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Little Havana is a vibrant neighborhood in Miami, Florida that reflects the cultural heritage and spirit of Cuban immigrants who came to America seeking refuge.

This enclave offers an array of sensory experiences that transport visitors to the cobblestone streets of Old Havana.

With its tantalizing cuisine, pulsating rhythms, lively art scene, and colorful architecture, no wonder that this neighborhood has become a must-visit destination for travelers seeking an authentic Cuban culture.

To appreciate Little Havana, look beyond its tourist-friendly façades and delve into the intricate tapestry woven by generations fiercely committed to preserving their roots.

In doing so, you will discover engaging activities that entertain and provide insight into the unique customs and traditions that define this community.

From indulging in hand-rolled cigars and aromatic cafecitos to dancing the night away at iconic establishments such as Ball & Chain or Viernes Culturales, memorable moments await those who explore this dynamic slice of Cuba’s soulful legacy.

Visit The Tower Theater


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Visit the Tower Theater in Little Havana for a cultural and historical experience. Established in 1926, it’s an iconic venue located along Calle Ocho.

The theater was initially designed as a silent movie house, but it quickly transitioned into showcasing films with sound technology soon after opening. Its architectural design features an appealing mix of neo-classical and Art Deco styles that have stood the test of time, making it one of Miami’s oldest cultural landmarks.

Immerse yourself in Cuban culture showcased at the Tower Theater to complete your exploration of Little Havana. MDCulture operates the historic site with various programs including foreign language movies, documentaries, independent films, and occasional live performances.

Visitors can expect informative panel discussions on relevant topics and opportunities to meet filmmakers who bring their unique visions to life on screen. Visiting the Tower Theater promotes cultural understanding and awareness within Little Havana’s community while providing a glimpse into Miami’s vibrant history.

Walk Along Calle Ocho (Sw 8th Street)


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Embark on a journey down Little Havana’s Calle Ocho for a vibrant atmosphere and an array of free things to do in the heart of Miami’s Cuban community for tourists and locals alike.

Strolling along this iconic street, one can appreciate the colorful murals adorning building walls, catch glimpses of domino games at Maximo Gomez Park, or simply enjoy the aroma of freshly brewed Cuban coffee through the air.

Immerse yourself in Cuban culture during a leisurely walk along Calle Ocho, where you may come across impromptu salsa performances and local bakeries offering mouthwatering empanadas.

Furthermore, venturing deeper into the neighborhood reveals fascinating landmarks like Tower Theater – showcasing Spanish-language films – and The Bay of Pigs Museum detailing events surrounding Cuba’s infamous invasion attempt.

Try Some Cuban Coffee At Versailles Restaurant


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Savoring Cuban coffee at Versailles Restaurant is a quintessential experience in Little Havana. Since 1971, this iconic establishment has been serving authentic Cuban cuisine with traditional recipes and fresh ingredients, attracting both locals and tourists alike.

The restaurant’s interior boasts a classic ambiance with elegant chandeliers, mirrored walls, and an abundance of greenery – all reminiscent of pre-revolutionary Cuba.

Indulge in renowned Cuban coffee at Versailles Restaurant during your visit to Little Havana. Prepared with dark-roasted espresso beans and natural sugar, the coffee offers a unique flavor profile. Choose from various options such as cortadito or café con leche to explore your preferences.

Cuban coffee at Versailles Restaurant serves as a testament to the rich culinary heritage celebrated within the vibrant community of Little Havana.

Explore Maximo Gomez Park (Aka Domino Park)


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A quintessential aspect of Little Havana worth visiting is the opportunity to explore Maximo Gomez Park, commonly referred to as Domino Park.

This serves as a social gathering spot for both locals and tourists alike, offering an authentic glimpse into Cuban culture within Miami’s city limits.

The park, which opened in 1976, was named after the Dominican military leader who fought alongside Jose Marti during Cuba’s War of Independence against Spain.

Visitors can observe or even partake in heated games of dominos and chess while enjoying the vibrant atmosphere that characterizes this unique locale.

Close to the Calle Ocho Walk of Fame and other attractions, this place offers an immersive experience of local life.

In this vibrant area with historical murals, visitors may hear passionate discussions on politics, sports, and daily life while traditional Cuban coffee brews nearby.

Learn About The Cuban Cigar Industry At El Titan De Bronze


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This renowned establishment is situated on Calle Ocho – the heart of Little Havana – and has been producing some of the finest hand-rolled cigars since 1995.

Not only does El Titan de Bronze showcase the skilled craftsmanship associated with cigar-making, but it also provides visitors with a unique opportunity to learn about the history and culture that surrounds this iconic Cuban industry.

El Titan de Bronze’s staff shares expertise with visitors and showcases talented cigar rollers who transform tobacco leaves into works of art using traditional methods passed down through generations.

