Top 10 Beaches in Panama City, Florida

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Located on the northwest coast of Florida, Panama City Beach offers warm Gulf of Mexico seas and a soothing Gulf wind. Panama City Beach has a long mile of shoreline with a wide range of beach activities. 

The beaches in Panama City, Florida, are known for their pure white quartz sand and clear Gulf seas. You may spend your whole vacation at one beach, or you can visit every day and read a book.

It’s recommended that you visit many beaches throughout your trip to experience each one’s charm. Use this guide to Panama City Beach’s finest beaches to narrow your search!

10 Best Beaches in Panama City

Panama City Beach & Pier

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The eight-mile length of Panama City Beach is a famous tourist destination and commercial hub. In this area, the water is as bright and blue as the sky since it is on the Gulf of Mexico, and sea breezes blow in just as often as the tide. 

So if you like to be in the thick of things and within easy walking distance of amenities like seaside eateries, this is the beach for you. And its convenient location makes it an excellent place to unwind to Panama City Beach for those who have never been there. In addition, swimming and surfing are popular water sports on Panama City Beach.

Shell Island

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Shell Island is great for families who want to see some wild marine and land species. Ghost crabs, deer, and critically endangered green sea turtles may all be seen in your explorations of the island’s varied ecology. In addition, the critically endangered loggerhead sea turtle and the green sea turtle call Shell Island home.

You might see them at night from May through October while they nest. It’s fascinating to watch the nesting birds emerge from hiding and go to the nests to deposit eggs, as long as one looks for the markers about the area.

Apart from the rare conch shell, the beach is littered with various seashells and sand dollars. Shell Island’s allure lies in the fact that it has been left mostly untouched by modern civilization, but this also means that you’ll need to pack everything you’ll need for the day. Unfortunately, no concessions or garbage cans exist, so take your trash when you leave.

Camp Helen State Park Beach

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The beach at Camp Helen State Park is distinct from the others in Panama City Beach in several ways. First, the park is surrounded on three sides by the sea and freshwater of the Gulf of Mexico and Lake Powell, respectively, and Phillips Inlet. This beach is ideal for those seeking pristine environments and soft, white sand and is perfect for families.


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Several bands often perform oceanside at Schooners, making it the ideal location for a night of dancing and listening to live music. Schooners are well-liked for their social scene and the pure blue sea that washes up on its shores and is perfect for swimming, daydreaming, reading, shell collecting, or lulling oneself to sleep. During the year, this beach hosts various public events and festivals with a specific focus.

St. Andrews State Park Beach

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St. Andrews State Park Beach is a fantastic spot for snorkeling due to the beautiful shallow waters behind the jetties and swimming in the Gulf waters.

This beach’s sugary sand and crystal blue water are popular tourist attractions, and visitors that want to spend the day scuba diving, canoeing, or kayaking here, too. There is a concession booth on the beach selling food and drink and a tent for shaded picnics.

St. Andrews State Park has two nature paths, both accessible by foot or by renting a bike from a nearby store. Due to the variety of coastal flora and wildlife, this is a popular location for birdwatching in Panama City Beach. 

Dog Beach

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This beach is the ideal pet-friendly area for dog owners who want to relax with their pets. The beach is situated near Russell-Fields Pier, with 400 feet of white sand, and the beachfront area is just for dogs and their owners to bask in the sun and enjoy the ocean breeze.

Park Rick Stelzer

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Stroll down the shoreline and the park to check out the various hands-on exhibits. Rick Stelzer Park is worth checking out if you find yourself in Panama City Beach, even if you plan on spending only part of the day there.

Public entry to the shoreline at Rick Stelzer Park is convenient for those who want to experience the sands. This shoreline has the feel of a remote getaway but is conveniently located near many services.

Grayton Beach

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Grayton Beach, a short drive from Panama City Beach, is where you and your loved ones can enjoy one of the finest holidays ever. There is a lagoon with emerald-green water and powder-white beaches. 

You and your friends can spend a relaxing day enjoying the beautiful scenery at this stretch of unspoiled shoreline.

M.B. Miller Pier

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There are many places to stay and easy access to the sand at M.B. Miller Pier, making it an ideal shore for families. In addition, lots of fun beach activities can be found here, such as sand volleyball, beach yoga, and sandcastle-building, and the Gulf seas are perfect for diving and sailing.

Crooked Island Beach

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Do you need a break from your busy life and are looking for some pleasant locations to visit? Then you should visit Crooked Island’s beach. This stretch of shoreline is tranquil, making it ideal for some much-needed R&R.

Take advantage of the sunny weather by tanning on the beach all day. Crooked Island Beach has a few restaurants to choose from. Bring some snacks and beverages with you when you visit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Panama City Beach & Pier is Panama’s most popular and sought-after beach. Due to its commercial vibe and unique taste, it is luring both locals and tourists alike.

You can swim anytime on Panama City beach. However, May to October should be the perfect months to do so because the water is warm enough.

The outfalls reroute water from the coastal lakes beneath the road, dump it onto the beach, and occasionally form a dark brown stream.

After watching the sunset, stargazing should be your next activity. Walking on Panama beach at night should be on your bucket list.

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