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Tampa, Florida, is a vibrant city known for its rich cultural history, diverse culinary scene, and love for pizza. With a growing population and increasing tourism, there are numerous pizzerias catering to different tastes and preferences.

This article explores notable pizzerias in Tampa, FL, showcasing their specialties, atmosphere, and unique offerings. From traditional New York-style slices to innovative experimentation, these pizzerias redefine the boundaries of pizza-making.

This article explores both popular and hidden gem pizzerias in Tampa, providing insight into their unique features. It aims to enhance readers’ appreciation for the artistry behind crafting exceptional pizzas in a city rich in tradition and culture.

Eddie and Sam’s N.Y. Pizza

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Eddie and Sam’s N.Y. Pizza in Tampa, Florida, is a renowned culinary destination known for its authentic New York-style pizza. It attracts both locals and tourists with its delicious offerings and inviting atmosphere.

Established in 1998 by native New Yorkers Eddie and Sam, this pizzeria in Tampa, FL has become one of the city’s best. They serve quality, made-from-scratch pies using the finest ingredients and even source water from New York for an authentic taste reminiscent of beloved NYC pizza joints.

With an array of mouthwatering options available for dine-in or takeout, it is no wonder why many people searching for ‘pizza near me end up flocking to this iconic establishment.

Eddie and Sam’s N.Y. Pizza also provides patrons with a diverse selection of delectable menu items such as calzones, strombolis, pasta dishes, salads, subs, and desserts – all prepared with equal care and attention to detail.

Their customer-centric approach ensures that everyone feels welcome at this bustling eatery which frequently hosts community events like fundraisers and sports watch parties.

Eddie and Sam’s N.Y. Pizza actively participates in local food festivals, showcasing its culinary expertise and celebrating its New York-Italian heritage as a tribute to traditional cuisine.

It is through these efforts that Eddie and Sam’s has positioned itself not only as a premier Tampa pizza company but also as an integral component of the city’s vibrant food culture.

Bavaro’s Pizza Napoletana & Pastaria

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Offering a taste of authentic Italian cuisine, Bavaro’s Pizza Napoletana & Pastaria serves delectable wood-fired pizzas and handmade pasta dishes that transport diners straight to the streets of Naples.

Located in downtown Tampa, this pizzeria has garnered rave reviews as one of the best pizza establishments in the area.

The Neapolitan-style pizzas are crafted using traditional techniques and high-quality ingredients imported directly from Italy, ensuring an unparalleled dining experience for those seeking the best pizza in Tampa Florida.

This attention to detail extends to their pasta dishes, which feature homemade pasta paired with carefully selected sauces and the freshest herbs.

Bavaro’s Pizza Napoletana & Pastaria offers a cozy dine-in experience and provides efficient delivery services for customers craving delicious pizza in the comfort of their own homes.

Bavaro’s ensures that their food reaches customers promptly without compromising on its quality or taste.

With an extensive menu featuring various toppings and combinations, it is no wonder that Bavaro’s has been frequently mentioned as a top choice for the best pizza in Tampa Reddit discussions among locals and visitors alike.

Bavaro’s stands out among downtown Tampa pizzerias with its commitment to preserving traditional Italian flavors and showcasing cultural awareness. It deserves recognition from discerning palates seeking an elevated pizza experience.

Cappy’s Pizza

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Cappy’s Pizza, a local favorite, offers a delightful fusion of New York and Chicago-style pizzas. They cater to diverse tastes while prioritizing high-quality ingredients and preparation methods.

It has captured the hearts of Tampa residents by offering a unique blend of pizza styles, showcasing an appreciation for the culinary traditions of New York and Chicago.

The pizzeria sources fresh, locally-grown produce whenever possible and employs traditional cooking techniques to ensure that its offerings remain authentically delicious.

Cappy’s Pizza demonstrates cultural awareness by offering vegetarian and vegan options alongside their meat-laden counterparts.

They also provide a variety of appetizers, salads, and sandwiches that cater to customers seeking healthier meal choices.

The warm and inviting atmosphere at Cappy’s fosters a sense of community among patrons who come together over their shared love of exceptional pizza.

With its commitment to quality ingredients, time-honored culinary traditions, and inclusive menu offerings, Cappy’s Pizza has solidified its position as an esteemed dining destination within the Tampa Bay area.

