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Tampa, Florida offers a diverse culinary landscape that caters to various palates and preferences, complementing its attractions and cultural heritage.

Tampa is home to several French restaurants that offer an authentic taste of France’s cuisine. These establishments use fresh ingredients and traditional cooking techniques to recreate the flavors of Paris or Provence, providing a delightful culinary experience.

In Tampa, there are 9 notable French restaurants offering diverse dining experiences. From casual bistros to elegant fine-dining establishments, these eateries draw inspiration from various regions of France, showcasing the versatility and finesse of French cuisine while incorporating local flavors and ingredients.

The list comprises both established French restaurants with rich histories and newer additions recognized for their innovative approaches. Exploring each establishment’s menu and atmosphere provides valuable insights into their distinct contributions to Tampa’s vibrant food scene.

La Segunda Kennedy

Image Credit: Tampabay

La Segunda Bakery, rooted in historic Ybor City, Tampa, has been a prominent establishment since 1915. With over a century of expertise, it offers a wide range of culinary delights that reflect Tampa Bay’s diverse heritage.

Among the many offerings at this bakery are freshly baked bread, mouthwatering pastries, delectable breakfast items, custom-made sandwiches, soups, devil crabs, salads, and their signature cafe con leche.

Located at 2512 N 15th St, Ybor City, it is open from Monday to Sunday, serving customers from 6:30 AM to 3:00 PM. In addition to their delicious meals, the bakery is a favorite gathering place for casual meetups, offering quality coffee crafted by skilled baristas.

Naviera coffee finds its place at the heart of La Segunda’s barista bar; noteworthy for being locally roasted in Ybor City since 1921.

La Segunda Bakery goes beyond culinary offerings and exceptional service by incorporating modern amenities such as USB ports and outlets into their community table and couches setup. Customers can enjoy their visit while staying connected and meeting their modern living needs.,

The presence of powerful WiFi further enhances the experience making it suitable for both professional engagements and leisurely gatherings alike.

La Segunda Bakery stands out as a must-visit destination in Tampa, Florida, with comprehensive offerings that cater to diverse customer preferences while maintaining top-notch food quality standards.

Byblos Lebanese Cuisine

Image Credit: Squarespace

Located at 2832 South MacDill Ave., Byblos Lebanese Cuisine offers patrons an opportunity to savor authentic Lebanese and Mediterranean dishes while immersed in an elegant yet welcoming atmosphere.

Since its inception in 2001, Byblos has been committed to providing exceptional dining experiences that showcase a blend of traditional and contemporary flavors.

The extensive menu at Byblos features fresh cuts, herbs, and spices meticulously crafted by passionate chefs, catering to diverse palates. Guests can enjoy a range of offerings, including exquisite cocktails, coffee, shared plates, inspired entrees, and delectable desserts.

The staff ensures that each visitor’s needs are met with utmost care and professionalism; whether they are on a romantic date or part of a larger celebration.

Located in the heart of South Tampa, Byblos provides not only a gastronomic adventure but also serves as a platform for cultural unification through food.

Open Monday through Sunday with varying hours depending on the day, it is highly recommended that travelers seeking unique culinary encounters make their way to this outstanding restaurant.

Here one would find innovative renditions of age-old classics masterfully presented within an inviting and comfortable environment where all feel like partaking in something truly special.

Chez Faby

Located in downtown Tampa, Chez Faby captivates with its charm and elegance, drawing in locals and tourists alike since 2017. As a beloved fixture in the local culinary scene, this French restaurant’s eighth visit to the United States showcases its enduring popularity and excellence.

Guests are welcome with a warm and sophisticated atmosphere. The menu boasts authentic French dishes, including beloved classics like Croissants, Quiche Lorraine, and Crème Brûlée. Meticulously crafted with the finest ingredients, each dish guarantees a memorable gastronomic experience for all.

Visitors at Chez Faby can expect exceptional service from knowledgeable staff who strive to create an unparalleled dining experience tailored to each guest’s preferences.

