Top 8 Beaches in Jacksonville, Florida

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Visiting Florida means that spending a day or two in Jacksonville is a must. This busy town is one of the greatest locations for a relaxing beach vacation since it is surrounded by some of the white stretches of sand along Florida’s northeastern coast.

Known as the “River city by the sea,” Jacksonville has an enormous share of the bluest beaches and is home to several creatures like turtles and migratory birds. Jacksonville is also home to several parks, cafes, and nature preserves. So, if you’re into beaches, we’ve compiled which to visit first in Jacksonville!

8 Beaches in Jacksonville, Florida

Neptune Beach


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Located midway between Atlantic Beach in the north and Jacksonville Beach in the south, Neptune Beach is a quiet hamlet with a gorgeous stretch of white beach. So whether you want to lie in the sand for a tan or ride the waves, you’ll enjoy this beach.

Once hungry and bored, goers can visit Beach Town Center outdoor mall and check out boutiques and cafes. There are bars with live music along the shore, and you can also dine here. There’s also a bookstore called The BookMark for those who are into a good beach read.

Kathryn Abbey Hanna Park


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This coastal destination is known for its white sand beach and has a splash park, campers, and picnic spaces. If you need to exercise and stretch, there are also hiking routes here. Also, this beach offers thrilling water sports, like surfing.

Jacksonville Beach


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Jacksonville Beach is one of the most popular and best destinations in Jacksonville. You can enjoy fishing here at festivals with their 430-yard fishing pier, surfing, and even beach volleyball. The good thing is that this beach is only a half-hour drive from downtown Jacksonville.

This is great for everyone, especially groups and families since it has sheltered picnic spaces and a playground on the beach. In addition, several locations provide convenient access, with walkovers leading directly to the sand from the ends of the streets.

Ponte Vedra Beach


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The unique thing you can see in Ponte Vedra, aside from the dunes, is shark teeth. Here, you can collect shark teeth if you’re persistent enough to find them. Then, you can go for a stroll or bike if you’re in the mood. The nearby TPC Sawgrass golf course makes the place an attractive vacation destination for all. This is good for those who are into water sports, too.

Atlantic Beach


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Just a half-hour drive from Jacksonville’s central business district, Atlantic Beach is a quiet seaside village with miles of beautiful beaches. 

If you’re into adventures, you can enjoy surfing and kayaking here. Sunbathers and bikers also go here to enjoy the sun.

If you’re into history, Atlantic Beach is also thought to be the location of one of the earliest year-round native American villages in North America. By the late 1800s, it had become a depot along the state’s developing railroad line.

Little Talbot Island State Park

Isolation and quietness are two things that Little Talbot Island State Park has to offer tourists and locals. The park has an unspoiled coastline that will provide tourists with enough “Vitamin Sea” without the noise and hassle of a crowded beach.


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However, people do not only come to the park to lie on the sand and bask in the sun. This uninhabited barrier island is home to a wide variety of animals because of its varied ecosystems, which include sand dunes and salt marshes.

Wild animals such as marsh bunnies, bobcats, migratory birds, and river otters live in this area, providing excellent possibilities for wildlife watchers.

Mayport Beach


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Mayport Beach is great for tourists who want to visit The Poles. If you’re not into surfing, a trip here is possible. You may only pay a nominal charge to enter Hanna Park. After that, you soak up and enjoy the sun on the shoreline. However, some beaches are restricted to the military due to their proximity to Naval Station Mayport.


Fernandina Beach, Peter’s Point Beachfront Park


                                                                          Image Credit: Beachcatcher

Peter’s Point Beachfront Park is popular with families, group tourists, and couples. If you want to go alone here, it’s possible; make sure to make friends so you can enjoy the water adventures this place has to offer.

Snorkeling, sunbathing, diving, and even surfing are great starts. If you’re into wildlife and the environment, you could spot fascinating animals like seagulls and turtles. There are also some cafes nearby that you can visit to have some iced coffee and fruit shakes.

Frequently Asked Questions


Jacksonville is popular due to three famous beaches: Atlantic Beach, Neptune Beach, and Jacksonville Beach. Other beaches not mentioned are worth checking, too, because they offer watersports.

Yes. There are plenty of white-sand beaches in Jacksonville, like Mayport Beach and Ponte Vedra.

Jacksonville Beach, located on Florida’s “First Coast” in the region’s northeast, is known as a vacation destination due to its extensive expanses of beautiful beaches with white sand, golf courses, fishing areas, and venues for watersports. Very good for solo travelers, family on vacation, couples, or even groups of friends.

It’s possible to visit the beach and walk at any time. There is no nightlife on the beach, but several excellent dining options and cafes are nearby.

There’s a strict no-alcohol policy at all beach areas. There are no restrictions on beach picnics; however, drinking alcoholic beverages is prohibited by most authorities to prevent alcohol-related conflicts.

Yes. It’s hard to find a non-crowded beach in Jacksonville as most beaches are open to all and considered busy areas. 

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