The Blind Tiger Cafe

Image Credit: 83degreesmedia

The Blind Tiger Cafe, a cherished establishment in the Tampa Bay area, seamlessly blends a passion for quality coffee with an appreciation for vintage-inspired ambiance and excellent service.

Established in 2014 by Roberto Torres and partners, this unique cafe goes beyond coffee, providing a comfortable space where patrons can enjoy their beverages in an atmosphere reminiscent of Prohibition-era speakeasies.

With its exposed brick walls, dark wood furnishings, and distinctive artwork adorning the walls, The Blind Tiger Cafe invites customers to step back in time while savoring expertly crafted espresso drinks, drip coffee, cold brews, and teas.

The Blind Tiger Cafe not only offers exceptional coffee sourced from local roasters like Buddy Brew Coffee and Panther Coffee Roasters, but also features a diverse menu of fresh pastries, sandwiches, and salads made with locally sourced ingredients.

It values community connections and regularly hosts events like art exhibitions and live performances to support Tampa’s cultural scene, featuring local artists and emerging musicians.

The Blind Tiger Cafe has carved out its own niche in Tampa’s culinary landscape by offering high-quality food and drink options in an engaging atmosphere that encourages conversation and evokes nostalgic memories of American history.

New York New York Pizza

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New York New York Pizza brings the flavors of the Big Apple to Florida, delighting patrons with authentic, thin-crust pies that have gained a reputation among local pizza aficionados.

This popular pizzeria, located in Tampa’s bustling Ybor City neighborhood, offers a wide variety of classic and innovative toppings to satisfy any palate.

The establishment prides itself on using high-quality ingredients imported from Italy and New York to create its signature pies.

Its dedication to authenticity not only validates its claim of serving genuine New York-style pizza but also creates a cultural connection for those nostalgic for the flavors and ambiance of traditional East Coast pizzerias.

New York New York Pizza also offers an extensive menu featuring classic Italian American dishes such as calzones, stromboli, garlic knots, and pasta dishes.

Customers can enjoy an assortment of beers and wines carefully selected to complement the bold flavors found in typical Italian American cuisine.

The ambiance at New York New York Pizza in Ybor City reflects the vibrant energy, with exposed brick walls and black-and-white photographs evoking the nostalgia of old-world New York, creating a dining experience that transports guests back in time.

Through its commitment to quality ingredients and adherence to traditional pizza-making techniques, New York New York Pizza has earned its place among Tampa’s top pizzerias while bridging cultural gaps through food.

Precinct Pizza

Image Credit: Staticuber

Located in the Channelside district, Precinct Pizza delights with mouthwatering New York-style pies. They skillfully use imported ingredients and traditional techniques, offering a truly memorable culinary experience for all.

Established in 2006, this pizzeria has quickly become a prominent fixture within the Tampa food scene due to its commitment to quality and authenticity.

Precinct Pizza’s dedication to recreating the quintessential flavors of New York City is evident in every bite, sourcing the finest ingredients like Wisconsin cheese, California tomatoes, and daily made pizza dough following New York tradition.

It takes pride in its extensive menu, featuring specialty pizzas, calzones, strombolis, pasta dishes, salads, and sandwiches inspired by New York City’s precincts. Along with their delicious offerings, they cultivate a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Its interior is adorned with police memorabilia and cityscape murals, creating a vibrant atmosphere reminiscent of New York City. Patrons engage in lively conversation, savoring hot slices while enjoying televised sports or live music performances.

Precinct Pizza’s attention to detail and outstanding cuisine make it a top pizzeria in Tampa and an unforgettable destination for those craving a taste of the Big Apple in Florida.

Westshore Pizza

Image Credit: Slicelifeimgix

Established in 1994, Westshore Pizza has become a noteworthy culinary destination for pizza enthusiasts, delighting customers with its authentic Philadelphia taste and dedication to using only the freshest ingredients.

The establishment takes pride in its unique blend of traditional Italian cuisine and Philly-style offerings, resulting in a diverse menu that caters to a wide range of tastes.

Their signature cheesesteaks and gourmet pizzas are among the most popular dishes. Hand-tossed dough made daily on-site and homemade tomato sauce from vine-ripened tomatoes elevate the dining experience.

