12 Restaurants Near and At St. Johns Town Center

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Welcome to the culinary landscape surrounding St. Johns Town Center, a bustling hub in Jacksonville that’s a shopping paradise and a dining haven. 

Whether you’re shopping till you drop or simply exploring the area, the array of restaurants near and at St. Johns Town Center promises to satisfy any appetite. 

From cozy cafes to upscale dining experiences, each venue offers its unique flavor and atmosphere. 

This guide introduces you to the diverse dining options available, ensuring that your visit to St. Johns Town Center is not only a retail adventure but also a gastronomic journey.

Ida Claire

Reef ⭐ 4.5
$$ ⌚Opening Time:
• Mon-Thu: 11 AM
• Fri: 11 AM
• Sat: 9 AM
• Sun: 9 AM
⌚Last Order:
• Mon-Thu: 9 PM
• Fri: 10 PM
• Sat: 10 PM
• Sun: 8 PM
Address: 10209 River Coast Dr, Jacksonville, FL 32246

Must Try: Nashville hot fried chicken, biscuits, and pimento cheese dip

Ida Claire is a culinary nod to the South, tucked away in Jacksonville. 

It’s where comfort meets creativity, offering a spread of Southern favorites like pimento cheese dip, shrimp and grits, and Nashville hot fried chicken. 

But it’s more than just a menu; it’s a tribute to a vibrant Southern culture, reflected in every smoked and smothered dish. 

Open for all meals, including a weekend brunch, Ida Claire is as much about its eclectic, sunburst-mirror-studded ambiance as it is about its soulful cuisine.

$$ Opening Time: 11:00 AM ⌚Last Order: 8:30 PM Address: 5205 Big Island Dr, Jacksonville, FL 32246

Must Try: Spicy Panang Curry, Ancient Grains Bowl, and Squash Pie

Each bite is a journey of passion and discovery at True Food Kitchen. 

This isn’t just a restaurant; it’s a gastronomic adventure where fresh, seasonal ingredients meet global spices to create dishes bursting with bold, uncompromising flavors. 

Their menu is a testament to the art of eating well – effortless, energizing, and utterly flavorful. 

Here, dining transcends the ordinary, making every meal an exhilarating experience of taste and wellness.

Cooper’s Hawk Winery & Restaurant

Coopers Hawk ⭐ 4.5
$$$ Opening Time: 11:00 AM ⌚Last Order: 9:00 PM Address: 4850 Big Island Dr, Jacksonville, FL 32246

Must Try: Wine flights, short rib risotto, and truffle fries

Cooper’s Hawk Winery & Restaurant is where culinary finesse meets vinous expertise. 

Each dish is a masterpiece, meticulously crafted in their scratch kitchen, using ingredients at their seasonal peak. 

But the real charm lies in the perfect pairing – a meticulously chosen wine complements every menu item, as their expert winemaker recommends. 

It’s a symphony of flavors where food and wine elevate each other, creating a dining experience that’s both sophisticated and deeply satisfying.

Fogo de Chao

Fogo De Chao ⭐ 4.5
$$$$ ⌚Opening Time:
• Sun: 11 AM
• Mon: 11:30 AM, 5 PM
• Tue: 11:30 AM, 5 PM
⌚Last Order:
• Sun: 8.30 PM
• Mon: 1:30 PM, 9 PM
• Tue: 1:30 PM, 9 PM
Address: 4784 Town Center Pkwy, Jacksonville, FL 32246​​

Must Try: Brazilian steak, lamb chops, and filet mignon

Fogo de Chao is not just a Brazilian steakhouse; it’s a culinary experience set against the picturesque backdrop of Town Center Boulevard in St. John’s Town Center. 

A diverse menu catering to all meal times, including an outdoor al fresco dining option, elevates the traditional steakhouse ambiance. 

Whether indulging in the Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail or exploring the Market Table & Feijoada Bar, Fogo de Chao promises an exceptional dining journey, complete with an open kitchen and indoor and outdoor seating.

RH Rooftop Restaurant Jacksonville

RH Rooftop ⭐ 4.5
$$$$ ⌚Opening Time: 11:00 AM ⌚Last Order: 9:00 PM Address: 4835 Town Crossing Dr, Jacksonville, FL 32246

Must Try: Lobster roll, truffle grilled cheese, and caviar service

Perched atop Restoration Hardware in St. Johns Town Center, RH Rooftop Restaurant Jacksonville is a sanctuary of elegant dining. 

The restaurant offers a classic American menu and combines quality ingredients with a refined selection of craft beers and wines. 

Open daily for lunch, dinner, and weekend brunch, this rooftop destination is more than a restaurant; it’s a statement of style and taste wrapped in a business casual dress code.

$$ ⌚Opening Time:
• Mon–Thu, Sun: 11:00 AM
• Fri, Sat: 11:00 AM
⌚Last Order:
• Mon–Thu, Sun: 10:30 PM
• Fri, Sat: 11:30 PM
Address: 10205 River Coast Dr, Jacksonville, FL 32246

Must Try: Jerk chicken, coconut shrimp, and island cocktails

Bahama Breeze Island Grille brings the essence of the Caribbean to your plate. 

