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Florida, famous for its beaches and attractions, has made its culinary mark through a variety of dining options. Among them, tapas bars stand out as a popular gastronomic trend in the Sunshine State. These establishments allow patrons to savor a diverse range of small plates or appetizers, often paired with wine or beer.

Discover 11 remarkable tapas bars in Brandon, Florida near Tampa Bay. This article highlights the diverse flavors and styles found within this thriving food scene.

These tapas bars in Brandon, Florida provide a welcoming atmosphere for socializing and sharing with loved ones, alongside their delectable dishes. With unique twists on Spanish cuisine and creative contemporary creations, there’s something for everyone’s taste and preferences.

Ceviche Tapas Bar & Restaurant

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Located at 2500 W Azeele St., Tampa, FL 33609, United States, Ceviche Tapas Bar & Restaurant transports patrons to the heart of Barcelona with its vibrant culinary tradition. 

For over two decades, it has been a hub for shared plates, stories, and sangria in the Bay area. The extensive menu beckons with various tapas, from seafood treasures such as Gambas al Ajillo to vegetarian favorites like Patatas Bravas, extending to a rich selection of Spanish cheeses and charcuterie. 

The wine list, showcasing Spanish and global selections alongside various signature cocktails and craft beers, is meticulously curated to harmonize with the tapas offerings. 

The lively atmosphere is further enriched with live Flamenco performances and music nights. Reservations are recommended, especially over the weekends. For those looking to host private events, a dedicated team is on hand to craft a memorable experience.

Bulla Gastrobar

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Situated at 930 S Howard Ave, Tampa, FL 33606, Bulla Gastrobar is a testament to exquisite Mediterranean cuisine, blending traditional Spanish flavors with a modern flair. 

Originating from the vision of seasoned restaurateur Carlos Centurion, it mirrors the vibrant ambiance of Spain’s renowned gastrobars. The menu, boasting a fusion of Cazuelas to Pintxos and the celebrated paella, promises a culinary adventure. 

Special promotions, including a lively happy hour and a distinctive brunch menu during weekends, offer excellent value. 

The extensive wine list, focusing on Spanish vineyards, along with a creative cocktail menu, sets a spirited tone for the dining journey. 

Online reservations and inquiries about private dining for special occasions are welcomed, portraying Bulla Gastrobar as a choice locale for casual and celebratory dining.

Spain Restaurant And Toma Bar

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At 513 N Tampa St in downtown Tampa, Spain Restaurant and Toma Bar is a homage to traditional Galician cuisine from Spain’s northwestern region.

Established in 1980 by the Castro family, it cherishes a legacy of traditional tapas recipes with a particular emphasis on seafood dishes such as Pulpo a la Gallega and empanadas. 

The wine list, emphasizing Spanish selections along with a variety of beers and signature cocktails, complements the authentic fare. Regular events and promotions, including wine-tasting nights or special holiday menus, keep the engagement lively. 

Reservations are available, and the venue’s capability to host private events with customizable menus caters to special occasions.

Taps Restaurant Bar & Lounge

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Positioned on Ashley Drive in downtown Tampa, Taps Restaurant Bar & Lounge is a charming spot offering a cozy ambiance that appeals to locals and visitors. Its diverse menu, transcending traditional tapas to include a global array of flavors, caters to a broad spectrum of tastes. 

An extensive beverage menu featuring a variety of wines, craft beers, and innovative cocktails accompanies the culinary offerings. Scheduled events such as trivia nights, along with special promotions during sporting events, add to the lively atmosphere. 

The restaurant facilitates reservations and hosts private events, making it a versatile choice for casual dining and special occasions. 

Its strategic location near notable landmarks such as the Tampa Convention Center, The Straz, and the Tampa Bay Theater, combined with its exceptional offerings, positions Taps Restaurant Bar & Lounge as a preferred choice in downtown Tampa’s bustling urban scenery.

La La’s Sangria Bar

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Situated at 203 N Meridian Ave, Channelside, Tampa, Florida, La La’s Sangria Bar is a cherished spot where the allure of authentic tapas and exquisite sangrias come to life. 

