6 Best Nightlife Experiences in Jacksonville FL

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Fun and enjoyment do not stop in Jacksonville when the sun goes down. There are as many things to do in Jax at night as there are during the day. If you want to find out about the nightlife in Jacksonville, here are a few ideas on what to do and where to go when the sun goes down in Jax.

Live Music in The Elbow


Dance, sing along, or just simply listen to the pumping vibes of live music and other entertainment in the cluster of bars and venues called The Elbow. Found in Downtown Jax, near the intersection of N. Ocean and E. Bay Street, these bars, lounges, and evening venues provide a variety of musical performances that you can enjoy. From mini-concerts to DJ mixes, the Elbow is the place to go for a fun and entertaining evening in Jax.

Some of the more notable venues in the Elbow include The Florida Theatre, 1904 Music Hall, Dos Gatos, The Volstead, Bold City Brewery, and Intuition Ale Works.

Eat, Drink, and Enjoy the Sea Breeze


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If your idea of awesome nighttime is having some relaxing drinks while enjoying the cool sea breeze, then head on over to the beach. Jacksonville’s beaches are lined up with plenty of venues to enjoy both booze and the nighttime sea breeze. Take a stroll on the long stretch of beach and you’ll get to see a good deal of venues to enjoy – from upscale martini lounges to your regular neighborhood bars.

You can have a frozen tropical cocktail while enjoying a view of the ocean at The Lemon Bar, a local favorite. However, if you want a more upscale vibe, you can also try the Azuréa Restaurant at One Ocean Resort Hotel & Spa. For a great tequila selection and some live music on the beach, you can go to either the Ragtime or the Flying Iguana. But, if you’re craving some great beer and bites, check out Poe’s Tavern or the Island Girl Wine & Cigar Bar. Both pubs offer excellent food and more than 50 beer options to choose from. If that’s not enough, you can cruise down A1A to see additional bars and restaurants with live bands and musical performances, all offering drink specials throughout the beach communities – from Irish pubs to pulsing dance clubs.

If you want to just enjoy the beach and try out some of the best offerings of local breweries, you can sample Green Room Brewing, Engine 15 Brewing Company, and Southern Swells. They are all located just a few steps away from each other and just a few blocks from the sand at Jax Beach.

Dine and Enjoy Craft Beer in Riverside

If you’re looking for a bustling place near water after sundown (aside from the beach), then you could try the Riverside. The King Street District in Riverside is a well-known venue for people looking for some nightlife in Jax. When the sun goes down, famous pubs in the area open up and serve some of the city’s greatest selections of draft beers.  Kickbacks Gastropub, European Street, The Garage, Lola’s, Park Place, The Rogue, and Carmine’s are just some of the top favorites in this area, with Kickbacks offering grubs until 4 in the morning.

Dine and Drink at the St Johns Town Center and Southside


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The shopping mecca in Jax, St Johns Town Center, may seem nothing more than an extensive network of stores. However, this mega-shopping center is as busy at night as it is in the daytime, but for a totally different reason. When the sun goes down, it transforms into an entertainment hub that offers an almost unlimited choice of delectable craft beers, awesome food, and some live music. If you’re planning to spend your night in this place, some of the more notable places to check out include Cooper’s Hawk Winery & RestaurantIII Forks, Bottlenose Brewing, Seven Bridges, and Mellow Mushroom. After a whole day of shopping, go ahead and treat yourself to a night of drinking and sampling some of the best locally brewed beers in Jax right here at St Johns Town Center.

Follow the Brewery Passport through the Jax Ale Trail


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You don’t have to spend the whole night in one place. If you’re up for an adventurous night, you can go all around the city and through the best craft beers that Jax has to offer. Just check out all the craft beer producers in the city by following the brewery passport – which you can pick up from any of the 23 participating breweries. If drinking is your idea of a great nighttime activity, then the Jax Ale Trail has got you covered.

Live Entertainment, Performing Arts, and Comedy


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If you are a lover of music, arts, and comedy, Jax is going to be a great place to be, especially at night. Downtown Jax offers live shows and performances on almost a nightly basis. Among the many attractions you can look forward to there is the Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra (one of the nation’s top ensembles), Broadway shows at the Times-Union Center, popular comedy shows, and even rock tours.

If that’s not enough for you, you can check out Jack Rabbits at San Marco for some live music in the city, or head on over to The Florida Theatre to enjoy some scheduled tours or mini-concerts. Take note though that you may have to buy tickets in advance to see the shows here.

If you want a light and fun-filled night activity, you can go to the Mandarin neighborhood to enjoy some hilarious comedy acts and improvs at The Comedy Zone. Here, you can eat, drink, and laugh at some of the best comedic performers in Jax.

Jacksonville is every bit as exciting at night as it is during the day. For those looking to enjoy fun-filled nighttimes in Jax, (aside from the places and activities mentioned above) you can also check out a list of available venues and activities here.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Yes. Jax has more than one nightlife center. The city offers plenty of activities after dark and there are a lot of pubs, restaurants, bars, and entertainment venues to go to for unwinding at the end of the day. Jax also offers a wide variety of crafted beers to help you relax after a long and stressful day.

Specifically on the beach, no. Alcoholic beverages or glass bottles are not allowed on the beach. This is not only for the safety of the beachgoers but also to keep the beach clean and the wildlife safe. However, there are pubs and bars close to the beach where you are more than welcome to drink.

Most establishments that are legally permitted to serve alcoholic beverages will allow you to buy alcoholic drinks until midnight only. However, some places (with unique and limited permission) are permitted to sell until 2 AM (usually for consumption within the premises).

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