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Tampa, Florida, known for stunning beaches and a vibrant cultural scene, offers a variety of yogurt shops showcasing culinary diversity and creativity in the bustling city. Enjoy delicious frozen treats while experiencing the thriving urban atmosphere.

Discover 11 distinctive yogurt shops in Tampa, each with a unique take on crafting delicious yogurt creations. This list showcases a wide range of styles and flavors, from traditional Greek yogurt to modern, bold-infused options sourced locally or globally.

These innovative establishments in Tampa blend rich history with culinary creativity, shaping the city’s gastronomic landscape. They offer residents and visitors unforgettable taste experiences rooted in quality and authenticity.


Image Credit: Yogurtology

Yogurtology, a successful yogurt shop in Tampa, Florida, has established itself as a leader in the competitive frozen dessert market.  With its location at 3641 W Kennedy Blvd Ste A, Yogurtology Of Florida LLC is renowned for its exceptional quality products and services in the restaurant industry.

Yogurtology’s success lies in its dedication to offering customers customizable options and unique flavor combinations. From classic favorites to adventurous choices like salted caramel and pistachio, there’s something for every palate.

Patrons have the opportunity to enhance their frozen treats by selecting from an extensive assortment of toppings including fresh fruits, nuts, candies, and syrups which further elevates the overall experience.

It stands out for its commitment to hygiene and exceptional service. With a team of passionate and skilled individuals, they prioritize high standards while serving premium-quality desserts made from the finest ingredients, providing customers with unparalleled care.

Yogurtology’s strategic location, along with its commitment to quality and service, has positioned it as a leading establishment for delicious frozen treats in the Tampa Bay area, contributing to its ongoing success.

Fantasia Ice Cream & Smoothies

Image Credit: Yelpcdn

Fantasia Ice Cream & Smoothies is a hidden gem in Tampa, Florida, located at 12327 University Mall Ct. This delightful establishment has gained popularity among both locals and tourists.

Offering an array of mouthwatering treats such as ice cream (excluding soft serve), smoothies, freezies, milk tea, and more, it has something to satisfy every sweet tooth.

The store operates from 1 PM to 7 PM daily, offering ample opportunity for patrons to visit at their convenience. The menu features carefully crafted flavors that cater to diverse tastes, ensuring high standards of quality and freshness.

With its friendly atmosphere and reasonable prices, Fantasia Ice Cream & Smoothies has gained a loyal following in the community.

It should be noted that this particular establishment no longer accepts phone orders or pick-up options; however, customers can still enjoy their favorite desserts by visiting the shop in person.

Whether you are taking a break from shopping at University Mall or simply craving a refreshing treat on a warm day, stop by Fantasia Ice Cream & Smoothies for your next indulgence.

Dairy Joy

Image Credit: Tripadvisor

Dairy Joy, located at 3813 S Manhattan Ave in Tampa, Florida, is a vintage-themed ice cream parlor that has been delighting customers with its sweet treats and nostalgic atmosphere since 1958.

This family-owned and operated establishment combines the charm of yesteryear with modern conveniences, including a drive-thru service located in the adjacent former Farm Store building.

Patrons are invited to step back in time and enjoy an assortment of delectable soft-serve cones featuring innovative flavors like cherry and blue raspberry dip, alongside timeless favorites such as banana splits and thick shakes.

The extensive menu caters to diverse tastes by including not only classic hard-packed ice cream options but also non-dairy selections for those with dietary preferences or restrictions.

This commitment to variety ensures that all visitors can indulge their cravings for frozen desserts without compromise.

Guests will find themselves immersed in an authentic 1950s ambiance replete with retro music, memorabilia, and even life-sized statues of iconic figures from the era like Elvis Presley.

Visitors to Dairy Joy South Tampa are encouraged to fully embrace the nostalgic experience provided by this unique establishment.

Transporting patrons back to simpler times, this establishment offers the opportunity to snap photographs with The King himself and relax in vintage ’57 Chevy booths. It evokes an era when rock ‘n roll reigned and enjoying a cool treat was a cherished summer pastime.

Dairy Joy is a cherished destination in Tampa, Florida, known for its dedication to quality products and genuine customer satisfaction. It remains a popular spot for both locals and tourists seeking a taste of Americana in the sunny city.

Cold Stone Creamery

Image Credit: Yelpcdn

Cold Stone Creamery is a popular yogurt shop in Tampa known for its finest and freshest Ice Cream Creations™, Cakes, Shakes, and Smoothies. Established over three decades ago, it continues to delight customers with its delectable treats.

It guarantees a memorable and delightful experience by emphasizing high-quality ingredients and using an innovative approach of mixing custom creations on a frozen granite stone.

Renowned for its hand-crafted ice cream made fresh in each store. This super-premium dessert is churned using the finest ingredients and can be customized with a variety of toppings like candy, cakes, fruits, or nuts to suit individual preferences.

They also offer ice cream cookie sandwiches and cupcakes for those looking for unique treats. These desserts can be ordered online for pick-up or delivery at the convenience of the customers.

