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Dim sum, originating from Canton, China, has gained popularity worldwide, including in Tampa, Florida, known for its diverse dining options.

Discover 9 exceptional dim sum restaurants in Tampa’s metropolitan area, serving both traditional and innovative dishes, perfect for food enthusiasts.

These establishments were selected based on authenticity, ambiance, service quality, presentation, and customer satisfaction expressed through reviews. The evaluation also considered the variety and freshness of ingredients used in their signature dim sum dishes.

Our evaluation process guarantees readers exceptional options that deliver delicious flavors and consistent excellence throughout the dining experience. Tampa’s top dim sum establishments offer both innovative and traditional tastes, ensuring quality and authenticity without compromise.

Yummy House South China Bistro

Image Credit: Thechinesequest

Yummy House South China Bistro in Tampa, Florida (302 N Dale Mabry Hwy), is renowned for its authentic Chinese cuisine and delicious dim sum. 

The restaurant emphasizes high-quality ingredients and impeccable standards, providing flavorful dishes. With genuine taste and efficient service, Yummy House South China Bistro is a popular choice for locals and visitors seeking an exceptional dining experience.

The establishment offers a variety of options to cater to the diverse tastes of its patrons.

Dim sum is served Monday through Saturday from 11 am to 2:30 pm, offering mouth-watering dumplings and other shareable small plates for friends and family to enjoy.

Lunch service is available Monday to Friday from 11 am to 2:30 pm, and dinner is served daily from 5 pm until closing time for those who prefer a full meal or visit outside of dim sum hours.

Don’t miss the chance to dine at Yummy House South China Bistro for an unforgettable culinary journey. This restaurant offers a fusion of traditional Chinese flavors and contemporary dishes, representing the pinnacle of modern Asian fusion cuisine.

Whether one seeks a delicious dim sum or a satisfying evening meal filled with savory delights, YHS China Bistro stands as a testament to the rich gastronomic culture of Tampa’s thriving food scene.

China Yuan

Image Credit: Tripadvisor

China Yuan, located at 8502 N Armenia Ave #1A in Tampa, Florida, is a renowned restaurant offering authentic Chinese cuisine.

With an extensive menu that incorporates Cantonese-style dishes and specialties from other regions of China such as Hong Kong, Peking and Szechuan Province, this establishment caters to various culinary preferences.

Along with its commitment to using the freshest ingredients – some even sourced from their own Plant City farm – patrons can expect exceptional flavor and quality when dining at China Yuan.

The experienced traveler will appreciate the diverse selection available on the menu, which includes live seafood options, barbecue delicacies, traditional Chinese dishes and Dim Sum offerings.

Of particular note are several items unique to China Yuan that cannot be found in any other restaurants within the Tampa Bay area.

This adds an element of exclusivity to the overall dining experience and encourages diners to explore new flavors beyond typical fare.

For those who may not find their desired dish listed on the menu, it is important to note that China Yuan’s accommodating staff welcomes requests for custom preparations.

It maintains its reputation as one of Tampa Bay’s premier destinations for authentic Chinese cuisine by offering flexible meal choices and upholding high standards in food quality and service excellence.

Look no further than China Yuan for a memorable dining experience infused with rich cultural heritage. It is a true gem among dim sum restaurants in Tampa, Florida.

Red Bowl Authentic Szechuan Chinese Cuisine

Image Credit: Googleusercontent

Located in the bustling city of Tampa, Florida lies a hidden gem: Red Bowl Authentic Szechuan Chinese Cuisine.

They offer a remarkable array of delectable dishes, taking diners on a culinary journey across China’s diverse provinces. The restaurant’s commitment to authenticity shines through its use of fresh ingredients and traditional preparation techniques.

Visitors are greeted with a warm and hospitable atmosphere. The inviting décor seamlessly blends contemporary design elements with ancient Chinese artistry, creating a perfect harmony of modern elegance and timeless tradition.

