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Tampa, Florida boasts a vibrant culinary scene with a focus on sushi. From local residents to discerning travelers, there is a wide variety of sushi restaurants to choose from in this sunny city by the bay.

Tampa is home to 13 outstanding sushi establishments that combine Japanese tradition with a Floridian twist. This article takes you on a captivating exploration of these remarkable eateries, showcasing their distinct qualities and offerings.

These featured restaurants have been carefully chosen based on their menu variety, ingredient quality, presentation, ambiance, and overall dining experience. They showcase the perfect blend of traditional sushi-making skills and innovative adaptations, representing the fusion of cultures within Tampa’s vibrant dining scene.

Exploring these 13 sushi havens reveals how Tampa artfully elevates the culinary art form while honoring its origins, showcasing the city’s diverse and dynamic culinary identity.

Sushi Yama

Image Credit: Sushiyamaonline

Sushi Yama, located at 10017 E Adamo Dr in Tampa, Florida, offers a unique dining experience for sushi and hibachi enthusiasts.

This restaurant is known for its extensive menu of specialty hand-rolls and for the interactive atmosphere created by skilled chefs who engage with patrons while preparing their meals.

With hours of operation from 11 AM to as late as 10:30 PM on some days, Sushi Yama caters to both lunch and dinner guests seeking an unforgettable culinary adventure.

The establishment’s inviting ambiance draws diners into a world where they can enjoy expertly crafted Japanese cuisine alongside entertaining conversations with masterful chefs.

As patrons witness the intricate preparation techniques involved in creating each dish, they gain a deeper appreciation for the artistry that goes into every bite.

This engaging environment promotes social interaction among guests and fosters connections between people who share a passion for high-quality sushi and hibachi.

Sushi Yama has quickly become a go-to destination for locals and visitors alike searching for exceptional Japanese fare in Tampa.

The combination of delectable dishes, attentive service, and lively atmosphere make it an ideal choice for those looking to indulge in authentic flavors while connecting with fellow diners over memorable experiences.

Sushi Yama goes beyond great food, prioritizing genuine human connection and exceptional hospitality to create lasting impressions within their community.

Izakaya Tori

Image Credit: Thatssotampa

Izakaya Tori is a  newly established restaurant located at 310 S Dale Mabry Hwy, Ste 160, Tampa, FL 33609 in the South Tampa area.

The establishment aims to provide a genuine Japanese izakaya atmosphere which includes small plates and various alcoholic beverages.

Izakaya Tori offers a wide range of dishes such as ramen, sushi, and Japanese skewers that cater to different preferences.

Patrons can enjoy sakes, tap beers, Japanese craft beer, and cocktails that perfectly complement their dining experience.

Operating hours extend from Monday through Saturday with lunch served between 11:30 AM and 2:30 PM while dinner commences at 5:00 PM until closing time.

However, it is essential to note that the restaurant remains closed on Sundays.

Don’t miss the chance to indulge in a diverse culinary experience and exceptional service from attentive staff members during your visit.

Izakaya Tori is a must-visit destination for an unparalleled dining adventure in Tampa’s thriving sushi scene, offering great food, drink options, and a pleasant ambiance.

Sake House

Image Credit: Staticuber

Sake House in Tampa, Florida, offers a delightful selection of Japanese culinary delights, with a focus on sushi and sashimi. Their extensive menu includes Unagi Don, Squid Salad, Miso Soup, and other mouthwatering options.

The restaurant’s strategic location near Tampa Palms Golf & Country Club makes it easily accessible for locals and tourists seeking authentic Japanese cuisine. The restaurant’s ambiance strikes a balance between warmth, comfort, and sophistication, making it suitable for casual dining or special occasions.

Patrons can enjoy their meals indoors or outdoors while savoring the exquisite presentation of each dish crafted by skilled chefs committed to delivering an unforgettable gastronomic experience. The restaurant also offers an impressive selection of sake and other beverages that perfectly complement the diverse flavors of their offerings.

Sake House not only offers top-quality food but also provides convenience to its customers with carryout and delivery services available during business hours. Open from 11:30 AM to 2:00 AM on weekdays and from 12:30 PM to 2:00 AM on weekends, this esteemed establishment caters to late-night diners seeking delicious Japanese cuisine.

By consistently delivering exceptional service coupled with refined taste sensations, Sake House has undoubtedly earned its position as one of Tampa’s premier sushi restaurants.