Cold Stone Creamery also offers specialty cakes for all occasions. Recognizing the importance of celebrations, they aim to cater to these special moments with their delectable cake offerings.

Located at 3810 W Neptune St Ste B6 in Tampa, Florida, it operates between 12:00 PM – 10:00 PM from Monday to Friday while extending hours during weekends starting from 11:00 AM until 10:00 PM.

Guests are encouraged to visit this illustrious ice cream parlor where they can indulge in creative concoctions tailored to satisfy even the most discerning palate.

D’lites Emporium

Image Credit: Googleusercontent

D’Lites Emporium in Tampa, Florida, is not just another ordinary yogurt shop; it has elevated the experience of indulgence by offering a healthy yet delectable alternative to traditional ice cream.

This exceptional establishment takes pride in offering a range of keto-friendly, low-carb, and low-sugar options. They cater to different dietary restrictions while ensuring the creamy and delightful taste associated with frozen desserts.

Located at 1906 S Dale Mabry Hwy in Tampa, D’Lites Emporium opens its doors seven days a week, welcoming all who wish to satiate their cravings without compromising health or dietary preferences.

As one enters this unique emporium, they are greeted with an impressive selection of flavors, each boasting only 50 calories per half-cup serving – a remarkable accomplishment when compared to conventional ice cream offerings.

The absence of artificial sweeteners ensures that customers can enjoy their treats guilt-free while appreciating the natural sweetness derived from high-quality ingredients.

D’Lites Emporium also offers catering services for events and gatherings where guests can indulge in these healthier alternatives.

These establishments redefine the experience of enjoying a cold treat on a hot day or celebrating special occasions with family and friends.

With its focus on addressing diverse preferences and nutritional needs without sacrificing flavor or texture, D’Lites Emporium serves as evidence that enjoyment need not come at the expense of well-being.

For those seeking scrumptious satisfaction within conscious choices, this Tampa-based gem proves itself worthy of praise and continued patronage.

Oddfellows Ice Cream Co.

Image Credit: Simpleviewinc

OddFellows Ice Cream Co., originating from Brooklyn, New York, is an innovative ice cream shop located in the heart of Tampa, Florida. With its unique and creative approach to crafting frozen treats, it stands out among other yogurt shops in the area.

With over 500 flavors in its catalog, OddFellows rotates its offerings regularly, ensuring that customers always have a diverse range of options to choose from.

Conveniently located at 718 S Village Cir, Tampa, FL 33606, United States. It is an ideal spot for those seeking delectable desserts after dining at nearby restaurants or attending local events. 

The shop operates from 11 AM to 10 PM on Sunday through Thursday and from 11 AM to 11 PM on Friday through Saturday. For inquiries or questions, individuals can contact them at +1 813-443-3597.

OddFellows Ice Cream Co. stands out with its remarkable selection of vegan and non-dairy products available for scooping or takeout. This inclusive menu allows individuals with dietary restrictions to indulge guilt-free while maintaining exceptional taste and quality.

Overall, OddFellows offers a novel experience for dessert enthusiasts looking to satisfy their cravings while exploring new flavor combinations and supporting local businesses in Tampa Bay Area.

Sweet Mama’s Ice Cream

Image Credit: Cltampa

Located in the heart of Tampa, Florida, Sweet Mama’s Ice Cream offers patrons a delightful and refreshing experience with its soft-serve ice cream treats and decadent desserts.

Established on 905 N Tampa St, this establishment provides an optimal location for those seeking to indulge in a tasty frozen treat while exploring the vibrant city life.

Operates from late afternoon to evening on weekdays and opens at noon on weekends. This allows customers to visit the dessert haven after work or during leisurely weekend outings.

Sweet Mama’s Ice Cream not only boasts an extensive menu featuring various flavors of soft-serve ice cream but also includes a wide range of toppings and mix-ins that cater to different preferences.

Patrons can choose from classic favorites such as chocolate chips or fruit options like strawberries, adding layers of texture and flavor combinations that elevate their overall enjoyment.

These customizable treats are served in diverse forms including cones, cups, sundaes, and milkshakes – ensuring each individual finds satisfaction according to their personal taste.

Patrons visiting Sweet Mama’s Ice Cream will undoubtedly find themselves immersed in a cozy atmosphere accentuated by warm lighting and comfortable seating arrangements.

The friendly staff members provide attentive service accompanied by welcoming smiles which contribute to creating an ideal environment for families or friends to gather over delicious confections.

The inviting ambiance fosters opportunities for visitors to strike up conversations with fellow dessert enthusiasts or simply unwind after a long day while savoring their chosen sweet treat.

Sweet Mama’s Ice Cream has firmly established itself as a highly regarded destination in Tampa’s culinary landscape. Its commitment to quality ingredients, scrumptious offerings, and exceptional customer care is evident.

The Revolution Ice Cream Co.