Its menu highlights include coconut shrimp, Bahamian seafood chowder, jerk chicken pasta, and cinnamon sweet potatoes. 

Open throughout the week, this restaurant transforms everyday dining into a tropical feast, serving an array of delightful flavors in a relaxed setting.

III Forks

Forks ⭐ 4.5
$$$$ ⌚Opening Time:
• Sun-Thu: 5:00 PM
• Fri & Sat: 5:00 PM
⌚Last Order:
• Sun-Thu: 9:30 PM
• Fri & Sat: 10:30 PM
Address: 9822 Tapestry Park Cir, Jacksonville, FL 32246

Must Try: USDA Prime steak, lobster tail, and truffle butter

III Forks stands out as a steakhouse where culinary excellence meets consistent service. 

Specializing in prime steaks like filet mignon and ribeye, the menu includes delights such as calamari and lobster mac n cheese. 

Celebrated for its professional staff and consistent quality, III Forks is a testament to fine dining, where every dish reflects culinary craftsmanship.

$$ ⌚Opening Time:
• Mon-Fri: 11 AM, 5 PM
• Sat: 5 PM
⌚Last Order:
• Mon-Fri: 1:30 PM, 8:30 PM
• Sat: 8:30 PM
Address: 10110 San Jose Blvd, Jacksonville, FL 3225

Must Try: Asian BBQ ribs, pad thai, and sushi rolls

Blue Bamboo is a fusion delight, blending Asian cuisine with southern comfort. 

Its eclectic menu features dishes such as Peachy chicken and waffles, and Kung pao tofu stir fry. 

With a dessert menu that includes a range of unique ice creams, from red beans to green tea, Blue Bamboo is recognized for its creative culinary approach and exceptional service.

$$$$ ⌚Opening Time:
• Monday to Thursday: 11:30 AM
• Friday: 11:30 AM
• Saturday: 4:00 PM
• Sunday: 4:00 PM
⌚Last Order:
• Monday to Thursday: 8:30 PM
• Friday: 9:30 PM
• Saturday: 9:30 PM
• Sunday: 8:30 PM
Address: 5197 Big Island Dr, Jacksonville, FL 32246

Must Try: Dry-aged steak, lobster mac and cheese, and flourless chocolate espresso cake

The Capital Grille is synonymous with upscale dining, where steakhouse tradition meets elegance. 

Renowned for its dry-aged steaks, fresh seafood, and side dishes like lobster mac-and-cheese, it’s a place where culinary classics are served with a touch of luxury. 

Standout choices include seared citrus-glazed salmon and bone-in ribeye steak, making it a haven for fine dining enthusiasts.

Seasons 52

Seasons52 ⭐ 4.5
$$$ ⌚Opening Time:
• Sunday 11:00 AM
• Monday – Thursday: 11:00 AM
• Friday – Saturday: 11:00 AM
⌚Last Order:
• Sunday 8:30 PM
• Monday – Thursday: 9:00 PM
• Friday – Saturday: 10:00 PM
Address: 5197 Big Island Dr, Jacksonville, FL 32246

Must Try: Flatbreads, cedar plank salmon, and mini indulgences desserts

Seasons 52 redefines the dining experience with New American cuisine and a menu that refreshes four times a year, aligning with the seasons. 

Known for its health-conscious approach, every dish is masterfully prepared to be under 475 calories, offering guilt-free indulgence. 

Signature dishes like the Maui Tuna Crunch Salad and golden roasted beets with wasabi elevate the culinary journey, all in a setting that caters to every meal of the day, including a delightful happy hour.

Cantina Laredo

Cantina Laredo ⭐ 4.5
$$ ⌚Opening Time:
• Sunday to Thursday: 11:00 AM
• Friday to Saturday: 11:00 AM
⌚Last Order:
• Sunday to Thursday: 8:30 PM
• Friday to Saturday: 9:30 PM
Address: 10282 Bistro Dr, Jacksonville, FL 32246

Must Try: Tableside guacamole, fajitas, and margaritas

Cantina Laredo brings the essence of Mexico to the table, offering an authentic Mexican culinary experience. 

The restaurant captivates diners with an array of traditional dishes and a wide selection of drinks, including a notable variety of tequilas. 

The menu celebrates Mexican flavors, from classic fajitas to innovative taco meat queso, served in a vibrant atmosphere perfect for lunch and dinner.

California Pizza Kitchen

California Pizza Kitchen ⭐ 4.5
$$ ⌚Opening Time:
• Monday to Thursday: 11:00 AM
• Friday to Saturday: 11:00 AM
• Sunday: 11:00 AM
⌚Last Order:
• Monday to Thursday: 11:00 AM
• Friday to Saturday: 11:00 AM
• Sunday: 11:00 AM
Address: 4712 River City Dr, Jacksonville, FL 32246

Must Try: BBQ chicken pizza, Thai crunch salad, and butter cake

California Pizza Kitchen stands out with its fusion of American and pizza cuisines. 

Known for using fresh, high-quality ingredients, their menu offers an assortment of pizzas, salads, and sides. 

Signature dishes like the original BBQ chicken pizza and the grilled chicken breast are fan favorites. 

Open daily, this restaurant provides a relaxed, modern setting that’s ideal for family and friend gatherings, complemented by a commitment to excellent service.

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