Soho Sushi

Image Credit: Sohosushi

SoHo Sushi in Tampa, Florida is a culinary paradise for sushi enthusiasts and Japanese cuisine aficionados. Evolving over the years, it has become an iconic dining destination, offering exquisite food and an immersive cultural experience. 

With exceptional service and mastery of sushi preparation techniques, patrons are delighted by the visually appealing and delectable flavors of each dish.

It welcomes guests with an inviting and sophisticated atmosphere. With seating options ranging from a sleek sushi bar to comfortable booths, patrons can enjoy an ideal setting for intimate gatherings or business meetings.

The menu offers an extensive selection of expertly crafted sushi rolls, sashimi platters, and traditional Japanese dishes like teriyaki and tempura. The carefully curated wine list complements the diverse flavors found within each dish.

It’s a premier destination for sushi and Japanese cuisine, and constantly evolving with innovative concepts, services, and events. The passionate artisans strive to create unforgettable dining experiences. Guests at SoHo Sushi can expect exceptional quality ingredients used in crafting every plate, exceeding their expectations.

This commitment to excellence solidifies SoHo Sushi’s position as an essential stop on any gastronomical journey through Tampa Bay’s vibrant culinary scene.

Isekai Sushi And Cafe

Image Credit: Yelpcdn

Isekai Sushi and Cafe, located at 5717 Gunn Hwy, Tampa, this uniquely eatery combines traditional sushi dishes with an otherworldly twist.

With its eye-catching truck-kun design and convenient location in Citrus Park, Isekai Sushi provides quick bites for those seeking quality sushi on the run without compromising on taste or presentation.

Isekai Sushi has earned a reputation as more than just a restaurant, offering events, catering services, and sushi-making classes. Operating six days a week, with varying hours from 11 am-3 pm and 4 pm-9 pm (Monday to Saturday), and 12 pm-8 pm on Sundays, they prioritize customer convenience without compromising on service and culinary excellence.

The menu goes beyond classic rolls, featuring innovative creations inspired by ‘another world.’ The restaurant takes pride in offering a memorable gastronomical journey through diverse flavors and textures, enticing diners to explore their delectable dishes.

For those looking to expand their palates beyond the realm of ordinary sushi restaurants in Tampa Florida, Isekai Sushi undoubtedly stands out as an exceptional choice worth considering.

Kuchi Sushi & Hibachi

Image Credit: Tripadvisor

Kuchi Sushi & Hibachi is a highly regarded establishment in Tampa, Florida, known for its authentic and delicious Japanese culinary experience. Located at 9206 Anderson Rd, the restaurant’s prime location ensures easy access for both locals and visitors.

Known for its diverse flavors and fresh sushi, making it a top choice for quality dine-in or take-out meals in Tampa. The warm and friendly atmosphere creates a welcoming experience for patrons from the moment they enter the eatery.

The attentive and knowledgeable staff ensures customers have an enjoyable dining experience while exploring the diverse menu. The reasonable prices, considering the high caliber of food served, further enhance the restaurant’s appeal among its clients.

Kuchi Sushi & Hibachi is a popular destination for sushi enthusiasts in Tampa, offering impeccable customer service, inviting ambiance, affordability, and, most importantly, delicious Japanese cuisine. It continues to make waves in the local dining scene.

For those seeking an unforgettable gastronomic adventure with rich flavor profiles and artfully crafted dishes inspired by Japan’s culinary traditions, Kuchi Sushi & Hibachi in Tampa is a must-visit destination.

Sushi Maru

Image Credit: Brandonsushimaru

Sushi Maru, located conveniently off Brandon Blvd in Brandon, is a noteworthy sushi establishment in Tampa, Florida. Known for its authentic Japanese cuisine, it also offers a variety of delectable Korean dishes alongside its sushi menu.

With an emphasis on aesthetics and balance inspired by Japan’s rich cultural appreciation for artistry and harmony, every dish at Sushi Maru is hand-crafted using the finest quality meats and freshest ingredients available.

Sushi Maru stands out with its strong commitment to traditional home-style cooking for their Korean entrees. Personally prepared by the Korean owner, these dishes evoke a nostalgic and familiar experience that is hard to find elsewhere.

At Sushi Maru, guests can expect exceptional experiences as the owner takes pride in being ever-present, ensuring attentive service and a memorable dining experience for all patrons.

