4 Kosher Restaurants in Tampa

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Tampa’s dining scene offers a variety of options for those seeking kosher meals.

From traditional Jewish delicacies to contemporary cuisine, these four kosher restaurants in Tampa cater to various tastes while adhering to dietary laws.

Join us as we explore these culinary gems, each offering a unique experience for locals and visitors searching for kosher dining options in the vibrant city of Tampa.

Grill Express Tampa

  • Location: 514 N Franklin St, Tampa Bay, FL 33602, Downtown Tampa
  • Average Price For Two: $20–30
  • Must Try Food: Shawarma, Hummus Shakshuka, House Kebab Plate, Yummy Schnitzel, Fried Eggplants, Falafel Hummus

Grill Express Tampa is a superb spot in Tampa serving up tasty Kosher food like hummus, shawarma, and salads. They make sure everything is prepared Kosher-style under Chabad Florida’s watch.

It’s a cozy place with a modern twist that honors Vietnamese culture. The Banh Mi sandwich and Grilled Vegetables are big hits here. The place is known for fresh, homemade dishes, and the staff is super friendly, ensuring you have a great time.

Crembo Bakery & Cafe

  • Location: 522 N Howard Ave, Tampa, Florida, USA
  • Average Price For Two: $10–20
  • Must Try Food: Fresh Bagels with Scrambled Eggs and Cheese, Kosher Coffee and Cake, Green Smoothie, Airy Croissants, Fresh Challah, Chocolate Babka

Crembo Bakery & Cafe is a special place in Tampa that mixes French bakery with Middle Eastern tastes. It’s in the Shanna and Bryan Glazer JCC; you must show your ID to get in.

They stick to Kosher rules, so all their food is Pat Yisroel & Cholov Yisroel. The place has a warm vibe, mixing Middle Eastern charm with French style.

They’re famous for their Shabbat menu with fresh challah and Rugelach. The staff is friendly and knows a lot about the menu, ensuring a fantastic visit.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Kosher Stand

Image Credit : www.buccaneers.com
  • Location: Raymond James Stadium, Tampa, FL
  • Average Price For Two: $20–$40.
  • Must-Try Food: Beef Birria Tacos, Bucs Burger, BBQ Bacon Dog, Walking Taco, Bucs Sundae.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers Kosher Stand at Raymond James Stadium is perfect for fans who follow Kosher. It’s in a spot that’s easy to find, so you can grab a bite without missing any action.

You’ve got to try the Beef Birria Tacos and the Bucs Burger with brisket. The staff is super helpful and ready to ensure you have a great time.

Greenland Restaurant

  • Location: 4815 E Busch Blvd #114, Tampa, Florida, USA
  • Average Price For Two: $26.
  • Must-Try Food: Hummus, Fattoush Salad, Chicken Shawarma, Lamb Meat with Tomato Sauce, and Baklava.

Greenland Restaurant in Tampa is a cozy Middle Eastern cuisine spot catering to kosher dietary preferences. It’s known for dishes like Biryani Chicken and Chicken Shawarma.

The place has a homey vibe with traditional and modern decor. The staff is friendly and helpful, ensuring a great dining experience. Whether grabbing a quick bite or having a meal with friends, Greenland Restaurant is a top choice for tasty, kosher-certified food.

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