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Sunglasses, milkshakes, and cocktails are generally a given while spending a day at one of the finest beaches in Marathon. We found the beaches of Bahia Honda State Park to be the best in the Florida Keys, and they are conveniently located near Marathon, Florida.

Relax under a parasol on a tranquil beach or swim with the fish by donning a snorkel. Either way, you’ll leave with an appreciation for why such luminaries as Ernest Hemingway and Tennessee Williams choose to call this area home.

Choosing a beach might be difficult since so many of them are beautiful. The following is a list of the best beaches in Marathon, Florida, to assist you in selecting a destination for your next vacation.

8 Best Beaches in Marathon

Sombrero Beach


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Sombrero Beach is a gorgeous stretch of white sand with good surf and water quality. Sombrero Beach has plenty of parking, restrooms, and showers for its visitors and several amenities to make the vacation enjoyable.

Many individuals take advantage of the fact that this beach is cheap. This makes Sombrero Beach an excellent option for anyone traveling with a small budget. There is a large, covered picnic area and plenty of parking. Those searching for more action may swim to a magnificent coral reef teeming with marine life.

Caloosa Beach


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If you have the time and energy for a 15-minute journey and can spare the extra cash, we suggest visiting Caloosa Beach for more adventure!

Caloosa Beach is one option for a day at the beach in Bahia Honda State Park. Caloosa Beach is a popular swimming spot due to its calm waters and powdery white sand. But, just as described, it’s a beach straight out of a fantasy.

The Historic Bahia Honda Bridge is visible from Caloosa Beach and makes for a spectacular backdrop. So if you’re in the mood for a trek and your energy levels are high, do it on this bridge. Camping at the State Park is free of this charge.

Loggerhead Beach


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Loggerhead Beach is another beach inside Bahia Honda State Park, and it’s just about a 15-minute drive from Marathon. The snorkeling at Loggerhead Beach is excellent. When snorkeling off Loggerhead Beach, you might come across schools of brilliant blue and yellow fish.

If you plan on visiting the Florida Keys, pack snorkeling gear. Key West is pricey, so stock up on snorkel gear. Snorkeling here instead of at John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park in Key Largo was a surprise since you might see much more beautiful, vibrant fish species.

Sandspur Beach


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Sandspur Beach is a beautiful clear water beach option for those visiting Bahia Honda State Park. With its white sand and clear, endless ocean, this beach has been called “the most beautiful in the world.”

Perfect for snorkelers and divers, this is a great spot to enjoy such water activities. Everyone can visit the beach without gear because there are rented areas for those without equipment.

Smathers Beach


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Located close to Roosevelt Boulevard, this area is frequented by cyclists, skaters, and runners enjoying the warm Florida weather. Smathers beach is among the most popular public beach, so it’s always filled with people enjoying the sun and water sports like kayaking, jet skiing, and wind and kite surfing. If you’d prefer to stay close to the shore, volleyball nets and sun loungers are available.

Zachary Taylor State Park Beach


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Stop through Fort Zachary Taylor to get a feel for the Keys’ rich history and culture. You may as well be in the Caribbean; after all, you’re on the southernmost beach in the United States, only a few km away from Barbados and Cuba. 

So spend the day here relaxing in the sun, swimming in the warm tropical seas, and enjoying the low prices of beverages at the beach club. It’s a good idea to wear water shoes if you plan on exploring the shoreline, which is rocky in places and has $7 on hand to pay the entrance charge.

Higgs Beach


Image Credit: Trolleytours

Higgs Beach is the perfect destination for anyone who needs help deciding between relaxing or party beaches. So if you find the crowds at Smathers Beach too much, go over to Higgs Beach. The beach has everything you could want:


      • Volleyball and tennis facilities.

      • Enough space for swimming and snorkeling.

      • Even a bike path that runs along the shore.

    In addition, you may use the available kayaks and paddle boards. You may go to Salute to eat while gazing at a breathtaking panorama. Also, Higgs Beach is an accommodating dog park with separate spaces for little and big dogs.

    Coco Plum Beach


    Image Credit: Squarespace

    This is another public beach option near Marathon, Florida. Despite this, Coco Plum Beach will leave you feeling less than thrilled. Aside from the many seaweed on the shore, this beach had a peculiar odor due to residing animals and turtles.

    While we wouldn’t advise swimming there, Coco Plum Beach is a great place to look for turtles and turtle tracks. There is a sign on the beach with photographs of several kinds of turtle footprints and information on how to identify them.

    You’ll find more turtles in Marathon than anywhere else in the Florida Keys. So visiting the Turtle Hospital in Marathon, where wounded turtles from the Keys are cared for, is a great destination.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Marathon’s Sombrero Beach is considered the best. It is a classic beach with clean sand, blue waters, first-rate facilities, and free parking!

    Marathon is home to some of the finest beaches in Marathon, like the popular Bahia Honda to the more secluded Sombrero Beach.

    Yes. Sombrero is not just a place to swim but is also great for sunbathing and snorkeling.

    Yes. Sombrero Beach is considered one of the most popular beaches in the Marathon and gets many visitors on the weekends.

    Sombrero Beach is safe and great for local families and those on vacation. In addition, Sombrero Beach is great for kids since the water is shallow, and there is much colorful fish to swim with. 

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