Top 7 Beaches in Venice, Florida

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The Italian-styled city of Venice in Florida provides a broad selection of beaches for individuals who love sun, sand, and water activities like surfing. Venice’s beaches, which stretch for miles along the Gulf of Mexico, have long been a draw for tourists from all over Florida and the world.

Some beaches are perfect for families, some are more conducive to those who love exploring nature, and others are perfect for romantic getaways. So, what are you waiting for? Get your beach gear, and let’s enjoy the sun!

7 Best Beaches in Venice, Florida

Venice Beach


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The beach, named after the city, is one of the greatest in town. It is conveniently close to the city’s heart and only a quick half-mile drive down West Venice Boulevard to the beach and park. You may take in the breathtaking view of the Gulf of Mexico, relax on the powdery white sand, and swim in the azure seas.

While sunbathing, you may book along the water’s edge and watch the dolphins as they swim by. Along the shoreline, you can also walk every morning for exercise while watching the sunrise. Additionally, there are areas here where you can join volleyball.

Nokomis Beach


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If you’re looking for a beach in Venice, Nokomis Beach is one of the closest. This stunning beach is one of the nicest in South Florida. Nokomis Beach is an uncrowded beach offering every tourist’s desire, like the clear ocean water, white sand, and only a short walk from the parking lot. 

Traveling to Nokomis Beach is easy. Two main roads are Albee Road and South Casey Key Road. There are parking lots that are big enough for everyone here; the southern lot features a child-friendly playground perfect for families with kids.

North Jetty Beach


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This beach is located in Nokomis, on Casey Key, near Venice. This beach gained its reputation with locals compared to Brohard or Casperson beaches because of its proximity to Venice.

The parking in North Jerry is free and mostly uncrowded. Food stalls, volleyball courts, picnic areas with tables, clean restrooms and showers, and nearby cafes exist. On the inland side of the park are a hard-packed launch area for small boats, kayaks, and canoes with access to a convergence of bays and creeks that flow into the inlet and out to the Gulf.

Brohard Paw Park


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If you’re traveling with a dog, this beach is the perfect spot to enjoy the sun and dip in the sea with your dog. You may enjoy complete freedom at Brohard Paw Park without the limit unlike other local dog parks. Just make sure to follow the rules and regulations of the area to avoid conflicts and unwanted issues.

South Jetty Beach


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If you want to avoid a busy and crowded beach like Miami Beach, this beach is the one for you. First, however, you must stroll on soft sands from Humphris Park to South Jetty Beach for five minutes. Don’t worry; trees shade the way, so it’s not hot.

Once you arrived, you’ll be rewarded with panoramic vistas to the south and north, including the beautiful jetty beach. Unfortunately, there are only a few shops or restaurants in this area, just a beach and some low-rise condos.

Chauncy Howard Park


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While further inland, you may find an uncrowded, quieter, and more isolated beach in the heart of Venice at Chauncy Howard Park, just opposite the more popular Venice Municipal Beach.

Chauncy Howard Park offers beautiful white sands and clear waters and services for those with mobility impairments. A community leader, Chauncy Howard, was honored with naming this park in his honor. In subsequent years, his family donated funds that were used to build a ramp to the beach for those who use wheelchairs.

Caspersen beach


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This is famous because it has kept its natural appearance for many years. As a result, visitors to the beach can choose between wide, soft sand in some parts and a rugged shoreline in others. There are fossilized shark teeth that tourists like to see and collect. And if you take a stroll along the shore, look for anything triangular and black. That’s probably a shark’s tooth.

Boardwalks are also available, making the journey to the beach accessible and easy. However, parking here is a bit harder compared to other beaches. So if you want to guarantee a prime spot on the sand, you should get there as early as possible. 

Frequently Asked Questions


Yes. Venice is also home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Some beaches are open to all, and those are open to dogs, and also where you can do shark tooth hunting.

  1. Brohard Beach. Amazing though it may be, this beach is not universally agreed upon as Venice’s finest. Nevertheless, travelers from all over come to enjoy this beach’s white sands and mild seas, which stretch northward from the Venice Pier.


Brohard Beach is among the most popular beaches because travelers may enjoy this area with their pets with little to no restrictions. Of course, it’s still important to adhere to and follow the rules, but generally, the beach is perfect for everyone.

Being Southern California’s premier beach destination, Venice Beach has worldwide renown as a popular tourist destination. The beach is a haven for surfers, sunbathers, and tourists, with a wealth of entertainment and dining options. Its unique promenade along the coast is a major draw. 

No. This is not a private beach and is open for everyone to visit and enjoy.

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