One can also explore various aspects of tobacco production: from cultivation practices and curing processes to blending techniques and aging procedures.

Visit The Ball & Chain Bar And Lounge


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The Ball & Chain bar and lounge is an establishment that has been delighting patrons since its inception in 1935.

This iconic venue showcases Cuban culture through live music, cuisine, and cocktails, while also providing insight into Miami’s entertainment history.

The exceptional performances by renowned artists such as Billie Holiday, Count Basie, and Chet Baker have left an indelible mark on this unique cultural hub.

Sip expertly crafted mojitos or caipirinhas under swaying palm trees and enjoy lively tunes from talented musicians and dancers in the heart of Little Havana.

Check Out The Latin Music Scene At Hoy Como Ayer


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Hoy Como Ayer is a renowned live music venue on Calle Ocho and a must-visit for free things to do in Little Havana at night. With talented musicians and a focus on Cuban culture, it offers an unforgettable experience.

Hoy Como Ayer immerses visitors in a passionate world of music with vintage posters and exceptional performances from local and international talents.

Hoy Como Ayer on Calle Ocho offers enchanting rhythms for dance enthusiasts and captivating music for listeners while enjoying cocktails and spirited conversation.

See The Street Art At The Jose Marti Park


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The park is situated along Calle Ocho, the main thoroughfare in this bustling neighborhood steeped in Cuban culture and history.

Visitors can take a leisurely stroll through the picturesque park, observing and appreciating the diverse murals that adorn its walls.

These colorful works of art are created by renowned local artists and international talents who have contributed their unique styles and perspectives to tell the story of Little Havana’s rich heritage.

Exploring these stunning masterpieces provides an enriching experience for both casual visitors and seasoned travelers alike, confirming that Little Havana is indeed worth visiting.

Meandering through Jose Marti Park reveals the deep intertwining of art and life within the lively Little Havana community.

Witnessing creative expression in Little Havana is a testament to the resilience and vitality of its residents through social and political changes over time.

Take A Salsa Dancing Lesson At A Local Studio


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One of the most popular free things to do in Little Havana is taking a salsa dancing lesson at one of its local studios. Salsa dancing holds significant cultural importance for Miami’s Cuban community and has become an integral part of the area’s rich heritage.

As nighttime approaches, there are still numerous exciting things to do in Little Havana at night, such as visiting Calle Ocho (Eighth Street), which comes alive with music, food, and dance.

Exploring Little Havana by strolling along Calle Ocho offers an unforgettable experience of Cuban culture that captivates all senses and showcases the neighborhood’s exuberant spirit.

Visit The Bay Of Pigs Museum And Library


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This historical institution, dedicated to preserving the memory of the 1961 Bay of Pigs invasion, offers a unique insight into Cuban history and heritage. Located on Little Havana’s famous Calle Ocho, this museum houses an impressive collection of artifacts, photographs, and documents related to the event that played a significant role in shaping U.S.-Cuba relations during the Cold War era.

The Bay of Pigs Museum and Library in Little Havana offers free admission and guided tours from knowledgeable staff members.

Studying both American and Cuban perspectives on this moment in history will improve my understanding of international politics.

Experience The Cuban Culture At The Cubaocho Museum And Performing Arts Center


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A must-visit destination in Little Havana, Cubaocho Museum and Performing Arts Center serves as a cultural epicenter for those seeking to experience Cuban culture.

This vibrant institution showcases an extensive collection of pre-revolutionary Cuban art from renowned artists such as Amelia Pelaez, Victor Manuel, and Wilfredo Lam, providing visitors with a visual journey through Cuba’s rich artistic history.

This center also offers live music performances featuring traditional Cuban genres like salsa, son cubano, and rumba that transport guests into the heart of authentic Cuban nightlife.

Cubaocho Museum hosts events like lectures, book presentations, and film screenings in addition to its exhibitions and performances.

Cubaocho offers a welcoming atmosphere and knowledgeable staff who share insightful stories, enriching visitors’ appreciation for Cuban culture.


Frequently Asked Questions About Things To Do In Little Havana

Yes, Little Havana is worth visiting. It’s a vibrant and colorful neighborhood in Miami that offers a unique cultural experience with its Cuban influences, food, music, and art.

Yes, you can walk around Little Havana. It’s a walkable neighborhood that’s easy to explore on foot. In fact, walking is the best way to experience the area’s sights, sounds, and flavors.

Little Havana is known for its strong Cuban influence, which can be seen in its food, music, and art. It’s a vibrant and colorful neighborhood that’s full of life, energy, and culture.

Calle Ocho is Little Havana’s most famous street and home to iconic landmarks like the Walk of Fame, Tower Theater, and Domino Park.

Little Havana has no dress code, but it’s best to dress comfortably and casually for the relaxed and laid-back atmosphere. Wear comfortable shoes for exploring the area on foot.

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