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The Greater Miami area is known for its tropical beauty, vibrant metropolitan life, and notable cultural events. Yet, the beaches (there are almost 20 miles of the Atlantic coastline) are always the main attraction and at the top of every tourist’s checklist.

You may spend your holiday in Miami doing everything from people-watching to windsurfing to relaxing on a quiet section of the beach. With our guide to the finest beaches in Miami, you can choose the ideal area to spread out your blanket and soak under the sun.

18 Best Beaches in Miami

1. Bal Harbour Beach

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Located about three miles north of North Beach, this beach is as exclusive as its neighboring high-end community. Moreover, it features the nicest, powdery white sand.

You may discover a wide variety of high-end boutiques and eateries in this area, all under the umbrella name Bal Harbour Shops. Thankfully, window shopping does not require a ‘gold card.’  This beach is still great for anyone who can afford it!

2. South Beach, Miami

Image Credit: MiamiBeachGov

Here, Art Deco buildings sit next to ultra-modern interiors. It’s the location of some of the city’s greatest restaurants, trendiest galleries, and the most active nightlife.  Locals refer to this famous stretch as “SoBe,” It is the epicenter of the city’s social scene.

With miles of soft sand, a bustling boardwalk, and lots of things to do like swim, shop, sunbathe, eat, and play volleyball, it’s not hard to understand why South Beach is so famous. But, most significantly, South Beach is the beach that most locals and tourists compare to other beaches here. After all, it is Miami’s most well-known beach that most tourists visit.

3. Crandon Park

Image Credit: Expedia

Crandon Park provides a stunning alternative to South Beach’s swarming crowds. This calm, laid-back, and selfie-worthy beach flows into Key Biscayne. This magnificent location is accessible from the mainland via the Rickenbacker Causeway.

The azure waters are clear, with gentle waves, and shallow, making it an excellent place for families with children to enjoy a day of fun in the sun. All ages will have a great time at the tennis, nature, and golf centers. Here, you won’t run out of things to do.

4. 21st to 45th Street Beach

Image Credit: Fastly

First impressions of the beach between 21st and 45th streets could be more flattering, especially for first-time comers due to lack of. A front of clear blue water, however, mitigates this impression. It has a great fishing pier, but unlike South Beach, it lacks ubiquitous food vendors, souvenir stalls, and lifeguard towers.

This tranquil paradise has jogging-friendly sand, a calm sea, and opulent coastal resorts and clubs. The long stretch of Miami Beach boardwalk that runs parallel to this beach makes it an ideal spot for strolling and engaging in one of the city’s most popular pastimes: people-watching.

5. Haulover Beach Park

Image Credit: Miamiandbeaches

On this famous Miami beach, you’ll find many dog owners and families with children making it a popular place for all. Haulover Beach Park is between Sunny Isles and Bal Harbour and has gorgeous undulating sand as a backdrop. It borders both the Atlantic Ocean and the Intracoastal Waterway.

Between the second and third lifeguard towers is a dog-friendly area, and inside that area is Bark Park, a delightful playground specially designed for your pets like dogs and cats. It is better to bring dogs than cats, however.

6. Mid Beach

Image Credit: Miamiandbeaches

The Miami coastline is divided into sections, including “mid-beach,” where you’ll find a boardwalk, beach access, hotels, and seaside cafes that is perfect for all ages including those who want to relax after swimming.

The portion of Miami Beach that spans 21st to 45th streets is one of the busiest, yet you’ll discover it’s also one of the quietest. Landmarks like the Eden Roc, the Faena District, and the iconic Fontainebleau Miami Beach Hotel can be seen.

7. South Pointe Park Pier

Image Credit: Flashpackingamerica

You’ll find this family-friendly stretch of Miami Beach near the island’s top location. Then, when hunger strikes you and the kids, go to the beach picnic staple Joe’s Take Away for some of the day’s freshest fish catch. The 450-foot-long pier is only one of many amenities, including a picnic area, playground, and excellent crabbing sites.

Hobie Beach

Image Credit: MiamiandBeaches

Need to get to the sand fast, without a lot of walking? The solution is at Hobie Beach. One of the few beaches in Miami that allows dogs, so there will be plenty of canines playing in the sand and water. Local windsurfers will love this little, slender beach, where they may hire windsurfers, jet skis, and sailboats. 

8. North Beach Oceanside Park

Image Credit: Phhotels

This park beach is the perfect place to kick back, relax, and meet friendly locals. One of Miami’s most frequented beaches, North Shore is ideal for families in the area. It’s another of Miami’s tranquil beaches, with gentle sands and fewer visitors than others. But, of course, this also works for those who want some peace to work in.

9. Historic Virginia Key Beach Park

Image Credit: Miamiandbeaches

Tourists may find the ideal balance between a bustling tourist site and a peaceful location to appreciate nature at this quiet beach in Miami. This landmark is significant in Miami’s Black history as the first “colored-only” beach.

There may be plenty of parking, brightly painted cottages, hiking paths, wetlands, a snack bar, and peace & quiet at the historic Virginia Key Beach. 

10. Matheson Hammock Park Beach

Image Credit:: Onlyinyourstate

Cafes, bookshops, swimming areas, flower shops, and Instagrammable beauty can all be found at the Matheson Hammock Park Beach in Coral Gables.

This Coral Gables treasure is tucked away from the madding crowds and has a lot to offer. This beautiful park is ideal for unwinding, reconnecting with nature, and taking in the scenery, with surprisingly few visitors even during the high season.

The beach’s shallow waters have made it a popular spot for families to take their kids swimming. In addition, the Matheson Hammock Marina is a great place to do canoeing, kayaking, kiteboarding, and stand-up paddleboarding.