Westshore Pizza also offers an array of specialty pies such as the Chicken Parmesan pizza and the Margherita variation.

The restaurant’s dedication to quality extends beyond pizzas. Patrons can savor delicious appetizers like buffalo wings, garlic knots, and mozzarella sticks, along with freshly prepared salads, subs, calzones, strombolis, pasta dishes, burgers, and more.

Westshore Pizza’s commitment to providing exceptional dining experiences is further evidenced by their accommodating service staff who strive to create a welcoming atmosphere for all customers.

With mouth-watering food offerings and attentive customer service, Westshore Pizza is a must-visit destination in Tampa. It satisfies both residents and visitors seeking an authentic taste of Philadelphia-inspired cuisine in Florida’s vibrant culinary scene.

Grimaldi’s Pizzeria

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Grimaldi’s Pizzeria in Tampa, Florida, is renowned for its coal-fired brick oven pizzas, expertly crafted pies, and cozy ambiance. It brings a taste of authentic Italian cuisine while honoring the rich history of New York City.

It offers a distinct flavor profile with its high-quality ingredients and unique coal-fired cooking technique. Their signature pizzas are praised by both locals and visitors. Additionally, they serve classic Italian dishes like calzones, salads, and desserts.

Grimaldi’s Pizzeria represents the cultural exchange between Italy and America through culinary arts. By preserving century-old traditions, it offers exceptional cuisine and provides a glimpse into the rich heritage that has shaped these recipes over time.

It embraces local Floridian culture with tailored menu offerings and regional aesthetics, creating an environment where diverse communities can gather great food. Their dedication to excellence and authenticity has made them a beloved dining destination in Tampa Bay and beyond.

Slice Pizza & Pasta

Image Credit: Cdnrestaurants

Slice Pizza & Pasta in Tampa, Florida, is a culinary gem offering delectable Italian dishes and handcrafted pizzas. They showcase the rich traditions of Italy and America’s love for this iconic cuisine. Praised for their commitment to using fresh ingredients and time-honored recipes, Slice captures the flavors of Naples with each bite.

They offer an extensive menu with specialty pies like Margherita and Bianca, classic pasta dishes like spaghetti Bolognese and fettuccine Alfredo, as well as calzones, subs, and salads. Their menu embodies authentic Italian gastronomy.

The success of Slice Pizza & Pasta stems from its inviting atmosphere that fosters a sense of community. The establishment offers indoor seating with rustic decor reminiscent of traditional Italian trattorias, as well as outdoor patio spaces for al fresco dining enjoyment.

Slice Pizza & Pasta has become an essential destination for experiencing the best of Italy’s culinary heritage in Tampa Bay. By fostering a convivial ambiance and upholding high culinary standards, they cater to contemporary palates while paying homage to age-old techniques. It’s no surprise that this pizzeria continues to win hearts (and stomachs) along Florida’s Gulf Coast region.

Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza

Image Credit: Tripadvisor

Anthony’s Coal-Fired Pizza offers a unique twist to traditional Italian dining with perfectly crispy, flavorful pies cooked in coal-fired ovens. Their distinctive approach has gained a loyal following among pizza enthusiasts.

Established in 2002, this Florida-based pizzeria chain has grown rapidly and now operates more than 60 locations across several states, including one in Tampa.

It sets itself apart with a commitment to authenticity and quality. Their menu offers classic Italian dishes made with fresh ingredients, and the use of coal-fired ovens at high temperatures exceeding 800 degrees Fahrenheit ensures the perfect balance between crispiness and chewiness in each pizza.

Anthony’s Coal-Fired Pizza offers a diverse selection of appetizers, salads, sandwiches, and desserts that showcase the best of Italian-American cuisine.

Known for popular items like coal oven-roasted chicken wings with caramelized onions, homemade meatballs with marinara sauce and ricotta cheese, and unique salads like arugula with gorgonzola cheese.

The ambiance of Anthony’s locations is typically warm and inviting; diners can often watch chefs skillfully crafting pizzas in open kitchens while surrounded by rustic decor paying homage to classic Italian aesthetics.

Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza provides an exceptional dining experience for those seeking both traditional flavors and innovative techniques within Tampa’s vibrant culinary landscape.

