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In Tampa, Florida, finding reliable and experienced dog sitters is crucial for pet owners who need exceptional care for their furry friends during travel or commitments that don’t allow pets. Canine companions are cherished in this vibrant city.

This article highlights 11 exemplary dog sitters in Tampa, providing extensive expertise in caring for different breeds and sizes of dogs. They have a deep understanding of each animal’s unique needs, making the selection process easier for pet owners.

The list features professionals offering various services like daycare, overnight stays, medication administration, and behavioral training. Entrusting beloved pets to these competent caretakers provides Tampa residents peace of mind as they attend to other responsibilities, knowing their furry friends are in safe hands.

Unleashed Tampa Bay


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Unleashed Tampa Bay in Tampa, Florida, offers exceptional dog-sitting services. With a commitment to quality care, they provide daily walks, playtime sessions, overnight stays, and specialized training programs to meet each dog’s unique needs.

The team at Unleashed Tampa Bay consists of trained professional dog sitters. With expertise in animal behavior and safety protocols, they provide personalized attention and stress-free care for every pet while they are away from home.

In addition to exceptional dog-sitting services, Unleashed Tampa Bay fosters a sense of community among local pet owners through various events. They host educational seminars on topics like nutrition and training, as well as fun-filled gatherings for dogs to socialize under expert supervision.

Unleashed Tampa Bay plays a significant role in improving the well-being of animals and humans by fostering relationships between pets and caregivers in the vibrant Tampa community.

South Tampa Dog Walking & Pet Sitting


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South Tampa Dog Walking & Pet Sitting, an esteemed establishment in the pet-care industry, offers comprehensive services to cater to the needs of pet owners residing within and around South Tampa.

It is a highly-regarded business known for its top-notch care for pets. Their team of professional dog walkers and sitters has extensive experience and training, ensuring exceptional service.

The organization ensures that each staff member is well-versed with various canine breeds, their specific requirements, as well as potential medical concerns.

South Tampa Dog Walking & Pet Sitting offers a range of services including customizable daily dog walking, overnight stays for clients’ homes, and cat sitting options.

This diverse offering enables pet owners to choose solutions best suited for their furry companions’ physical and emotional well-being.

Utilizing state-of-the-art technology such as GPS tracking applications allow clients to keep track of their pets during walks, ensuring peace of mind alongside reliable service delivery.

Rover Heights Llc


Image Credit: Roverheights

Rover Heights LLC provides exceptional dog-sitting services in Tampa, Florida, offering dog owners the relief and peace of mind of knowing their beloved companions are in capable and caring hands.

It has established a sterling reputation for providing top-notch care for pets while their owners are away.

With experienced staff trained in pet CPR and first aid, this esteemed establishment ensures that each furry friend receives personalized attention tailored to their specific needs.

Rover Heights’ commitment to maintaining open communication with clients instills confidence and trust in their ability to provide exceptional care during every visit or overnight stay.

My Pet Nanny University And My Pet Nanny Llc


Image Credit: Mypetnannyllc

My Pet Nanny University and My Pet Nanny LLC are among the reputable dog sitters in Tampa, Florida

Established by pet care professionals with years of experience in the industry, these organizations offer a variety of services tailored to meet the unique needs of clients and their beloved pets.

It specializes in comprehensive training programs for aspiring pet nannies. They teach essential skills like handling different dog breeds, administering medications, managing emergencies, and maintaining proper hygiene practices.

My Pet Nanny LLC extends its expertise beyond education by offering exceptional pet-sitting services that cater to the diverse requirements of pet owners residing in Tampa.

With a focus on providing a comfortable environment for pets when owners are away, My Pet Nanny University ensures that each assigned nanny is skilled in implementing personalized care plans tailored to individual animals.

By entrusting their furry companions to the trained staff members of My Pet Nanny LLC, clients can have peace of mind knowing that their pet’s physical and emotional well-being are expertly cared for during their absence.

Soho Hound


Image Credit: Growfinancial

SoHo Hound is a renowned pet care establishment located in Tampa, Florida. Established in 2012, they offer a range of services tailored to meet the diverse needs of dog owners in the area.

It offers professional dog sitting, overnight stays, home visits for feeding and medication, as well as group and solo dog, walks. Their commitment to personalized attention has earned them praise from satisfied customers.

SoHo Hound employs certified professionals who undergo rigorous training programs to enhance their proficiency in handling dogs with varying temperaments and behavioral tendencies. This dedication ensures exceptional service delivery.

They implement stringent safety protocols aimed at minimizing risks associated with accidents or mishaps during scheduled activities.

This commendable approach has not only earned them recognition within the industry but also fostered trust among pet owners seeking reliable assistance while away from their beloved canines.


Purple Pawz Pet Resort


Image Credit: Grouponcdn

Pets at Purple Pawz Pet Resort can enjoy a home away from home, frolicking with other furry friends in a comfortable environment. This premier dog-sitting facility in Tampa offers a dream-like experience for beloved canine companions.