The hours stretch from 7:00 PM to 3:00 AM from Tuesday to Sunday, welcoming those eager to explore Spanish culinary traditions. The ambiance is cozy, adorned with rustic wooden furnishings and vibrant artwork, creating an inviting atmosphere. 

The menu blends traditional tapas dishes such as albondigas, patatas bravas, croquetas de jamón, and contemporary fusion options, including bacon-wrapped dates stuffed with goat cheese. 

The drink menu is marked by expertly crafted homemade sangrias and signature cocktails, enhancing the flavor journey. 

The service is attentive, ensuring a relaxed environment perfect for socializing. The weekend comes alive with live flamenco shows featuring local artists, adding a touch of authenticity to the overall experience.

Cepas Tapas & Wine Bar

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Cepas Tapas & Wine Bar, located at 5330 Ehrlich Rd #101, Tampa, Florida, is a venue that offers a genuine taste of Spain through its carefully crafted menu. 

The selection features classic Spanish cheeses, shaved hams, Tortilla Española, and more adventurous dishes such as Ceviche cocktails, Seafood Paella, Rabo de Toro, Gambas al Ajillo, and Piquillos Rellenos. 

The wine list is an expansive one, with selections from various Spanish regions and beyond, pairing perfectly with the tapas offered. 

The operating hours are from 4–9 PM Tuesday through Thursday, extending until 10 PM on Fridays and Saturdays, allowing for evening indulgence, with a pause on Sundays and Mondays.

Sal Y Mar

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At 3650 Midtown Dr., West Tampa, Florida, Sal Y Mar is a tapas bar where the essence of Spanish cuisine thrives. The hours from lunch to late evening on most days accommodate a range of dining schedules. 

The menu offers a mix of classic tapas and modern interpretations, featuring dishes such as patatas bravas and pulpo a la gallega, crafted from fresh local ingredients sourced from nearby businesses and farmers. 

Sal Y Mar creates a convivial atmosphere for patrons to explore new tastes and enjoy shared culinary experiences.

El Shaddai Latin Restaurant (Formerly Frank And Papi’s)

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Transitioning from Frank and Papi’s, El Shaddai Latin Restaurant at 7315 E Broadway Ave, Tampa, Florida, continues the tradition of serving delightful Latin cuisine. 

The hours are set from 6:00 AM to 4:00 PM Monday through Friday and 7:00 AM to 2:00 PM on Saturdays, catering to the breakfast and lunch crowd. 

The menu unveils an assortment of traditional Latin American dishes such as empanadas, fried plantains, rice bowls, churrasco steaks, and roasted chicken. 

Closed on Sundays, El Shaddai Latin Restaurant remains a remarkable venue for exploring Latin flavors, enhanced by excellent service and a friendly atmosphere during the rest of the week.

Columbia Restaurant

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The Columbia Restaurant, rooted in the aspirations of the Hernandez family, serves as a cherished emblem of dining excellence in Tampa, Florida. Established over a century ago by Spanish-Cuban immigrant Casimiro Hernandez Sr., this iconic establishment is a tribute to endurance, cultural fusion, and culinary artistry. 

Occupying an entire city block, it stands proud as the world’s most expansive Spanish restaurant, offering a canvas of flavors draped over a rich historical narrative. The ambiance, a fusion of architectural finesse with vintage charm, mirrors the quaint allure of old-world Spain. 

The menu unfolds a broad spectrum of traditional Spanish and Cuban-infused delights such as paella, tapas, sangria, and flan, embodying the culinary mosaic of Florida. 

Beyond the food, the artful murals and live flamenco shows add rhythmic hues to the dining experience. The restaurant boasts an expansive wine selection featuring a range of Spanish and international wines to complement the culinary voyage. 

For those marking special occasions, a private dining experience awaits, adding a personalized touch to celebrations. A gift shop offers a range of souvenirs and Columbia Restaurant merchandise for patrons to take a piece of this historical gem with them. 

The restaurant extends its culinary reach beyond its walls by offering catering services for off-site events and celebrations. Situated in Tampa’s Ybor City district, the Columbia Restaurant is more than a place to dine; it’s a landmark where every meal is a page from a rich cultural narrative.