The name ‘Maru’ at Sushi Maru represents unity, never-ending cycles, and togetherness. This concept is reflected in the restaurant’s consistent group of employees who work together to create a warm and inviting atmosphere for patrons.

This same dedication extends beyond just service as each meticulously crafted dish delivers flavors that showcase true mastery in both sushi preparation and Korean cuisine.

Those seeking extraordinary culinary encounters should undoubtedly pay a visit to Sushi Maru during their time exploring Tampa’s diverse food scene.

Ebisu Sushi Shack

Image Credit: Cltampa

Ebisu Sushi Shack, located in the neighborhood of Seminole Heights in Tampa, Florida, offers a unique fusion of traditional and specialty sushi rolls that cater to various tastes.

This establishment is known for its delectable sashimi and nigiri options as well as an assortment of small plate kitchen items such as agedashi tofu, krab Rangoon, sesame green beans, and more.

Ebisu takes pride in offering exclusive sake varieties imported from Japan which are relatively hard to find elsewhere in Tampa.

Apart from boasting a diverse menu, Ebisu Sushi Shack also provides patrons with an extensive wine and beer list for those who prefer alternative libations.

The restaurant operates primarily during dinner hours between 5:00 PM – 10:00 PM from Tuesday through Saturday while remaining closed on Mondays and Sundays.

However, it should be noted that Ebisu extends its service during lunchtime for customers seeking midday meals without compromising quality or taste.

Ebisu Sushi Shack’s commitment to providing exceptional food coupled with outstanding customer service has positioned it among the top sushi restaurants in Tampa Bay area.

By maintaining high standards of freshness and authenticity along with their innovative approach to creating new dishes using locally-sourced ingredients where possible, this establishment continues to attract both locals and visitors alike.

Whether one seeks traditional Japanese cuisine or desires customized creations tailored to individual preferences; at Ebisu Sushi Shack there is something for everyone.

Tokyo Sushi Bar

Image Credit: Googleusercontent

Tokyo Sushi Bar, located at 5711 E Fowler Ave in Tampa, Florida, has established itself as a premier destination for sushi connoisseurs and Japanese cuisine enthusiasts.

This establishment offers an extensive menu featuring a diverse array of dishes made from the highest quality fresh ingredients.

The atmosphere within Tokyo Sushi Bar is characterized by its warm and welcoming ambiance, providing patrons with a comfortable environment conducive to enjoying their meals.

The staff consistently delivers exceptional service that enhances the overall satisfaction of diners who frequent this culinary gem.

With options for both dine-in and take-out services, Tokyo Sushi Bar remains versatile in catering to various preferences while maintaining its commitment to quality.

Tokyo Sushi Bar also boasts an impressive schedule with availability six days a week—only remaining closed on Tuesdays.

Operating hours range from late morning until evening during weekdays (except Tuesday) and early afternoon until later into the night on weekends.

Those looking for a satisfying meal can find solace in knowing there are ample opportunities throughout the week to indulge in delectable sushi rolls and mouthwatering Japanese entrees at this esteemed eatery.

Matoi Sushi

Image Credit: Amazonaws

Matoi Sushi is a hidden gem in Tampa, Florida, offering an authentic and delectable sushi experience. Established in 1987, this long-standing restaurant has been serving exquisite sushi and Korean dishes for over three decades. 

Located at 602 N Dale Mabry Hwy in the Westshore neighborhood, it provides a cozy atmosphere for patrons to savor their meals while embracing the history of this culinary institution.

Matoi Sushi operates specific hours, serving lunch and dinner from Tuesday to Sunday, with Mondays as their day off. The restaurant opens at 11:30 AM on weekdays (except Monday) and remains open until 10:00 PM, allowing guests to enjoy satisfying lunches or delightful dinners within these time frames.

On Sundays, the restaurant opens at noon but maintains the same closing time as other days. For inquiries or reservations, potential customers can contact the restaurant at +1 813-871-3233.

As one of Tampa’s premier sushi establishments, Matoi Sushi takes pride in offering a diverse menu that caters to varying preferences and palates. With skillfully crafted rolls featuring fresh seafood alongside traditional Korean fare such as bulgogi and bibimbap, there is something for everyone here.

The longevity of Matoi Sushi testifies to its commitment to quality cuisine and unwavering dedication in creating memorable dining experiences for every guest.