Image Credit: Cltampa

The Revolution Ice Cream Co. in Tampa, Florida is a notable establishment. It is known for its charity work, commitment to social causes, and a wide variety of flavors to suit diverse tastes.

Located at 6701 N Florida Ave, Tampa FL 33604, it is dedicated to generating positive change through its high-quality products and partnerships with local and international organizations. Operating hours: Sunday 1-9 PM, Monday-Thursday 2-10 PM, Friday-Saturday 12-11 PM.

Patrons can enjoy unique frozen treats in a welcoming atmosphere ideal for relaxation and conversations with friends and family. Visitors are also encouraged to inquire about ongoing charitable initiatives.

The Revolution Ice Cream Co. succeeds through delicious desserts and a commitment to creating positive change. They support local communities and global outreach programs through fundraising events for autism awareness and orphanages, making a significant impact on those in need.

It’s clear that patrons who choose The Revolution Ice Cream Co. are not only satisfying their sweet tooth but also contributing towards meaningful change around the world.

Oh Yeah Creamery

Image Credit: Facebook

Oh Yeah Creamery, located at 224 S Boulevard, sets itself apart by allowing customers to create their own soft-serve ice cream flavors.

With over 100 mix-ins available daily, patrons can indulge their palates with a plethora of combinations tailored to their specific tastes.

Oh Yeah, Creamery’s dedication to providing an inclusive experience for all guests is evident through its vegan and gluten-free options.

This commitment extends beyond the typical frozen yogurt fare and ensures that individuals with dietary restrictions or preferences have access to the same delicious treats as everyone else.

Open every day except Sundays, when it operates on reduced hours; during weekdays, one may visit between 3 PM and 10 PM while weekends offer extended service until 11 PM.

The diverse range of toppings and customizable nature make Oh Yeah Creamery a must-visit destination for those seeking unique dessert experiences in Tampa.

Its convenient location near downtown allows easy access for both locals and visitors alike.

Whether craving a classic flavor combination or desiring something entirely new, Oh Yeah Creamery stands ready to satisfy any sweet tooth within the city bounds.

Sea Maids Creamery

Image Credit: Yelpcdn

Sea Maids Creamery is a unique and enchanting yogurt shop in Tampa, Florida. Located at 4230 N Florida Ave, it offers a delightful array of frozen treats to suit diverse tastes and dietary preferences. 

Known for its mermaid-themed décor and magical atmosphere, Sea Maids Creamery has become one of the region’s most popular dessert spots. With exceptional quality products and friendly service, it has built a loyal customer base.

At this charming venue, you’ll find an extensive menu with traditional ice creams and vegan options. Enjoy milkshakes, helados, churros, cafecito, ice cream pies, dipped cones, brownies, cookies, bubble waffles, and ice cream sammies. The wide variety of flavors caters to all palates and dietary preferences.

Pet owners are delighted to find doggie treats available on site; thus catering not only to human taste buds but furry friends too.

Sea Maids Creamery offers catering services for special events, such as birthdays or weddings, showcasing their versatility and commitment to customer satisfaction. By choosing their catering, hosts can delight their guests with scrumptious desserts from this beloved local establishment, alleviating the logistics themselves.

Operating hours vary throughout the week, but they ensure late opening on weekends. This allows visitors to enjoy their delicious creations after dinner or during a night out in town with ample time.

Dairy Queen

Image Credit: 4sqi

Dairy Queen, an internationally renowned chain, has a presence in Tampa, Florida at 2222 E Fletcher Ave. Offering delectable frozen treats and savory food items, it caters to customers throughout the week.

The operating hours range from 11 AM to 11 PM daily, with no exceptions on weekends or holidays.

The Tampa Dairy Queen location upholds core values of collaboration, accountability, community, and continuous improvement. These values shape their team environment, while they strive to stay ahead of industry trends by enhancing their menu offerings and customer service to meet evolving consumer preferences.

This Dairy Queen is committed to creating an inclusive atmosphere, where all guests feel valued. They accommodate dietary restrictions and offer options suitable for various tastes, ensuring everyone feels welcome.

Dairy Queen demonstrates adaptability in the competitive landscape of yogurt shops and similar establishments in the Tampa Bay area by incorporating inclusive practices into their business model without compromising quality or taste.

Frequently Asked Questions About Yogurt Shops in Tampa Florida

Ice cream is made from cream, milk, sugar, and flavorings, while yogurt is made from fermented milk. Ice cream is typically richer and creamier, while yogurt has a tangier taste.

Soft serve is a light and smooth type of ice cream with a higher air content. Frozen yogurt is made from yogurt and has a tangier flavor than traditional ice cream.

Frozen yogurt in shops is typically made by mixing yogurt with milk, sugar, and flavorings. The mixture is then frozen using a special machine that incorporates air to create a smooth and creamy texture.

Yes, you can make frozen yogurt at home by freezing regular yogurt. Just freeze it in a container until it reaches the desired consistency. To enhance the flavor, you can add sweeteners or fruit puree.

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