11. Homestead Bayfront Park

Image Credit: Tripadvisor

This park in Homestead, Florida, has a beautiful beach and a small atoll pool that is perfect for little swimmers.

There is a full-service marina and a restaurant in Homestead Bayfront Park. There’s fun to be had by everybody, whether your idea of a good time is swimming, lounging on the beach, going out on a boat, or casting a line.

12. Surfside Beach

Image Credit: Miamiandbeaches

Surfside Beach is the place to be for a laid-back beach experience. This two-mile stretch of white sand has plenty of amenities and activities that’ll keep you busy all day. With its blue waters, it’s no wonder why this destination attracts both locals and tourists 

The best part about Surfside Beach is its family-friendly environment. The shoreline has lifeguards and many activities such as volleyball, jet skiing, paddle boarding, kayaking, and more. Plus, there are tons of snacks and souvenirs shops . All in all, Surfside Beach offers something fun for everyone.

With so much to explore at Surfside Beach, it’s easy to see why it remains one of Miami’s top spots for beachgoers. 

13. Virginia Key Beach

Image Credit: Destination360

Next is Virginia Key Beach, located just south of Miami. This beach is a  coastal paradise with plenty of activities and attractions to keep visitors occupied throughout their stay. Easily accessible by car or public transport, this location is perfect for those seeking a quiet escape. 

 The sand here is white and powdery soft while crystal-clear waters offer an ideal spot for swimming, snorkeling, kayaking, and more. There are also pavilions available for rent along the shoreline for picnics or group events! 

14. Sunny Isles Beach

Image Credit: Shutterstock

Sunny Isles Beach offers an ambiance of luxury  with its white sand and clear waters. It’s an ideal spot to spend a relaxing day by the shore. There are plenty of activities to do here as well, including swimming, snorkeling, jet skiing, sailing, fishing, and more! 

There are  nearby shops and restaurants that make  it easy to grab something to eat or drink. Plus, if you’re looking for some entertainment there are several bars and nightclubs close by that provide live music.

 Whether you want to take a walk  along the beach or just soak up the sun from your lounge chair – Sunny Isles Beach has it all. With its stunning views and convenient amenities this beach should be at the top of your list when visiting Miami. To top off this amazing  experience head over to Golden Beach. 

15. Golden Beach

Image Credit: Discoverhomesmiami

Golden Beach is one of the most exclusive beaches in Miami, and its white sand and tranquil waters draw sunbathers looking for a little peace and quiet. The area is well-maintained, with restrooms and showers available to visitors. It’s known as an upscale beach destination with guarded entry gates. Don’t be intimidated. 

Once inside, it’s all about relaxing on the shoreline or enjoying some water activities like swimming, kayaking, snorkeling, and more. There are lifeguards available if needed. Golden Beach offers a relaxed atmosphere to unwind and enjoy the scenery, despite limited picnic space.  Next up: North Shore Open Space Park Beach.

16. North Shore Open Space Park Beach

Image Credit: Miamigrillcatering

North Shore Open Space Park beach offers Miami locals and visitors the chance to enjoy miles of pristine coastline. It’s a great spot for those looking for an escape from the rush of city life. , with plenty of opportunities for swimming, sunning or simply taking in the views. 

The park also features walking trails along its shoreline, making it easy to explore the area’s unique dunes and sea grasses., There  are picnic areas and benches available at the park, allowing guests to stay as long as they like. . With clear waters and plentiful wildlife, this beautiful location is sure to provide hours of enjoyment. 

North Shore Open Space Park beach offers breathtaking sunset views, making it a perfect spot to end your day exploring Miami’s beaches. . Shifting to nighttime just take a stroll down Hollywood North Beach Park right next door.

17. Hollywood North Beach Park

Image Credit: Planetfofhotels

Hollywood North Beach Park is a must-see destination for beachgoers in Miami. With its white sands and blue waters, this beach has something to offer everyone. From swimming, fishing, and snorkeling to sandcastle building and sunbathing, you can’t go wrong with Hollywood North Beach Park. 

The facilities are top-notch too – there’s plenty of parking available, as well as showers and restrooms right on the premises. It’s also great for families thanks to its vibrant atmosphere and fun activities like volleyball courts, picnic areas, and playgrounds. 

Overall, it’s a location that you should not miss when you are in Miami! Next, go to adjacent Miami Shores Village Beach to end your day  

18. Miami Shores Village Beach

Image Credit: Pinterest

Miami Shores Village beach is the perfect place to sunbathe and enjoy the clear waters  that make this section of Miami’s beach so appealing that make this stretch of the Miami coastline so desirable. Located in Northeastern Miami-Dade County, it’s an easy drive from downtown but still offers a serene escape away from the city The sandy white shoreline stretches for over two miles, providing plenty of space to spread out your towel or play with friends and family. You can also find some picnic tables along the beach. 

The waves here aren’t that strong, so it’s a good place to swim even on rough days when other beaches can be dangerously closed. . Jet ski rentals are available nearby as well, allowing visitors to go further into the ocean . And don’t forget the  fishing – there are plenty of opportunities in the area ! Miami Shores Village Beach offers a variety of activities, from relaxing to more active pursuits like jet skiing and fishing. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Miami Beach is a popular destination for Hollywood stars. Celebrities such as Chris Brown, Jennifer Hudson, Justin Bieber, and many more have all been photographed living there before.

The beach at Sunny Isles is among the cleanest beach and is perfect for unwinding. The beaches and ocean at Sunny Isles Beach are pristine, and the atmosphere is relaxing. 

Coral Gables and Coconut Grove are two of Miami’s safest neighborhoods, and although the beach is generally safe during the day, it’s better to avoid it there after dark.

The safest beaches to visit in the area include North Beach Oceanside Park, Haulover Beach Park, Crandon Park, and North Beach Bandshell. 

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