Wood Fired Pizza Company

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The Wood Fired Pizza Company in Tampa, Florida, offers an authentic Neapolitan pizza experience by utilizing traditional wood-burning ovens. They adhere to strict guidelines set by the Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana (AVPN), ensuring exceptional flavor and texture in their artisanal pizzas.

They use high-quality imported ingredients from Italy, including San Marzano tomatoes and Caputo flour, along with locally sourced fresh produce. This combination creates a delightful balance of flavors, while the wood-fired oven imparts smoky nuances and a crisp crust characteristic of traditional Neapolitan pizzas.

Wood Fired Pizza Company not only prioritizes quality ingredients and age-old techniques but also fosters an atmosphere that encourages connections among patrons. With an open kitchen layout, guests can interact with chefs and witness the artistry involved in crafting their meals, enhancing the dining experience.

Their menu accommodates various dietary preferences, offering options for gluten-free and vegan patrons. This dedication to inclusivity promotes cultural awareness through its offerings. With authenticity and community engagement, this Tampa-based pizzeria stands out in Florida’s thriving food scene.

Cristino’s Coal Oven Pizza

Image Credit: Cristinoscoaloven

Cristino’s Coal Oven Pizza distinguishes itself in the culinary world by employing traditional coal-fired ovens to produce mouthwatering, authentic Italian pies with a unique depth of flavor and perfectly charred crusts.

Located in Tampa, Florida, this family-owned and operated establishment has garnered a loyal following for its commitment to preserving age-old pizza-making traditions.

They use coal-fired ovens, resulting in a distinctive smoky taste and faster cooking times at higher temperatures. This achieves a crisp exterior while preserving the moisture and freshness of the toppings.

Cristino’s offers an extensive menu that showcases both classic and inventive Italian dishes made from scratch using fresh ingredients.

Their selection includes antipasti, salads, pasta dishes, paninis, calzones, and desserts that cater to diverse palates while reflecting the rich culinary heritage of Italy.

Cristino’s Coal Oven Pizza has become a beloved destination in Tampa, offering an unforgettable dining experience. With attentive service, an inviting atmosphere, and artisanal pizza-making techniques rooted in Mediterranean culture, it has won the hearts of residents and visitors alike.

Noble Crust

Image Credit: Tampabaydatenightguide

Noble Crust in Tampa, Florida artfully combines Southern and Italian flavors, creating an innovative culinary experience. With mouthwatering dishes, an inviting atmosphere, and a focus on fresh ingredients sourced from local farms and purveyors, they offer unique artisanal pizzas.

Their menu offers traditional Italian favorites like Margherita pizza and inventive creations like Fried Chicken and Waffle Pizza, blending sweet and savory flavors. Alongside their delectable pizzas, they feature pasta dishes, small plates, salads, and entrées that highlight the fusion of Southern cuisine with classic Italian recipes.

The ambiance at Noble Crust is both elegant and unpretentious; it fosters a warm sense of community among patrons while maintaining a level of sophistication that enhances the dining experience. The interior design marries rustic elements with industrial touches to evoke the charm of an old-world trattoria while still providing a contemporary vibe.

Its success is fueled by its commitment to sustainability, utilizing energy-efficient cooking equipment, and participating in composting programs. Their extensive beverage program features craft beers from local breweries and a thoughtfully curated selection of wines from Italy and beyond, perfectly paired with their distinctive menu offerings.

Noble Crust stands out not only for its innovative approach to fusing Southern comfort food with authentic Italian fare but also for its dedication to promoting environmental responsibility within the dining industry.

Frequently Asked Questions About Pizzerias in Tampa Florida

Some popular pizzerias in Tampa, FL include Eddie and Sam’s N.Y. Pizza, Bella’s Italian Café, and King of the Coop.

Yes, there are pizzerias in Tampa that offer gluten-free or vegan pizza options. Some examples include Mellow Mushroom, Cappy’s Pizza, and Pizza Fusion.

Yes, most pizzerias in Tampa offer delivery and takeout services for customer convenience.

The operating hours of pizzerias in Tampa may vary, but many are open from late morning or early afternoon until late at night. Some pizzerias may also have extended hours on weekends.

Yes, there are pizzerias in Tampa that offer outdoor seating or dining options. Examples include SoHo Pizza, Wood Fired Pizza, and Ava.

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