With hours extending from early morning until late afternoon daily—excluding Wednesdays—the restaurant provides ample opportunity for patrons seeking either breakfast or lunch options while exploring all that downtown Tampa has to offer.

Mise En Place

Image Credit: Otstatic

Established in 1986, Mise en Place is a premier French restaurant in Tampa that offers a modern American twist on classic European cuisine.

Chef-Owner Marty Blitz combines Florida’s West Coast flavors with European techniques, creating innovative dishes at Mise en Place. Independent proprietor Maryann Ferenc prioritizes exceptional customer care.

Mise en Place offers an impressive wine list to complement its dishes, with knowledgeable staff providing expert recommendations. The ‘Get Blitzed Tasting Menu’ offers a gastronomical journey with five meticulously crafted courses by Chef Blitz and carefully selected wine pairings.

Located at 442 W Grand Central Ave in Tampa, Mise en Place offers convenient hours: lunch service from Tuesdays to Fridays (11:30 AM – 2:30 PM) and dinner service from Tuesdays to Thursdays (5:30 PM – 10 PM) and Fridays and Saturdays (until 11 PM).

The bar opens at 5 PM from Tuesday to Saturday, offering a relaxed setting and extensive drink offerings. With a diverse menu, exceptional wine selection, and impeccable service, Mise en Place is a top destination in Tampa for exquisite French-inspired cuisine.

Bistro Bt

Image Credit: Staticwixstatic

Bistro BT in South Tampa offers a unique blend of French and Vietnamese cuisine, catering to diverse culinary preferences with a wide range of traditional dishes from both regions.

With its cozy ambiance and family-friendly atmosphere, Bistro BT serves as an ideal destination for individuals seeking to enjoy a leisurely meal or simply indulge in some delicious take-out options.

The menu showcases an array of classic French staples such as Coq Au Vin and Duck Confit, alongside popular Vietnamese delicacies like Bun, Pho, and Banh Mi sandwiches.

Bistro BT merges French and Vietnamese cuisine, bridging East and West and appealing to a wide range of tastes.

Guests can also relish in moderately-priced wine selections and aromatic coffee offerings which further enhance the overall gastronomic experience.

It has carved a niche in Tampa’s food scene, offering quality ingredients, exceptional service, and great value for locals and tourists alike.

Bistro BT showcases that fusion cuisine can be both authentic and flavorful, providing diners with new opportunities for exploration and enjoyment in a familiar setting.

It offers a harmonious marriage of flavors from two continents, promising satisfaction for even the most discerning palate in a quaint setting.

In Love With French Bread Pzz

Image Credit: Homemadeinterest

In Love With French Bread Pzz offers a unique fusion of flavors by combining classic French bread with an array of delicious toppings and ingredients.

Located near George M. Steinbrenner Field, it serves as a perfect spot for visitors to indulge in mouthwatering dishes after attending events or games.

In Love With French Bread Pzz showcases an impressive assortment of specially crafted pizzas that are prepared using traditional baking techniques and fresh ingredients.

Patrons can expect to find exquisite menu options such as La Parisienne, topped with ham, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, and mayonnaise; Le Provencal which features goat cheese, sun-dried tomatoes, olives, onions, and pesto sauce; and many more delectable combinations.

The restaurant also provides vegetarian options ensuring there is something for everyone’s palate.

The ambiance at In Love With French Bread Pzz exudes warmth and conviviality making it an ideal location for gatherings with friends or family.

Its inviting atmosphere coupled with the enticing aroma of freshly baked bread creates a truly unforgettable dining experience.

Visitors should not miss this culinary jewel while exploring the vibrant food scene in Tampa Florida.

Parts Of Paris Bistro & Bar

Image Credit: Tampabay

Located in Safety Harbor, a serene town near Tampa, Florida, Parts of Paris Bistro & Bar is renowned for its authentic French bistro ambiance and exquisite culinary offerings.

Housed within an elegantly restored 1936 Florida bungalow, this distinctive establishment pays homage to the timeless charm of Parisian bistros while integrating local Floridian influences.

Diners can embark on a gastronomic journey through France with classic menu items such as artisanal terrines, pâtés, desserts, and more – all meticulously crafted in-house by skilled chefs.

