Top 9 Beaches in Stuart, Florida

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The beaches in the Stuart region are great for a wide variety of activities, from swimming, bird watching, horseback riding, and beach barbecues. There are many options, including party facilities, volleyball courts, toilets, and free parking. In addition, there are beaches in the Stuart region that are perfect for bookworms, big partygoers, and families.

9 Best Beaches in Stuart

Stuart Beach


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Fishing and playing volleyball at Stuart Beach are the most popular things people do at Stuart beach, aside from using facilities, pavilions, picnic stands, picnic tables, and grills. It’s a local favorite because of the abundance of free parking spots. 

The convenience of this beach makes it a popular venue for celebrations such as weddings, anniversaries, christenings, picnics, and birthday parties. If you like to drink, you may drink alcohol there at any time of the day since it’s open 24/7.

Bathtub Reef Beach, Stuart


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This beach is ideal for families with small children, mainly when the water is shallow. This is a beach with protected reefs and you can share with your children the amazing world of marine life through snorkeling and scuba diving. A short drive will take you to the House of Refuge and other beautiful beaches. So, what are you waiting for?

Jaycee Park, Vero Beach


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Jaycee Park Beach is a great place to spend some time alone or with family and friends. Accessible to those with disabilities, it has a playground, picnic tables, a pavilion, and bathrooms. 

In addition, the beach has easy access to food stands and other affordable cafes. The barrier island off the coast of Vero is beautiful, full of nature preserves, ancient trees, and vegetation typical of Florida. You may ride a bike up and down the streets, gazing at the magnificent oak trees.

Walton Rocks Beach


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Want to tire out your furry pal while soaking up some rays of sunshine? Then, you’ve arrived at the right place. This beach is perfect for dog owners. Because here, you can run freely with your dog off-leash and play in the waves. After that, you may go fishing, picnicking, and sunbathing. 

Stuart’s Causeway Beach


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Causeway Beach is located right on the stunning Indian River Lagoon, and it has pavilions, grills, and a boat ramp for all your watercraft needs. In other words, canoeists and kayakers will love it. 

In addition, large sections of seawall may be found beneath the bridge for those without access to water. Causeway Beach is a popular destination for watersport enthusiasts and fishermen. Every year, the Stuart Boat Races are held at Causeway Beach, which everyone enjoys.

Juno Beach


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In addition to being one of Palm Beach County’s finest beaches, Juno has a fantastic pier, complete with a bait and tackle store and a snack bar for those who like fishing. There are public facilities, showers outside, and 300 feet of gated beachfront. The water quality in this area is the finest that best suits the kayakers and free divers.

Frederick Douglass Memorial Park, Ft. Pierce


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Hutchinson Island is a stunning location, and the region is ripe with riding paths. These conveniences will ensure a pleasant day. In addition, it’s a great beach to go horseback riding on. It has a pavilion, picnic tables, barbecue grills, bathrooms, and showers. It meets all ADA requirements and is staffed by lifeguards all summer long.

House of Refuge Beach, Stuart


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This is a great place to go swimming and snorkeling, not to mention that Hutchinson Island’s southern tip is steeped with history. The House of Refuge was first constructed in 1876 as a safe haven against severe weather. 

The moniker “Treasure Coast” refers to the many sunken ships transporting precious metals, gems, and other valuables when they met their watery demise off our coasts. So, if you want to swim while witnessing history unfold, this place is for you.

Jensen Beach


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The Jensen Beach landmark is accessible to locate and visit. Guests may use the rental concession stand and the gorgeous, big pavilion. You can quickly go to the beach through the boardwalk, and there are also adjacent showers and facilities. Jensen Beach is ADA-accessible, guarded, and has volleyball, surfing, and fishing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Stuart Beach is popular among locals and tourists alike. This area is perfect for picnics and vacations.

Most of Stuart, Florida’s beaches have water so clean you can see the sand and sometimes corals in the bottom of the ocean.

Throughout the spring and summer, you may find several Bull Sharks and Spinner Sharks in Stuart. Beaches in Stuart are safe so don’t worry about going for a dip.

Juno Beach is a great place to begin your holiday because of its clear waters. Juno beach is also considered one of the clearest waters in Florida.

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