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Tampa, a vibrant city located on the west coast of Florida, is not only renowned for its pristine beaches and rich cultural heritage but also boasts an exquisite culinary scene.

Gastropubs in the metropolis have become popular dining destinations, offering innovative menus crafted by skilled chefs who blend local flavors with international inspirations to create gastronomic delights.

This article takes readers on a journey through nine noteworthy gastropubs in Tampa to showcase the diverse range of delectable dishes paired with exceptional beverages that await them.

The gastropub movement originated in the UK during the early 1990s when traditional pubs started serving high-quality food alongside alcoholic beverages.

These modern-day eateries successfully merged casual atmospheres with fine dining experiences sans pretentiousness.

Consequently, it comes as no surprise that such establishments are garnering popularity across major cities worldwide, including Tampa.

In recent years, numerous venues have emerged in urban areas, offering discerning patrons gourmet cuisine paired with craft beers or curated wine selections in relaxed settings.

The following list highlights nine eminent gastropubs in Tampa where one can marvel at unique culinary creations while relishing invigorating libations amidst convivial company.

The Pub – Tampa

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The Pub – Tampa, located at 2223 N Westshore Blvd in Tampa, Florida, provides patrons with an authentic British pub experience.

Voted for the best fish and chips in the US by Greene King Brewing, this gastropub offers exceptional food, drink selections, and genuine hospitality to its guests.

Operating hours at this esteemed gastropub vary throughout the week. They have extended hours on Fridays and Saturdays, closing at midnight. On Sundays, they close at 9 PM, while Mondays through Thursdays, they close at 10 PM.

Please note that on holidays, such as Memorial Day, operating hours may differ from the regular schedule. For inquiries or reservations, interested individuals can contact The Pub – Tampa at +1 813-443-5642.

The Pub – Tampa offers a diverse range of dishes that cater to various tastes and preferences, alongside traditional British fare. With a commitment to quality and warm customer service, it is a prime destination for an enjoyable dining experience in the Tampa Bay area.

Bulla Gastrobar

Image Credit: Toprooftopguide

Bulla Gastrobar, located on South Howard Avenue, offers a contemporary and stylish Spanish gastronomic experience, featuring authentic tapas-style dishes from Spain’s most popular eateries.

It stands out with its unique architecture by Celano Studio, creating a modern and inviting space that artfully blends the essence of gastro bars with innovative culinary creations.

The menu features exquisite Spanish and Catalan dishes made with the finest, freshest ingredients. Patrons can savor sandwiches, flatbreads, cheeseboards, and other delectable treats while enjoying their time at this well-crafted establishment.

The Tampa location of Bulla Gastrobar is made even more alluring with Luna Lounge, an elegant rooftop bar offering handcrafted cocktails, and a wide selection of beers and wines. With a sophisticated setting, it’s an ideal spot for socializing or unwinding after a long day, providing exceptional food and remarkable service.

A visit to Bulla Gastrobar will create lasting memories and leave guests craving more of their delicious tapas-inspired fare. With a vibrant ambiance reminiscent of Spain’s gastro pubs, visitors can immerse themselves in the spirit of Spanish cuisine and try new flavors and combinations.

Whether it is through experiencing delightful dishes or sipping on artfully crafted beverages at Luna Lounge, those who venture into Bulla Gastrobar are sure to discover something extraordinary within its walls.

Taps Restaurant Bar & Lounge

Image Credit: Resizerotstatic

Taps Restaurant Bar & Lounge is a prominent gastropub located in downtown Tampa, Florida. With a cozy ambiance and inviting atmosphere, it is a prime destination for exceptional dining experiences. Its central location offers convenience to major attractions like the Tampa Convention Center, The Straz Performing Arts Center, and the Tampa Bay Theater.

The restaurant offers elevated cuisine, local craft beers, and specialty cocktails, going beyond traditional pub fare. Their commitment to supporting local businesses is reflected in their use of locally-sourced ingredients whenever possible. This approach ensures freshness, fosters connections with regional suppliers, and contributes to the local economy.

