Top 9 Beaches in New Smyrna Beach, Florida

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Want to spend some time away from the busy city and do some sightseeing to relax or maybe have fun and swim at a beautiful Syrna beach?

The beaches close to Smyrna Beach provide a lot of exciting and relaxing activities for visitors of all ages here. Either snorkeling or diving, you can enjoy it here. There are birds, and nature preserves that you can visit, too. Get ready for your next trip to the beach by perusing this curated collection of the finest beaches near Smyrna Beach.

9 Best Beaches in New Smyrna Beach

Al Weeks Sr. North Shore Park Beach — Ormond Beach

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North Shore Park Beach, named after Al Weeks Sr., is located in the charming seaside community of Ormond-by-the-Sea. Accessible to those with disabilities, it also provides picnic spots, clean showers, bathrooms, and lifeguard stands. In addition, it is the closest beach to Daytona Beach and is just 18 minutes away by car. You may start swimming immediately without enduring a long commute.

Because of its convenient location and abundance of tourist traps, this stretch of shore is quite popular. Therefore, Al Weeks Sr. North Shore Park Beach is the ideal option when visiting a person with a physical disability and also the elderly.

Mary McLeod Bethune Beach Park

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The beachfront has pristine sand and blue seas, a parking lot, and green grass for lounging. If you are searching for a spectacular coastline without breaking the bank, Mary McLeod Beach Park. This beach is accessible without cost and has several amenities. You can reach Mary McLeod Beach Park from Daytona Beach in about 34 minutes.

The beach includes the following:

  • Clean, well-maintained showers 
  • Attentive and well-trained lifeguards
  • A convenient parking lot for making rapid trips to and from your vehicle

Ormond Beach

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In Michael Crotty Bicentennial Park, you can visit Bicentennial Park Beach. There are beautiful sandy beaches and panoramic views of the North Atlantic Ocean. Sun-kissed sand and clear water make the beach at Bicentennial Park an ideal destination for your next-day excursion.

Ormond beach is stunning and great for sunbathing, reading, sandcastle building, book reading, picnicking, swimming, snorkeling, and other water-related activities.

New Smyrna Beach (Shark Capital)

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Find a peaceful spot to play in the sand or drive your convertible down the beach because the beach’s 13 kilometers of pristine sand include activities for people of all ages.

New Smyrna Beach is a fantastic area for sharks to visit and eat because of the abundance of food available near Ponce Inlet, where the tides bring delectable gamefish from the nutrient-rich waters of Strickland Bay, Rose Bay, and the estuaries that feed the Indian and Halifax rivers.

North Beach Community Park

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If your family wants to drive on the beach, North Beach Community Park is the place to go! Both are conveniently located on Flagler Street, a lively thoroughfare with exciting stores and great food. One major perk of driving to the beach does not have to haul along a bunch of heavy bags full of beach goods.

Smyrna Dunes Park Beach

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Daytona’s Smyrna Dunes Park Beach is where you should spend your next beach trip. The beach in Smyrna Dunes Park is among the most well-known and popular among tourists. This is located on the coast of the North Atlantic Ocean, and an inlet is Smyrna Dunes Park Beach.

It has stunning ocean vistas, a white sand beach, and a breathtaking sunset views. Couples, individual tourists, and families may enjoy activities like boogie boarding, playing volleyball, kite surfing, body surfing, wakeboarding, snorkeling, fishing, and many more.

Sun Splash Park Beach

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Locals love Sun Splash Park Beach because of its convenient location, many attractions, nature preserves, and pristine condition. It has a gentle slope into the sea, plenty of watchful lifeguards, and clear water, making it the best beach for families with young children. In addition, the seashore offers a wide variety of activities that are perfect for family bonding.

So if you’re looking for a family-friendly vacation spot, Sun Splash Park Beach is where you should go. You may try activities like at the splash park with the kids, getting a tan, building sandcastles, having a picnic, and taking a romantic walk while watching the sunset are all great examples.

Apollo Beach

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On the inland waterway side of Mosquito Lagoon, a boat ramp and asphalt parking area may be found just inside the main gate. Launch your kayak from here to explore the lagoon’s islets and hidden waterways.

The area surrounding the oyster bars and clam beds is teeming with fish and other marine life. Also, avoid collecting shellfish from leaseholds to prevent problems.

Historic Eldora

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When orange orchards flourished along the Indian River Lagoon, there was a village called Eldora. The Eldora Loop Road will lead you to this abandoned hamlet through the subtropical tree hammocks.

There are just two of the town’s original structures left, one of which, the State House, has been renovated into a museum commemorating the region’s past. The museum is open exclusively on the weekends.

Frequently Asked Questions

The best part is the beach and nature preserves. If you like going to beaches and watching birds and manatees, New Smyrna should be on your bucket list.

You’ll find an excellent range of New Smyrna Beach, Florida beaches. There is something for everyone, from a romantic evening for two to fun excursions for the whole family throughout the summer. 

Yes. The water is so clear you can see the bottom along the coastline. This beach is also perfect for deep-sea divers and surfers.

According to the windchill prediction, New Smyrna Inlet has pleasant air and water temperatures at around 73 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s expected to be warm enough to bathe even in the evening.

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