Purple Pawz Pet Resort in Tampa provides luxurious accommodations and exceptional amenities for dogs, offering a range of boarding options from cozy standard rooms to opulent suites with plush bedding and pet-friendly programming on flat-screen televisions.

At Purple Pawz Pet Resort in Tampa, dogs enjoy access to spacious indoor and outdoor play areas, ensuring plenty of exercise opportunities. The professional staff prioritizes safety, comfort, and cleanliness, providing attentive supervision during group play sessions.

Spa services such as grooming treatments and massages are available onsite upon request.

Purple Pawz Pet Resort has received multiple accolades for its exceptional care and outstanding service. Countless satisfied clients have entrusted their cherished companions to this esteemed establishment in Tampa for exemplary dog-sitting solutions.

The ultimate goal is to provide peace of mind for owners through unparalleled attention and devotion toward nurturing every aspect of their pet’s well-being during their absence.

Central Bark Tampa


Image Credit: Centralbarkusa

A haven for dog lovers and their furry companions emerges in the vibrant city of Tampa, Florida.

Central Bark Tampa, a renowned dog care facility, offers an all-encompassing array of services to cater to the diverse needs of dogs and ease the concerns of their human guardians.

Distinguished by its top-notch facilities and professionally trained staff, Central Bark Tampa ensures that every canine guest enjoys a safe, healthy, and stimulating environment.

With services ranging from daycare and grooming to training classes and sleepovers, this esteemed establishment strives to provide an unmatched experience for both pets and their owners.

Central Bark Tampa is committed to fostering positive relationships within the community through various events such as adoption drives and charity fundraisers.


Tampaws Pet Care


Image Credit: Bringfido

Tampaws Pet Care in Tampa, Florida is a hidden gem offering professional and loving care for dogs. With personalized attention and a strong reputation among pet enthusiasts and locals, it’s a trusted haven for furry friends.

Catering to pets with various needs, such as those requiring medication or special diets, Tampaws Pet Care ensures that every pup receives the highest level of comfort and support during their stay.

What sets Tampaws Pet Care apart from others is not only their high-quality services but also their passionate staff dedicated to fostering a nurturing environment for all dogs under their care.

With extensive knowledge of canine behavior and expert training skills, the dedicated professionals at Tampaws Pet Care create a comfortable atmosphere for pets and pet parents. As a premier choice for top-notch dog-sitting services in Tampa, Florida, this exceptional establishment stands out for discerning individuals.

Pet Paradise Wesley Chapel


Image Credit: Amazonaws

Pet Paradise Wesley Chapel in Tampa, Florida is a popular choice for top-notch dog-sitting services. With a range of amenities and activities, they ensure canine companions are entertained, safe, and comfortable during their stay.

With a dedicated team of experienced professionals who prioritize the well-being of each furry guest, clients can rest assured that their beloved pets are in good hands.

Pet Paradise Wesley Chapel offers luxurious accommodations with spacious climate-controlled suites and cozy bedding, prioritizing every dog’s comfort. Additionally, they have an on-site state-of-the-art veterinarian clinic for prompt and efficient medical care.

The staff at Pet Paradise Wesley Chapel strictly follows safety protocols and provides engaging playtimes in supervised playgroups, customized to individual energy levels and temperaments.

Pet Paradise Wesley Chapel is a premier option for discerning pet parents seeking peace of mind when leaving their beloved four-legged family members in someone else’s care.

Doggyday Inn Resort


Image Credit: Debsdogwoods

This luxurious retreat provides tailored services for furry guests with state-of-the-art facilities and experienced staff, making it a premier dog-sitting option in the area.

DoggyDay Inn Resort offers more than just boarding accommodations, with diverse enrichment activities that engage pets both mentally and physically.

Dogs enjoy a fulfilling stay at this upscale sanctuary with group play sessions, customized training, and attentive care from highly trained professionals who prioritize their well-being and happiness.

Daycare & Grooming


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Daycare and grooming facilities for dogs are crucial for the overall well-being and appearance of pets when owners are away or unable to attend to their needs.

Tampa boasts exceptional daycare and grooming services exclusively for dogs, fostering a social environment under professional supervision that promotes healthy interactions among furry friends.

These establishments prioritize impeccable hygiene standards and offer skilled staff members trained in handling various breeds and temperaments for regular grooming sessions. This combination guarantees pet owners peace of mind, knowing their furry friends receive top-notch care during their stay.

Frequently Asked Questions

The average rate for dog sitters varies depending on location, experience, and services offered, but can range from $15 to $75 per hour or more.

According to Indeed, the average hourly pay for a dog sitter in Florida is around $14.09 per hour. However, this can vary based on experience and location within the state.

Yes, Tampa is considered a dog-friendly city with many parks, beaches, and outdoor spaces that welcome dogs. There are also numerous dog-friendly restaurants, hotels, and businesses in the area.

According to Indeed, the average hourly pay for a dog walker in Tampa is around $14.76 per hour. However, this can vary based on experience, location, and the number of dogs walked at once.

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