Guests can enjoy an extensive selection of craft beers from Florida breweries, showcasing the state’s vibrant beer scene. The well-curated cocktail list offers both classic and innovative concoctions that perfectly complement the gastronomic delights served at this esteemed establishment.

Taps cater to a diverse clientele with enticing Happy Hour specials from 4 pm to 6 pm, Monday through Friday. Customers can enjoy featured beverages at reduced prices while mingling in a convivial setting. Additionally, Taps offers a versatile event space for private parties and catering services upon request.

Taps Restaurant Bar & Lounge exemplifies modern gastropubs by combining quality culinary creations with engaging social environments. Their attentive service staff is dedicated to ensuring customer satisfaction above all else.

World Of Beer

Image Credit: Blogspot

World of Beer, located in the Westshore neighborhood at 5311 Avion Park Dr, is a notable gastropub in Tampa, Florida. 

As the original craft beer bar, it has made a significant impact on the local dining scene with its extensive selection of beers and unique dining experience. World of Beer attracts both locals and visitors with its impressive array of brews and expertly crafted food menus.

Patrons can enjoy a vast selection of beers sourced from around the globe, with rotating taps for a diverse drinking experience. Carefully curated selections cater to different tastes, allowing beer enthusiasts to explore new flavors and styles while enjoying their favorites.

World of Beer offers signature food menus designed to complement its vast beer offerings. Their commitment to creating memorable experiences sets them apart, providing an exceptional variety of beers and delectable cuisine options for every patron.

With operating hours from 11:00 AM until late at night, providing ample opportunity for guests to indulge in a remarkable gastronomic adventure. With delicious culinary creations and unparalleled beverage selections, it is a unique gastropub experience in Tampa that shouldn’t be missed.

James Joyce Irish Pub & Eatery

Image Credit: Tripadvisor

Located in the historic Ybor City district of Tampa, Florida, James Joyce Irish Pub & Eatery prides itself on providing an authentic and upscale gastropub experience.

This establishment is a haven for those seeking high-quality food and beverages. With over 50 craft brews on tap and award-winning burgers, it has earned acclaim from locals and visitors alike.

The pub’s cozy atmosphere, akin to the famed television show ‘Cheers,’ offers exceptional culinary delights alongside a welcoming and convivial environment, fostering the formation of lasting friendships.

The venue is particularly renowned for its unique offerings beyond traditional pub fare such as their late-night kitchen service catering to night owls seeking sustenance after-hours.

James Joyce Irish Pub & Eatery embraces inclusivity by allowing furry companions onto their dog-friendly patio so that all members of one’s party can partake in the enjoyment.

This versatile establishment caters to special events, providing expert staff dedicated to ensuring seamless post-wedding reception parties or private celebrations within their walls.

One notable feature of this esteemed gastropub is the “50 Tap Challenge” which invites customers to sample each of the 50 available craft beers featured at any given time.

Upon completion of this challenge, participants earn membership into the exclusive IRISH DRINKING TEAM and receive a commemorative mechanics jersey – a testament to their dedication and prowess as true connoisseurs of fine beer.

James Joyce Irish Pub & Eatery holds nine consecutive TBT ‘Ultimate Bar’ awards – an annual recognition granted to only 50 establishments out of more than 2,200 contenders throughout the greater Tampa Bay area.

This storied institution stands out with an impressive range of libations and delectable cuisine. Its unwavering commitment to creating memorable experiences sets it apart from its peers.

The Dubliner Irish Pub

Image Credit: Sohobarstampa

Located in South Tampa’s vibrant SoHo district, The Dubliner Irish Pub is a beloved gastropub known for its authentic atmosphere, delicious food, craft beers, and live music. Serving locals and visitors for nearly two decades, it continues to be a go-to destination for a memorable experience.

The Dubliner Irish Pub in South Tampa offers a warm and inviting atmosphere, serving a blend of traditional Irish dishes and contemporary American cuisine.

 Patrons can savor classics like shepherd’s pie and fish and chips, accompanied by a wide selection of specialty and craft beers on tap. Whether seeking a taste of Ireland or a satisfying meal, The Dubliner provides a memorable dining experience.