Samurai Blue Sushi & Sake Bar

Image Credit: Onthegrid

Established in 2001, Samurai Blue Sushi & Sake Bar is a remarkable sushi destination in the Tampa Bay Area. With a focus on utilizing the freshest fish and ingredients, this esteemed establishment offers both modern and traditional sushi dining experiences.

Samurai Blue offers sushi, premium steaks, fresh seafood, and chicken entrees. Located in Ybor City’s historic building with impressive 50-foot ceilings.

In addition to its captivating ambiance, it offers a captivating ambiance and a full-service bar with premium sakes. Enjoy original Saketinis for a unique experience.

Samurai Blue is open for lunch on weekdays and dinner daily, with extended late-night hours on weekends. A must-visit for those seeking an impressive menu and atmosphere in Tampa, Florida’s vibrant food scene.

Experience a memorable gastronomic adventure at Samurai Blue in historic Ybor City, with high-quality cuisine and impeccable service.

Yoko’S Japanese Restaurant

Image Credit: Achonaonline

Yoko’s Japanese Restaurant, located at 3217 S MacDill Ave in the South Tampa neighborhood of Florida, is renowned for its exceptional sushi offerings and authentic Japanese cuisine.

This establishment prides itself on delivering consistently high-quality food accompanied by impeccable service to its patrons.

The extensive menu features traditional dishes such as Chirashi alongside unique signature house rolls that distinguish Yoko’s from other sushi restaurants in the area.

The culinary expertise of Head Chef Daniel, a native of Japan, plays a pivotal role in maintaining the quality and authenticity of each dish served at Yoko’s Japanese Restaurant.

His dedication to sourcing only the finest ingredients ensures that every meal exceeds customer expectations while remaining true to traditional Japanese flavors and techniques.

Chef Daniel also creates a warm and inviting atmosphere by engaging with guests and fostering a sense of camaraderie among diners.

One visit to Yoko’s will reveal why this restaurant has earned such an esteemed reputation within Tampa’s thriving dining scene.

From exquisite sushi creations to delectable non-sushi options for those who prefer alternative Japanese fare, there is something for everyone at Yoko’s.

Yoko’s Japanese Restaurant is a premier dining destination in Tampa Bay, known for outstanding food, personalized service, and a welcoming ambiance.

Ichiban Japanese Cuisine & Sushi Bar

Image Credit: Fastly4sqi

Ichiban Japanese Cuisine & Sushi Bar in Tampa, Florida offers exceptional flavors, artful presentation, and attentive service. A preferred choice for high-quality sushi and diverse traditional Japanese fare.

It presents an extensive menu catering to diverse tastes, featuring fresh ingredients and rich flavors. Experienced chefs meticulously prepare each dish, showcasing the essence of Japanese gastronomy with time-honored techniques.

Guests can enjoy classic options such as tempura appetizers, teriyaki entrees, or indulge in beautifully presented sushi rolls that boast vibrant colors and intricate designs. 

Furthermore, vegetarians will find ample choices within the menu’s offerings that guarantee satisfaction without compromising taste or quality.

At Ichiban, true hospitality is embraced, creating memorable experiences with courteous interactions and impeccable service. 

Patrons are treated as esteemed guests, with attentiveness to detail throughout their dining experience, from navigating the menu to addressing special requests or needs.

Ichiban Japanese Cuisine & Sushi Bar is a gateway to Japan’s culinary heritage and sets an exemplary standard for customer care in Tampa’s thriving food scene.

Frequently Asked Questions

The best sushi restaurant name can vary based on personal preferences and opinions. Some popular sushi restaurant names include “Sushi Nakazawa,” “Jiro Sushi,” and “Masa.”

To order sushi cheaply, you can look for sushi happy hour specials or lunchtime deals at local sushi restaurants. Additionally, opting for sushi rolls with fewer premium ingredients or choosing vegetarian options can help reduce the cost.

Tokyo, Japan is widely regarded as the sushi capital of the world. It is known for its numerous high-quality sushi restaurants, sushi bars, and the use of fresh and top-notch ingredients.

Sukiyabashi Jiro, located in Tokyo, Japan, is often considered the most renowned sushi restaurant in the world. It is a three-Michelin-starred establishment and was popularized by the documentary film “Jiro Dreams of Sushi.”

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