort Myers locals and visitors prefer that this park remain relatively undiscovered by tourists. Little Hickory Island Park offers a calm beach experience far from the crowds of nearby beaches like Bonita Beach.

There are rentable cottages and accessible clean restrooms in the park. Vehicles can also park for a fee. While there is just a tiny stretch of beach directly in front of the park, this is part of the longer, central beach that stretches for more than two miles to the south and less than half a mile to the north.

Bunche Beach


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One of the most beautiful beaches in Fort Myers is Bunche Beach, which can be found on the beautiful San Carlos Bay. In addition to swimming, sunbathing, and shell collecting, you may also enjoy all the other typical beach activities like volleyball and fishing.

In Bunch Beach, you may find various starfish and crabs. The beaches on Sanibel are more conducive to shelling in general, but Bunche Beach is the place to go if you want to find a King’s Crown shell.

Lover’s Key State Park


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It’s normal to see only a few visitors here because of its nature. There are, however, plenty of seagulls that can accompany you. This is a perfect beach for bookworms and nature lovers as the beach is somehow home to several native and migratory animals.

There is a concession in the park where you may hire canoes, kayaks, and stand-up paddleboards. There’s also a boat launch for those who want to bring their vessels and gear.

Lyn Hall Memorial Park Beach and The Pier


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Of the beaches around Fort Myers, this one is the most frequented. Lynn Hall Memorial Park, located to the north of the Pier, is an excellent starting point for a day at the beach. The Fort Myers Beach Fishing Pier in front of Times Square is where you’ll find the liveliest section of beach in the area.

Although many people are here daily, crowds always feel manageable because most visitors are couples and families on day trips or hotel guests. You’ll likely encounter even more people if you visit in March when many take time off for spring break.

Lynn Hall Memorial Park visitors can take advantage of the park’s parking, showers, and facilities for a small fee. Picnic tables and charcoal barbecues are also available in the green spaces. Additionally, there are public playgrounds for children available.

Newton Park


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The gorgeous sandy beach in front of Fort Myers and the previous home of Jim Newton is now open to the public. Picnic tables, covered pavilions, hot and cold showers, clean toilets, and drinking fountains are all available.

Tourists may find the parking space at 4650 Estero Boulevard, across the street from a supermarket. Before heading to the beach, stop by and stock up on refreshing drinks, snacks, and fun beach equipment.

Frequently Asked Questions


Sanibel Island is ranked among the beaches in Fort Myers, with clear waters. Unfortunately, it is also referred to as “the shelling capital of the world.”

Tourists visit several beaches in Fort Myers, like Crescent beach and Causeway island, for their popularity, openness, and safeness.

Fort Myers Beach is an ideal place for a beach party. Most of Fort Myers’ nightlife may be found close to the beach. In addition, plenty of lodgings, eating establishments, and water activities are great for socializing.

Some rare and beautiful wildlife species can be found in Southwest Florida, including alligators and birds. However, there are no reports regarding alligators in Fort Myers beach.

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