Guests can enjoy live music from local musicians, adding to the vibrant atmosphere. The pub’s pet-friendly outdoor patio provides a sunny and spacious setting for socializing. With entertainment and a welcoming environment, The Dubliner offers a memorable experience for all who visit.

The Dubliner truly embodies the essence of a traditional Irish pub while providing exceptional service and unforgettable moments within Tampa’s vibrant community.

Genx Tavern

Image Credit: Tampabaydatenightguide

GenX Tavern is a notable Tampa gastropub, offering a unique experience with its retro-themed decor, music, and ’80s-’90s ambiance.

Located in Downtown Tampa, this venue offers an unforgettable experience with innovative cocktails and a remarkable food menu, including mouthwatering 100% Wagyu beef burgers.

GenX Tavern offers a nostalgic atmosphere with throwback jams and exceptional service, making it a popular destination for a memorable dining experience in Tampa.

Located at 103 E Jackson St in Tampa, Florida, GenX Tavern operates under diverse hours catering to various schedules. On Saturdays, the tavern remains open from 11 AM until 1 AM; Sundays see reduced operating hours from 11 AM to 10 PM.

During weekdays—Monday through Wednesday—the gastropub is open between 11 AM and midnight. Meanwhile, Fridays offer extended business hours starting at 11 AM and running up till 1 AM the next morning.

For further inquiries or reservations at this extraordinary gastronomic haven, potential customers can reach out via phone at +1 813-694-7001.

American Social – Tampa

Image Credit: Thevendry

American Social Tampa, located on Harbour Island, has become a popular gastropub known for its waterfront setting and convenient location near the University of Tampa, Downtown, and Channelside.

As the flagship location among its three venues, American Social Tampa stands out with its impressive seating capacity and occupancy rate.

American Social Tampa offers a vibrant atmosphere for sports enthusiasts, serving delectable All-American comfort foods alongside craft beers and handcrafted cocktails. 

Guests can enjoy live broadcasts of sporting events and fights on large screens, all while immersed in an energetic ambiance enhanced by carefully curated music playlists.

American Social stands out for its exceptional customer service, fostering a warm and welcoming environment that encourages connections among patrons. 

With its impressive food and beverage offerings, this restaurant is highly recommended in Tampa for those seeking an unforgettable dining experience filled with good times, great food, and refreshing drinks.

Visit American Social’s 601 S Harbour Island Blvd #107 location in the Tampa Bay area. Open Tuesday through Sunday until midnight or later.

Bar Louie – Tampa

Image Credit: Tripadvisor

Located at 2223 N Westshore Blvd 202 Suite B-202, Bar Louie in Tampa, Florida delivers an exceptional experience with great drinks, chef-inspired food, and excellent service.

Bar Louie offers a relaxed and social atmosphere, perfect for unwinding or gathering with friends. Each location is unique, tailored to the preferences of the neighborhood it serves, ensuring an authentic and enjoyable experience for all patrons.

Its commitment to individuality ensures high-quality food and beverages in comfortable surroundings, reflecting its dedication to providing a special and meaningful experience for customers.

Bar Louie – Tampa offers accessible operating hours from 11 AM until 2 AM on weekdays, with extended hours on Memorial Day, and starts at 10 AM on weekends. For inquiries and event information, contact +1 813-519-1900.

Guests will find a satisfying combination of delicious food, creative drinks, and a vibrant social atmosphere, ensuring an enjoyable experience for all.

Frequently Asked Questions

 Tampa is known for its delicious Cuban sandwiches, which are a local specialty made with roasted pork, ham, Swiss cheese, pickles, and mustard on Cuban bread.

The oldest bar in Tampa is The Hub, which has been serving patrons since 1946 and is a popular spot for locals and visitors alike.

 The title of the oldest bar in the world is disputed, but one contender is Sean’s Bar in Athlone, Ireland, which has been in operation since around 900 AD according to historical records.

 The Tampa Bay Hotel, now known as the Henry B. Plant Museum, is one of the oldest houses in Tampa. It was built in the late 19th century and has been preserved as a museum.

 The ownership of the most expensive house in Tampa can vary over time, and the information may change. As of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021, I do not have specific information on the current owner of the most expensive house in Tampa.


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