Patrons can choose from an extensive menu featuring everything from spicy Kung Pao chicken to delicate steamed dumplings – all expertly crafted under the watchful eye of skilled chefs who have dedicated themselves to mastering their craft.

At Red Bowl, patrons savor mouthwatering cuisine that reflects the rich cultural heritage of regions across China. Each carefully prepared dish bursts with flavors, making it a beloved destination for food connoisseurs far and wide.

It is evident that Red Bowl stands as a testament to the power of authentic Asian cuisine when executed with passion, precision, and respect for time-honored traditions.

Liang’s Bistro Asian Cuisine

Image Credit: Tripadvisor

Liang’s Bistro, located at 17515 Bruce B Downs Blvd in Tampa, Florida, satisfies cravings for dim sum and Asian cuisine. With a diverse menu inspired by Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese, and Japanese culinary traditions, this restaurant offers a range of delectable options.

The fusion of flavors and cooking techniques in their menu brings an elevated dining experience that caters to the palates of discerning patrons.

Liang’s Bistro prides itself on its commitment to providing high-quality ingredients and impeccable service.

With operating hours spanning from 11 AM to 10 PM daily – including Memorial Day with adjusted hours – guests can enjoy lunch or dinner within the stylish yet comfortable ambiance of the bistro.

To make reservations or inquire about offerings, contact Liang’s Bistro at +1 813-978-1225.

The extensive menu ensures that there is something for everyone, whether it be classic dim sum favorites like shrimp dumplings and BBQ pork buns or innovative entrees showcasing the best of Thai, Vietnamese, and Japanese cuisine.

Guests can also indulge in refreshing bubble teas or savor expertly crafted sushi rolls made fresh on-site.

Liang’s Bistro stands out as a top destination for individuals seeking an authentic taste of Asia without having to leave Tampa Bay.

Shanghai Restaurant

Image Credit: Amazonaws

Shanghai Restaurant, located at 3337 S West Shore Blvd, Tampa, FL 33629, offers an array of delectable Chinese dishes and a welcoming atmosphere.

Open from Monday to Sunday with varying hours throughout the week, it is an ideal spot for both dine-in and takeout options.

Shanghai Restaurant offers an extensive menu of traditional Chinese cuisine and dim sum selections. With a focus on fresh ingredients and innovative cooking techniques, the restaurant delivers mouthwatering dishes to cater to diverse tastes.

 Patrons can enjoy scrumptious items like dumplings, buns, rice rolls, and other Cantonese-style dim sum favorites.

Shanghai Restaurant is a must-visit location in Tampa’s dim sum scene, offering authentic flavors and exceptional customer service. Whether craving comfort food or seeking new gastronomic experiences, this eatery ensures satisfaction in every bite.

With its accessible location and inviting ambiance, it serves as an excellent choice for those wishing to savor exquisite Chinese delicacies within the city limits.

Beijing House 北京桃园

Image Credit: Googleusercontent

Situated in the bustling area of Temple Terrace, Beijing House 北京桃园 offers a unique dining experience for those seeking authentic Chinese cuisine.

Located conveniently between Interstate 275 and 75, this restaurant is within close proximity to prominent attractions such as Busch Gardens, Mosi & the University of South Florida.

The establishment takes pride in serving unaltered, original Chinese dishes that cater to diverse palates, making it an ideal destination for food enthusiasts.

Patrons can indulge in northern style and Szechuan spicy dishes with signature items like Beef Burrito, Chong Qing Spicy Chicken, Sezchuan Tea Smoked Duck, Dong Po Pork, and Cumin Lamb.

One of their best-selling offerings is Griddled Cooked Style – a dish wok-fried over high heat alongside 24 spices and an assortment of Chinese medicines.

This tantalizing meal boasts an exciting and complex flavor profile due to its generous use of chili peppers.

As visitors step into the premises at 1441 Fletcher Ave Suite 107 Tampa FL 33612, they are greeted by retro-style Chinese designs blended harmoniously with romantic and nostalgic elements.