Casa 21 Restaurant Bar & Grill

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Casa 21 Restaurant Bar & Grill, situated in the core of Tampa, Florida, beckons with a promise of vibrant ambiance and a palette of flavors. It’s a venue where the authentic aura of a Spanish tapas bar comes alive, with locals and visitors thronging to bask in the spirited atmosphere. 

The menu, a delightful array of shared plates and signature entrees, is a crafted narrative by chefs passionate about their culinary heritage. The dishes are paired harmoniously with selected Spanish wines or handcrafted cocktails, making each bite a melody. 

The ambiance elevates with the fall of dusk, transforming Casa 21 into a hub of entertainment with a calendar dotted with live music performances by various artists. For those who prefer the open sky, outdoor seating lets guests revel in Florida’s pleasant weather while feasting delightful tapas. 

The evening rhythm boosts during happy hours, with select tapas and drinks available at discounted prices. Frequent visitors find a nod to their loyalty through a rewards program, making every visit a step towards more culinary rewards. 

Casa 21 is a notable chapter in Brandon’s dining scene, embodying the lively essence of Spanish camaraderie amidst a cascade of flavors and rhythmic tunes.

Ciro’s Tampa

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Ciro’s Tampa is a haven of elegance and refined mixology housed within the historic Bayshore Royal Building. Inspired by elite European-trained bartenders from New York’s club scene, Ciro’s is a journey back to an era of meticulous cocktail craftsmanship. 

The ambiance whispers sophistication, where the menu is a dialogue between traditional and historic mixing techniques dating back to pre-Prohibition times. 

Every sip is an exploration of flavors, showcasing both classic and innovative concoctions from an expansive cocktail menu. For those interested in the art of mixology, Ciro’s offers classes and workshops, allowing guests to explore the art of crafting cocktails. 

An exclusive experience awaits those who opt for VIP or bottle service, adding a layer of exclusivity to their evening. The allure of Ciro’s extends to the outdoors with a rooftop bar, offering a panoramic sweep of the city skyline, adding a visual delight to the refined palate of drinks. 

Welcoming guests aged 21 and above from 5 PM until the late-night hours, Ciro’s Tampa curates an atmosphere of elegance and quality, making it an indispensable gem in Florida’s vibrant cityscape for those seeking an elevated cocktail experience.

Frequently Asked Questions


Going out for tapas is popular because it offers a social dining experience where people can try a variety of small, flavorful dishes while enjoying drinks and conversations with friends or family.

Tapas are not always free, but in some places, they are offered complimentary with drinks as a gesture of hospitality and to encourage customers to stay longer and order more drinks.

Tapas sharing refers to the practice of ordering a variety of tapas dishes and sharing them among a group of people. It allows everyone to taste different flavors and enjoy a communal dining experience.

Spaniards typically eat tapas in the evening, usually between 8:00 PM and 11:00 PM. It is common to go out for tapas after work or before dinner as a way to socialize and enjoy a light meal.

Some of the best tapas bars in Brandon, Florida, include Taps, Anise Global Gastrobar, Fly Bar & Restaurant, Spain Restaurant & Toma Bar, and Cepas Wine & Tapas Bar.

Tapas bars in Brandon, Florida, offer a diverse range of small plates or appetizers, often paired with wine or beer. Dishes can include seafood, meat, vegetables, and cheese, among others.

Yes, there are tapas bars in Brandon, Florida, specializing in seafood dishes, such as Spain Restaurant & Toma Bar.

The atmosphere at tapas bars in Brandon, Florida, can vary, but many offer a cozy and intimate ambiance that appeals to locals and visitors. Some tapas bars also provide outdoor seating.

Yes, some tapas bars in Brandon, Florida, offer outdoor seating, such as Carmel Kitchen & Wine Bar and La La’s Sangria Bar.

It is unclear if any of the tapas bars in Brandon, Florida, offer live music or entertainment based on the search results.

It’s best to check with individual tapas bars in Brandon, Florida, to see if reservations are recommended.

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