One notable feature that sets Parts of Paris apart from other dining establishments is its full-service cocktail bar known for exceptional libations and an animated social atmosphere.

At this vibrant venue, patrons from around the world enjoy expertly prepared cocktails and lively conversation, creating memorable experiences that entice guests to return time after time.

Parts of Paris Bistro & Bar offer an extraordinary dining experience that transcends boundaries, combining traditional French cuisine for both locals and visitors.

Parts of Paris is an enchanting eatery that earns rave reviews from discerning diners, thanks to its focus on quality ingredients, masterful preparation techniques, and the harmonious fusion of Old World charm and modern sophistication.

La Creperia Cafe @ Ybor City

Image Credit: Yelpcdn

Another noteworthy French dining destination in Tampa is La Creperia Cafe located in historic Ybor City.

This charming cafe brings a taste of France to Florida with its authentic sweet and savory crepes that have been delighting customers for over two decades.

Located among the brick-lined streets and old-world architecture of this vibrant neighborhood, La Creperia Cafe offers an inviting atmosphere where patrons can indulge in traditional French culinary delights.

The secret behind the success of La Creperia Cafe lies in the expertise of Chef Dinos, who has spent years perfecting his craft as he pours, twirls, and flips each crepe masterfully before guests’ eyes.

The use of fresh ingredients ensures that every dish prepared is cooked to perfection, resulting in a harmonious blend between visual appeal and scrumptious flavors.

A visit to La Creperia Cafe guarantees a satisfying meal and provides diners with a captivating experience as they witness firsthand the intricate process involved in creating these delightful treats.

Tampa’s diverse gastronomic landscape offers several exceptional options for an authentic French dining experience.

La Creperia Cafe stands out among other establishments with its dedication to preserving time-honored crepe-making techniques and seamlessly adapting them to contemporary kitchen settings.

This unique fusion enables visitors to enjoy delectable dishes steeped in tradition without compromising on modern comforts or conveniences—a testament to both the skillful execution by Chef Dinos and the enduring allure of classic French cuisine within today’s ever-evolving food scene.

Bizou Brasserie

Image Credit: Otstatic

Bizou Brasserie, a renowned French restaurant in Tampa, Florida, offers patrons an unforgettable dining experience.

Situated within the historic former federal courthouse in downtown Tampa, this exceptional eatery seamlessly combines elegance with a relaxed and fun atmosphere.

As its name suggests – Bizou translating to ‘kiss’ in French – it serves as an ideal destination for romantic date nights, business lunches, or simply unwinding after work.

The menu at Bizou Brasserie boasts delectable dishes that showcase traditional French cuisine with contemporary flair.

Patrons can indulge in sumptuous appetizers, rich entrees, and decadent desserts while sipping on exquisite wines from their extensive collection.

The brasserie’s strategic location near popular attractions such as the museum, Tampa Theatre, and Straz Center makes it a perfect choice for pre- or post-event dining.

Bizou Brasserie is not only a culinary haven for food enthusiasts and couples but also an excellent venue for hosting private events, including weddings and corporate gatherings.

Le Méridien Tampa complements the brasserie by offering impeccable spaces that cater to various event requirements.

With its captivating ambiance combined with top-notch service and delightful gastronomy offerings, Bizou Brasserie undeniably stands out among other restaurants in downtown Tampa.

Frequently Asked Questions

Tampa Bay’s most iconic food is the deviled crab, a local specialty that consists of crab meat mixed with various seasonings, formed into a patty, and deep-fried.

Yes, Tampa is considered a foodie city with a vibrant culinary scene offering a diverse range of cuisines, including fresh seafood, Latin American flavors, and innovative fusion dishes.

The oldest restaurant in Tampa is the Columbia Restaurant, which opened in 1905 and has been serving traditional Spanish and Cuban cuisine for over a century.

The 100-year-old Cuban restaurant in Tampa is the Columbia Restaurant, a historic dining institution that has been serving authentic Cuban and Spanish dishes since 1905.

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