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Living in a year-round summer climate means always looking for new family-friendly activities. One place in Florida, Orlando, is known as the “Happiest Place on Earth,” however, there are other great destinations nearby, such as Melbourne. Below are some of Melbourne’s best beaches you may consider visiting! Read on to find more.

Juan Ponce de Léon Landing


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This beach has magnificent sands and a blue sea for swimming and other water sports, like snorkeling, free diving, and even fishing. So bring your gear and blanket for picnic and surfing and the kids for a day of an unforgettable vacation. 

It’s also noteworthy that the beach is beautiful and historic. The Juan Ponce de Léon Landing tells the tale of the 1513 arrival of Spanish explorer Juan Ponce de Léon at what is now Melbourne Beach. 

Hightower Beach Park


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This beach is known for its excellent swimming, free diving, fishing, playing volleyball, and surfing conditions. You may also go to Hightower Beach if you want to do nothing more than lie on the sand and watch the sunset.

Indialantic Boardwalk and Park


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There are waves on this beach of up to eight feet, so if you’re a surfer, this beach is ideal. In addition, you can count on getting the day’s fresh catch wherever you eat out in the town. While it’s a smaller beach, the whole family may still enjoy a day of swimming and hanging out here since parking is free and open to the public. To reach Indialantic Boardwalk and Park from anywhere in Florida, follow State Road 192 south. 

Melbourne Beach


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Melbourne Beach and the surrounding area are fantastic options for a day trip or weekend getaway. Take the kids to the beach, where the waves are perfect for casual surfing and snorkeling, and then explore the town’s restaurants and cafes. The place is also suitable for those who want to have a good book read.

Playalinda Beach


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It’s well worth the time and effort to get to Playalinda Beach, located a short distance north of the Melbourne metropolitan region. Playalinda Beach is also a nudist beach, and therefore if you’d like not to mingle with nudists, you may enter the beach from the designated naturalist entrance. There are no snack shacks on the beach, but visitors may easily travel to Titusville for a more comprehensive selection. It is a national park and a prime spot for seeing rockets take off from the Space Coast. 

Spessard Holland South Beach Park


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The locals in Melbourne love to hang out at Spessard Holland Beach. Even though it’s on the smaller side, the beach is great for families. In addition, Spessard Holland is the perfect destination for outdoor enthusiasts, with its fishing, surfing, and beachcombing.

Paradise Beach


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Every family can have a good time at this park, especially those with children since it has a playground,  beach volleyball courts,  a grilling area, and a pavilion. In addition, the waves are perfect for a little surfing and aren’t too dangerous for swimmers, making the beach a terrific place to spend the day.

Pelican Beach and Park


Image Credit: Pelicanbeach

Pelican Beach and Park is a fantastic family day vacation destination and a popular surfing destination among locals. The park as a whole was restored in 2007. Thus everything is relatively new, including the playground and the lodgings. 

Da Kine Diego’s Crazy Burritos is a popular location in the area for a quick dinner and snack. In addition, pavilion tenants have access to the volleyball courts on weekends, making it possible to host big gatherings such as barbecues or family reunions.

Frequently Asked Questionsa

Melbourne is home to beautiful beaches that cater to many tourists of different preferences. There are beaches here that allow pets, and there nudist beaches, too.

The locals consider Playalinda Beach the cleanest among Melbourne’s beaches. This beach is quite strict and follows most of the rules.

Yes. Most Melbourne, Florida beaches are crystal clear and perfect for a family getaway and surfing enthusiasts.

Playalinda beach is a nudist beach in Melbourne, Florida. They also cater to naturalist tourists so don’t get bothered if you’re not into nudist beaches.

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