Beijing House creates a welcoming ambiance with warm-toned rooms and soft light from traditional Chinese lamps. Guests can enjoy their meals in the comfort of red booths or wooden chairs and tables.

Open every day from 11:30 AM until 10 PM, Beijing House 北京桃园 provides both locals and travelers alike with a memorable gastronomic journey steeped in rich cultural heritage.

Jade Garden

Image Credit: Usarestaurants

Jade Garden Restaurant in Tampa, Florida, offers authentic New York Style Chinese cuisine. Its strategic location and affordable prices make it a popular choice among both locals and visitors.

They offer a warm atmosphere with rich cultural hues, evoking a sense of familiarity. The extensive menu showcases a wide array of delicacies prepared with high-quality fresh ingredients.

They serve classic dim sum dishes like Har Gow and Siu Mai, as well as adventurous options like chicken feet and turnip cake, catering to diverse palates. The attentive staff upholds unparalleled service standards, ensuring a memorable dining experience for every guest.

Jade Garden has established itself as a top choice for authentic, affordable Chinese cuisine in the Tampa Bay area. With excellent customer care, it is highly recommended for those seeking traditional culinary delights in the vibrant backdrop of Tampa.

Whether dining in or opting for take-out, guests at Jade Garden will leave fully satisfied and eagerly looking forward to future gastronomic adventures.

Lan Zhou Lamen Noodle House

Image Credit: Cloudfront

Tampa, Florida offers diverse culinary experiences, and Lan Zhou Lamen Noodle House stands out for its unique flavors and authentic Chinese cuisine. Located at 2716 E Fowler Ave, the restaurant prides itself on high-quality ingredients and consistency in its dishes.

This establishment offers a wide selection of dishes to satisfy diverse palates, including traditional dumplings and flavorful noodle soups. Each dish showcases the vibrant essence of its origin, emphasizing freshness and providing exceptional dining experiences for visitors.

As one steps out into the streets after sampling the delicious food offered by Lan Zhou Lamen Noodle House, it becomes clear that such establishments are integral components of any thriving urban environment.

Shared meals at places like Lan Zhou Lamen Noodle House foster cultural connections and understanding among people from different backgrounds, reminding us of the common ground we share despite diverse traditions.

Ho Ho Choy Chinese Restaurant

Image Credit: Usarestaurants

Ho Ho Choy Chinese Restaurant, located at 1441 E Fletcher Ave #125 in Tampa, Florida, offers a unique approach to traditional Chinese cuisine.

The restaurant is dedicated to serving high-quality, made-to-order food using fresh ingredients. Its immaculate open kitchen allows patrons to observe skilled chefs crafting exquisite dishes right before their eyes.

Ho Ho Choy offers an extensive menu of pan-Asian delights, blending time-honored cooking techniques with contemporary innovation. The fusion creates exceptional flavors for both traditional Asian cuisine enthusiasts and those seeking new taste experiences.

Customers are presented with numerous options ranging from appetizers and soups to entrees and desserts – all designed to satisfy even the most discerning palate.

Ho Ho Choy Chinese Restaurant takes visitors on a transcendent gastronomic journey with meticulously prepared dishes capturing the essence of authentic Asian cuisine. It offers a refreshing alternative for modern-day food enthusiasts, going beyond mere sustenance.

Whether it be during lunch or dinner hours, guests are guaranteed an unforgettable dining experience that will leave them yearning for more of this remarkable establishment’s culinary creations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Tampa Bay is best known for its seafood, particularly the delicious and fresh Gulf Coast oysters and grouper.

Dim sum is a traditional Chinese cuisine and is most famously associated with Cantonese cuisine from southern China.

Dim sum is traditionally a brunch or lunch meal because it consists of a variety of small, bite-sized dishes that are typically enjoyed during the daytime.

A dim sum buffet is a dining experience where a wide selection of dim sum dishes is served in a buffet-style setting, allowing diners to try a variety of flavors and dishes in one sitting.

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